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Auto Follow should be introduced

By Pokerfire101#3631 - SUBSCRIBER - March 16, 2019, 22:20:08
so basically I think instead of using a mount to automatically get to a location I think AUTO Follow should be introduced a system where you can follow someone without having to click just like in WAKFU I wouldn't mind paying for this service
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I agree, assuming they fix the bugs with the follow system of course. Shouldn't be too hard to implement on top of the current move to location system.
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I am sceptical. That would further promote the players with eight own accounts. It would be better to furtherance the group game with different players.
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I just want to be able to double-click on the map to auto-travel instead of right clicking, then clicking auto-travel and then confirming after the "Do you want to auto-travel to this location?" window pops up.  It's cumbersome. 
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I like the auto-follow feature.

The question isn’t just “Does it help multi-accounters?” but “How does it help the experience of playing as such: multi-accounters, single-accounters without groups, and single-accounters with groups?”

It seems to me that although it would help multi-accounters somewhat, the biggest benefit would be to single-accounters in a group.

I multi-account, but not to the exclusion of playing with others. As a multi-accounter I wouldn’t be too bothered whether there is auto-follow or not. But on reflection of my experience playing with one character in a group with others, I think this would help.
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I like this idea, I only have 2 accounts but whatever helps when travelling large distances would be a great addition. I'd even pay for it like auto travel for the mount.
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