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It's time to rework Koalak Mountain

By CoolRay - SUBSCRIBER - March 05, 2019, 02:18:37

Astrub, Cawwot Island, Cania, Sidimote Moors, Porco Territory, and even Sufokia have all been reworked to semi-modern day standards.

Really the only place that has been untouched since Dofus 1.29 is Koalak Mountain. It is, more or less, the same. Wild Canyon is still a maze. The Kaliptitus Dofus is one of the few Dofus to actually not do anything despite having a weirdly difficult quest to get them (30 prospecting at most) and all the Koolich items are god awful.

It's time to bring it up to par with the rest of the world. With this I mean, it's time to rework: Wild Canyon, Enchanted Lakes, Dragoturkey Territory, Breeder Village, Primitive Cemetary (The only way to get here is to turn into a ghost while in Koalak Mountain!) Agony V'helly, Koolich Cavern, and Skeunk's Dungeon.

Does anyone else even go to this area anymore? Theres no noteworthy loot or XP.

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I think the kaliptus dofus gives 30 prospecting points and you get it without doing any quests if I remember correctly. 
Also, to go in the Primitive Cemetery you need to give 5 kaliptus flowers and 5 kaliptus leaves to an npc smile
That being said, I would be happy to see a revamp of that area! 
Nobody goes there because it takes a bit of time to navigate through the maze... 

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Oh, was unaware they changed the way to get to Primitive Cemetary

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Is it a possibility that no one goes there because there is nothing to do in the area if you're not looking to capture wild Dragoturkeys, get a Kaliptus Dofus which has a bonus that pales in comparison to all the others(in my opinion, at least, except for the Dofawa which isn't even a true Dofus to start with), do the horrendous drop quests for the guy with his business going down the drain(it can go down for all I care, I'm not gonna do those Dragoturkey and/or Koalak drop quests again...), or beat up Skeunk(far as I'm aware doing his dungeon gets you the Kaliptus Dofus but its values seem randomized) or the Koolich for the Trip around the World quests? Maybe for the Emerald Dofus to get Mount Taming. And I thought the Primitive Cemetery was accessible through the Kaliptus Forest(in the map where you can find Warko Lich, the NPC that kills you if you give him five kaliptus Leaves and Flowers) but since I don't really go there, I don't know for sure.

But otherwise the area seems completely useless unless you want a faster route to the Moowolf Lair, market places not far from Astrub so the Zaap's pretty cheap, or if your guild owns a paddock or you have a house(what use are the houses in Dofus anyway?) 
in the Breeder Village.
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Agreed. I'd also like to see Pandala reworked

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