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By Silenceisneeded#1083 - SUBSCRIBER - January 29, 2019, 23:05:25
Hey so I recently just made a couple new characters in hopes of starting a new team so I can clear most pvm content. It consists of a chance/omni cra 170, Chance/wis enu 77, int/wis eni 51, str panda 30. I was wondering where would be a good place to start getting drops to sell or crafter mid to low level gear to sell. Only wondering because most low level stuff don't really sell. Should I just crush everything an make them into runes to sell or what. I am kinda lost right now. Please anyone help. P.S I have a family and job so I don't get to play more then a few hours a week honestly maybe 10 max
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Good morning.

The "good" and "effective" ways of making kamas are good and effective only as long as few players know about them and/ or few players can use them to make kamas; as soon as a whole big bunch of people starts using the same method, then the outcome profit gets less and less per player using it.

About crushing items, the only advice I could give is this:
- first craft (or get crafted) only one (or a very few) items of a same kind;
- crush;
- write down for which items the % of crushing was big enough to generate enough value from the resulted runes for that item;
- if you got items that you have crushed and the % and the value of runes obtained was big enough to make up some profit, repeat the above, for those items only, and again, only one/ a few items, cuz the % will drop with each crush, if the crush is done immediately after;
- alternatively, you could try to focus the crush of items on generating some specific rune/s that are expensive and/ or rare at the market at that specific time.

Oh, and last, but not least, don't forget to wear sunscreen! wub
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Bonta Pastures, kill Dark Roses there.
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