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[FAQ] What will be available on Temporis II

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - January 28, 2018, 16:00:00

Hello everyone!

Before we all embark in this Temporis II adventure together, we need to discuss what will be activated and what will be deactivated on the server, as well as what items can and cannot be transferred once Temporis II is over.


Here is the list of services that will not be made available:
  • Transfer to another server (classic).
  • Character restoration.

Of course, the character transfer to another Temporis server will be made available, free of charge. All other services not mentioned above will be available for purchase on the server.


Purchased items listed below will be transferred to you at the end of the Temporis server:
  • Ceremonial sets
  • Harnesses
  • Emotes
  • Fatal Blows
  • Ceremonial pets
  • Pets
  • Living items
  • Pre-Sentient potions

Purchased items listed below will not be transferred to you at the end of the Temporis server:·        
  • Name change potion
  • Guild name change potion
  • Colour change potion
  • Sex change potion
  • Face change potion
  • Transformation potion
  • Guild emblem change potion
  • Alliance emblem change potion
  • Alliance name change potion
  • Class change potion
  • Fairyworks
  • Mimisymbic


The lottery inside your haven bag will be activated on Temporis but the items gained from won’t be transferred.
The exchange from compensokens’ gift interface will not be possible, in order to avoid the generation of Prospector and Formative candies.
Keep in mind that access to Temporis II is reserved for players with an active subscription.

But why the scuba-duba-doo can’t we just transfer some items?

All purchases or items that are meant for immediate consumption will not be returned. If you purchase a class change potion, you have to use the service, even if the character is not transferred at the end of the server, you can’t ask for a refund nor compensation, so just be careful before you purchase services.

For the purpose of clarity, we will add in the shop items’ descriptions which ones will be transferable. Keep an eye out and make sure this extra detail is present so you can enjoy your purchases after the server closes.


Will the Temporis servers be single account servers?

Is there an alternative for players unable to do a phone verification?
No, however we are aware of the issue and are looking into alternative ways for the future.

Can I transfer my Temporis character to the live servers?
No, your character's XP will be condensed into a potion, which you can use on the live servers.

Will items and resources be transferred to the live servers?
No, only shop purchases and rewards will be transferred to the live servers.

Will the XP potion cover crafting XP or will there be also a craft XP potion?
No, the crafting XP will not be transferred in any way.

How do I get Kolossokens?
You will be able to trade Kolossokens for Nuggets.

How can I get dungeon keys?
The keys will be dropped directly from monsters.

How do I get Guildalogems and Alliagems?
Both can be dropped directly from level 20 - level 100 monsters.

Will idols be dropped as well?
Idols will not be dropped, you will have to craft those.

Will the stars be activated?
Just like in the first edition of Temporis, the stars of the monster groups will not be activated immediately, but rather a few weeks after the server's opening.

Why won't the Kolossium be activated?
The rules of Temporis are too different from those of other servers to allow Temporis players to access the ISK. By being able to drop better gear, Temporis players would have an advantage and it wouldn't be fair towards classic server players.

Will the experience potion be Exchangeable / Linked to the Character / Linked to the Account?
The experience potion will be linked to the account. You will receive it via the gift interface which will allow you to choose the server on which you wish to assign it to. However, it is unlikely that this will apply to both Shadow and Oto-Mustam servers.

What will happen to crafting and gathering professions? Will consumables be obtainable as drops from mobs?
The consumables will have to be crafted, so there will still be a need for crafting and harvesting professions.

Concerning these types of items: keys, soul stones, guildalogems and alliagems, mount capture nets.
The keys, guildalogems and alliagems will be obtained as loot from monsters. For these last two, we hope that player communities can be established quite early so that your experience is optimal. On the other hand, mount capture nets and the soul stones will have to be crafted.

Do I have to be a subscriber to benefit from this experience?
Yes, only subscribed players will be able to access the Temporis server.

Will the drop be linked to prospecting?
The drop system will be identical to that of the classic servers, and thus be linked to prospecting.

Will the Dofus be dropped as loot?
No, you'll have to get them through quests.

What will be the drop rate(s) of items? Is there a breakdown of equipment according to the type of monster?
The spread of equipment across monsters as loot doesn't take into account the areas nor the monster families: the items can be dropped by any monster from that item's corresponding level bracket.

The higher the level of an item, the lower the drop rate.

Can kamas be transferred?
No, for the same reasons as the equipment.

Will the ceremonial pets' colour change according to a character's colour scheme?
No, they will not. The colours of the ceremonial pets will be as see on the image and the video we shared last week. The same goes for the ceremonial set.

Will the stats of dropped items be maxed or will the values be random (within the stats' roll bracket)?
The roll of statistics of equipment obtained as loot on Temporis will be random, just like when you craft equipment on a classic server.

What is the breakdown in terms of milestones/rewards?You will find the rewards listed in your achievements’ interface. Here is a list:
  • 3 Tempokens – Mandibular Bow
  • 6 Tempokens – Mandibular Shield
  • 9 Tempokens – Mandibular Cloak
  • 12 Tempokens – Mandibular Helmet
  • 15 Tempokens – Biting Dragoturkey Harness
  • 18 Tempokens – Glomerys
  • 22 Tempokens - Tarantulino
  • 26 Tempokens – Biting Seemyool Harness
  • 30 Tempokens – “Temporis II Accumulooter” title
  • 34 Tempokens – Insectoid emote
  • 38 Tempokens – Biting Rhineetle Harness

At which ratio will the XP of the Temporis character be distilled into a potion?
The ratio was not yet communicated.

Will there be a class change service available?
Yes, but it will not be reimbursed or transferred on the closure of the Temporis servers.

Can I play together with my brother/friend/pet from the same IP on the Temporis server?
Yes, you can play together, if you meet these prerequisites (same as for the Single-account Servers):
  • The account is registered under a different name.
  • The accounts have different validated phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • You play on different machines.

And what about sidekicks?
You can buy Sidekicks and even transfer them at the end of Temporis.

Why is the XP-multiplier for new secondary characters deactivated?
The multiplier will not be activated, as the concept of the Temporis servers is the competition to reach different milestones. An XP-boost like that would be like doping wink 
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Smstar

There will be a character transfer between Temporis servers as off next Tuesday. Alternatively, you can all create new characters on the Temporis servers VI and VII so you can play together without having to wait until then. smile

See message in context
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can someone give me the time temporis servers will be open? 

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4pm CET

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Anyone know if you'll be able to go to different servers if you're not pre-registered on the same ones? My guild was split up completely.

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There will be a character transfer between Temporis servers as off next Tuesday. Alternatively, you can all create new characters on the Temporis servers VI and VII so you can play together without having to wait until then. smile

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Is it already known what would be the experience ratio?

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Hey, will there be class change available? I see no reason for there not to be and you didnt inform that there is not, now i am stuck with a 40 level enu that i do not want to play.

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I too wish that class changes were available. It doesn't say that you can't in services above...

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Can me and my brother play at the same time, at the same server with different accounts? if so how and if not, why?

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If I buy a Sidekick on the website, can I use that one on Temporis?

The XP multiplier is not activated for new chars when you have a higher one already?

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The FAQ were updated. The new answers are on the bottom.

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