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The Enutrof and the Dragons

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - February 28, 2019, 16:00:00

The legends of the Krosmoz are fairly clear on this point, even though there are always a few skeptics who ponder the mystery of origin: What came first – the dragon or the egg? But the origin of the new Mystery Box that just hit the shop is perfectly clear and without doubt. Settle in as we tell you the story.

Thwack! The sound, that sound, never lied. His shovel had just struck something, and that something could only be… His heart pounding, the Enutrof set down his tool and wiped his forehead. Then, he knelt down and finished digging by hand, gently. After a few minutes, Jonah Mond unearthed the hoped-for Dofus! "Meriana was telling the truth," he whispered.

Struggling to his feet, with a series of cracks that set a cloud of Piwis flying, Mond turned to the Feca watching him dubiously and brandished the Dofus in triumph.

"You see, Maclom, I told you so!" he spat through his beard.

"Listen, Mond…"

"No! You listen to me! I started this quest years ago to complete the most ambitious scientific project the World of Twelve has ever known! And there you have it, right under your nose – proof that I'm right!"

"Yes, but…"

"When I get the Primordial Dofus to hatch, I'll reunite the six dragons in a one-of-a-kind park like nothing else in this world! Do you hear me, Maclom? One of a kind! That has-been Charlie Endstown-Smisse can get stuffed. Compared to my park, Vulkania'll look like something out of Trool Fair!"

Given how excited the old Enutrof was, and how red his face was getting in contrast with his thick white beard and the few hairs left on his round head, Ain Maclom tried to calm things down. He started talking again in a soft, conciliatory tone.

"I hear you, Mond, but…"

"Speak up, I can't hear you!"

"What gets me, you see, is how long it took you to get your hands on this Dofus. At this rate, it'll take a dozen years at the very least to reunite them all. And, well, pardon me for saying it but… you're no spring chicken…"

Jonah Mond froze suddenly, his mouth gaping, as if dumbstruck. As the implications of what he'd just heard sunk in, his face narrowed and his entire body seemed to shrivel up. He sat down on the ground with a thud, thunderstruck. The Feca put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Mond. It was a wonderful plan, but replicating dragons…"

Mond's eyes blazed, and he jumped up.

"What did you say?!"

"Calm down, Mond. I didn't mean…"

"No, no! What did you say about dragons?"

"Err… I said something about replicating them, I think…"

"That's it! Of course. Maclom, you're a genius!"

As the Feca watched incredulously, Mond grabbed his haven bag and dug through it feverishly, pulling out various items that he tossed carelessly aside: a pickax, a safe, a kama minting machine (perfectly illegal), a coat rack, an umbrella (both of which previously belonged to a certain Mari Pumpkin), an anvil, an Esspeakewlair set (a souvenir from an obscure, distant empire), and… a strange animal that scurried off as fast as it could!

"Whatever was that?!" cried Maclom.

"A raccoon! Drat. It was a unique specimen… Apparently, it came from a region called Green Fields, but no one knows where that is… Ah! Here we go!"

The Enutrof waved a book in the air. To Ain Maclom's great surprise, a scantily clad Sram was splashed across the cover…

"Err… Oops, that's not it," grumbled Mond, diving diplomatically back into the depths of his bag. "That's not mine… I don't know where that came from… Never seen it before… Ah… Aaaah… Got it!"

Mond held up a battered issue of Krosmoz Today magazine. The headline enticingly read: "The Origin of Dragons – The Hidden Truth – Magus Ax Reveals All". He flipped through it quickly, until he found the page he wanted.

Excited, Maclom sputtered.

"Listen to this! 'Ever since Xelor's Clock'… bla bla bla… 'creation of the Dofus'… bla bla bla… 'created by a dragon'… Found it! Listen: 'replicas of these Dofus' – Do you hear that, Maclom? Replicas! – 'have also been created in the material plane'… bla bla bla… 'The exact number of replicas existing in the world is uncertain'… etc., etc. Do you understand what that means?"

"Wait… You can't be seri…"

"Replicas! I don't need the Primordial Dofus! I only need a few replicas! Yeah, sure, those Dofus are less powerful, but that doesn't matter! I'll have my dragons! And I'll be able to replicate them infinitely, and create as many groups of six as I want! And I can release them into the World of Twelve! Do you hear me, Maclom? They'll spread everywhere!"

"But, Mond, you can't mean it! You know that explanation is highly controversial. And Magus Ax himself has denied writing that text!"

"What are you going on about?"

"That's just one of many theories, and probably the least likely. Especially since a rag like Krosmoz Today published it…"

"You're such a bore, Maclom. There's no talking to you. Oh, never mind! Get along, now. I've got work to do!"

And, thus it was that Jonah Mond unknowingly laid the groundwork for what would later become… the Dragon Mystery Box!

Dragon Mystery Box

This incredible Mystery Box is – starting today and until Sunday, March 03 (at 11:59 p.m. Paris time) only – available in the shop!

You'll win one of the elements below.

The Dragon Mystery Box costs $2.25 or 1,800 OG per box. You can also improve your odds with the bundles below.

6 Mystery Boxes: $11 or 9,000 OG (1 MB = $1,83 or 1500OG)

13 Mystery Boxes: $22.5 or 18,000 OG (1 MB = $1,73 or 1385OG)

28 Mystery Boxes: $45 or 36,000 OG (1 MB = $1,60 ou 1285OG)

60 Mystery Boxes: $90.5 or 72,000 OG (1 MB = $1,50 ou 1200OG)
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Score : 14

I hope this pets-dragons will be available for purchase not in the mystery boxes in the future...

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Score : 3935

you do know that the petsmount harness and emote are currently gifts as part of subscription packs, right?

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Score : 1403

Meh, I want my presents D: Those pets are cute.

Okay, maybe dakal is as well but not trying my luck. Knowing how my exo's go usually....

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Score : 3393

Just wanna say a big thank you for adding the chance% of each item, we've been asking for it for a while now and you finally listened! smile 

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Score : 3935

nothing in this collection is new...except...
shadragon emote potion
Rafal pet
Brial pet
Dakal pet
Kourial pet
Mikhal pet

Salar pet was promoted recently (shortly after last christmas) in a sale for 4500 ogrines.
Tthe mikhal looks very much like the ceremonial pet, dracolyte.

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Score : 859

I feel like, saying that you are improving the odds is a bit misleading. You are not making the odds better. Just taking more rolls.

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Score : 2635

Yes, "improving odds" is actually false. It's literally increasing your chances. Feels worse given the price and odds of these boxes. In a time where gambling/loot boxes are getting more scrutiny they ought to be more.. generous?

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Score : 45

The writers of dofus need a writing class. Sometimes shit is funny, but more often than not, its just weird and out of place. Littered with cliches and signs of bad conversation.

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Score : 1

1800 ogrines for a box where you have a 47.9% chance of getting some crappy candies and a further 27% chance of getting something not entirely useless but also not great.. Its a big yikes from me, imagine paying 1800 and getting a 1 week subscription or candies lol

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Score : -113

I got all the dragon pets except Rafal (My namesake) and got 2 Mikhal. Overall very happy with this offer just wish if you got it already and you roll a rare give me one I dont have yet!
(Now owning 3 of the 6 Dragon names is becoming a good choice! Dragon team might get regeared!)

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Score : 2596
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