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Dungeon Rusher #25: Protoz'orror

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 25, 2019, 16:00:00

Health alert! The Frigost whale is a little under the weather. How about getting rid of those pesky pests rumbling about in its stomach? This brand new dungeon rusher will net you the Protoz'orror Shield – as long as you come out on top between Friday, March 1 (at 4:01 p.m.*) and Monday, March 4 (at 8:59 a.m.*)!

The Protoz'orror's not very nice but he certainly has his appeal! This boss infecting the heart room in the belly of the whale (Yes, you read that right! We're in a game, not anatomy class!) even tends to be a bit clingy. It's up to you to flush him out!

From Friday, March 1 (at 4:01 p.m.*) through Monday, March 4 (at 8:59 a.m.*), defeat Protoz'orror in his dungeon and win a Protoz'orror shield!


- The shield will be obtained directly from the boss.

- The boss must be killed in their dungeon; monsters killed in arenas don't count.

- Drops are limited to one shield per character, but the shield will be linked to the account.

* Paris time.

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I can hear the groans of the entire community, since everyone hates this dungeon lol

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easy dung

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I have never been able to do it...
If someone is willing to help, let me know

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I’ve been curious once what the catch with the monsters of the area and this dungeon was since they had such low health...they seem like a bit of a pain to deal with.

So how bad is it in the dungeon? I’m already not really looking forward to having to do it at least once for the Ivory Dofus quests even though I literally have no experience whatsoever with neither the monsters nor dungeon and have only read what they can do and how to beat them on the Dofus wikia.
(For the record, I win’t be attempting it, my highest level char is currently 185 with gear from around about Level 123–160 so I basically consider this a no go as of now).

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Every monster is invulnerable to damage.
At the start of each creatures turn, it summons a Malamoeba, if there isn't one already out.
The Malamoeba has 2000HP times the number of people in the fight. (So if there's 8 of you, it will have 16000HP)
The Malamoeba takes damage in place of the Krobe monsters, though hitting it directly will reduce damage by 50%.
If the Malamoeba is not killed in 2 turns, it kills your whole team.
Each monster can only be killed by repeating the following tasks for 5 turns.

Bashillus: Do not heal for 5 turns
Bacterrible:It must start its turn at least 6 cells away from you for 5 turns
Verminoculate: It must start its turn in melee range with one of you for 5 turns.
Viring: Do not remove MP or move it for 5 turns.
Pathogerm: A summon must hit it every turn for 5 turns.

Then there's the boss...

Each time one of you takes damage, it makes a 1 cell purple glyph under you. Ending your turn on it, or walking over it damages you.
The Protoz'orror gains 100% power every turn, but will lose 100% if it's standing on a purple glyph.
If the Protoz'orror is on a purple glyph, it gains 2 MP.
It's also unmoveable.
To kill the Protoz'orror, you must have it stand on a purple glyph for 10 turns.
Once per turn if you hit the Protoz'orror, it will attract itself to you. (Linear)

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Okay, I tried most other dungeon rushers, only missing obsidion and Tal Kasha due to no interest, but why do you hide this cute shield behind a dungeon so annoying that the entire community groans in sync? It's not fair I tell you!

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This dungeon is so time consuming and weird >_< but I love the cute gif. Sacriers walking around barefoot in the snow, need a shield like this to fight colds. *nods in agreement*

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Just a little advertisement biggrin

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Made a Protoz'orror tutorial in English just recently myself. Do check it out and I hope it helps out some people. Good luck this weekend! biggrin

Protoz'orror tutorial (Vuln technique with Feca):

Vuln technique with Enutrof:

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This dungeon is not that bad, we finished it in 2 tries with a sram/cra/feca/masque.

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Literally no one in my guild or friends list wants to do this dungeon, or even look at it.

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