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The Temporal Anomalies

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 19, 2019, 18:15:00
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"Travelers using the Zaap network have been falling victim to strange incidents. After investigation, it turns out they were experiencing temporal anomalies! They're invisible because they're located at the edges of reality… but their effects are indeed visible. Their presence is disturbing the creatures of the World of Twelve…

And let's not even talk about the other consequences, such as clocks that can no longer tell the time and Xelors suffering from headaches. The anomalies might even cause the Continuum – the very fabric of spacetime – to collapse! Where do they come from? That's a mystery we're trying to solve."

Xelor's Emissary

What Are the Temporal Anomalies?

With Update 2.51, we're integrating a new game mechanic into DOFUS – one that will take you to the four corners of the world.

Just about everywhere in the World of Twelve, the Zaap network is buzzing and characters from another time are turning up in this era. The Watchers need all the world's adventurers to help them close these temporal anomalies.

The monsters around these faulty Zaaps will be stronger and harder-hitting, so it's up to you to go through the temporal anomalies to placate them.

You'll then be transported to known locations in the World of Twelve at different times in order to preserve the spacetime continuum. You'll have to show courage and solidarity to defeat the Chronomorphs, as well as previously unseen bosses from the history of the Krosmoz, such as Julith, the Butcher of Brakmar, Noximilian, and Dathura.

Many rewards await you, and the most worthy among you will have the opportunity to unlock new legendary powers for your pet, petsmount or mount.

Shooting Stars

We needed a player activity regulator and indicator in the various areas, so we worked off the existing star system, which will be modified for the occasion.

The star system was designed to reward players who fight monsters in rarely visited areas or dangerous groups ignored by other players. However, this system has its limitations, as it only takes one group of players to defeat the starred groups to wipe out the bonuses that had built up. You then have to wait several days to receive them again, even if players' activity is concentrated elsewhere. Ideally, it would be better if more players could take advantage of bonuses in neglected areas or on the least-advantageous maps in combat.

The first change is that negative "stars" can be generated. Unlike positive stars, they result in a decrease in experience and loot.

The second change is that these stars are no longer managed for each group of monsters, but in terms of area, depending on the activity of the players within it. The more monsters are killed in an area, the more stars it loses, and the more stars the areas of the same level gain. It works the same way between dungeons of the same level.
Here's a practical (as well as completely random) example:

  • If all the server's players are concentrated in Korriander's Lair, the profitability of this dungeon will decrease, reaching -50% gain in experience and loot. (Note: Soul stones from this monster captured with this penalty will keep it when they are used.)
  • On the other hand, dungeons of the same level (Bworker, Ougaa, Toxoliath) will see their profitability increase (with a maximum of +100%).

Starting areas (Incarnam, Astrub) and events areas (Kwismas, Vulkania, Al Howin, Fleaster) aren't included in this system.

The value of the bonus or penalty applied to an area will be visible in the information on the current map (top left of the screen, next to the coordinates). On the world map, a new filter will allow you to view the positive and negative areas before deciding to go there.

What's That Got to Do With Anomalies?


Let's get back on topic – the anomalies. When and where they appear is directly related to the star system, since anomalies can only exist in areas with negative stars – if you've been following closely, you'll understand they're the areas where there's the most fighting. Anomalies don't appear in dungeons, though.

When an anomaly appears, the monsters in the area get an area modifier and become stronger. The only way to get them back to their normal state is to close the anomaly – in other words, by going and fighting the monsters populating it.

To enter the anomaly in question, simply go to the nearest Zaap. And if there's no Zaap in sight (e.g. in the Divine Dimensions), Zaap vestiges will have appeared that perform their function.

The position of the Zaap (or Zaap vestige) to take will be marked on the world map.

So, Boss Time?


Each anomaly will give you the opportunity to discover or rediscover a theme, era and character that made a mark on the universe we enjoy so much. This character will, therefore, be the guardian of the temporal anomaly.

Each of these guardians you meet will be accompanied by a new monster family: the Chronomorphs.

New monster families means different abilities, so each guardian will be accompanied by a random composition of Chronomorphs, which can adopt different elemental affinities and archetypes.

Clearly, there have to be ones for everyone and not just the Omega +12,000 levels, which is why anomaly monsters adapt to their area level.

All these different factors will make each temporal anomaly unique, both in terms of strategy and challenge.

Time and Time Again…


When a temporal anomaly appears, it has no time limit. However, once the group of monsters from the anomaly has been defeated, you'll only have 10 minutes before the anomaly closes. Rest assured, a timer will be displayed to remind you!

Also, don't panic for players who are in a fight; they can finish it before being extricated from the temporal anomaly. They will automatically be sent back to the Zaap linked to the anomaly that just closed.

As soon as there are no negative stars in the area, the temporal anomaly will close up on its own after 10 minutes.

What You Can Win


New challenges means new rewards! This time, your pet and/or mount will be involved.

Each time you take part in closing a temporal anomaly, you'll have a chance to get a new resource called a time loop, which will allow you to unlock legendary powers that you can apply to your pet, petsmount or mount.

It should be noted that the chances of getting this resource increase with the level of the anomaly.

We'd prefer not to unveil these legendary powers right away, but we can give you an example: "If the bearer uses no MP during their turn, they gain 1 MP on the following turn."

This new single line of effect can, therefore, be added to existing bonuses.
You'll be able to replace it to get one that suits you better for the same pet, but at your own risk of losing an interesting bonus! These powers won't be hereditary when it comes to breeding.

In order to unlock these legendary powers, you'll need to complete a series of brand-new quests and a few extra challenges, but we're still keeping some things under wraps for now. :)

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I really like this concept for the update, however, I do have a few concerns.

Concern #1: How refined will this system be when it is implemented? I know that the last completely new/re-imagined system implemented in the game (the infinite dreams) still has so many problems and even the runes from an update 3 months ago still don't work (or will never work in reference to corruption runes). I am concerned that this system might be more of a good idea on paper than in actuality.

Concern #2: Could the negative stars perhaps not apply to quest items? I know that with my limited time for playing, having to wait a number of days to have any chance of dropping needed quest items would really put me off. I do think there needs to be balance to encourage all areas of the game to be used, so I am excited to see some of these ideas put forth.

Concern #3: While I like the idea of you adding more "in-world events" like the chronomorphs, I feel like other in-world events like KOTH, AvA, dimension portals, village conquests, etc. have become obsolete or almost cumbersome to partake in. How will this be insured to be different?

Overall, despite concerns, I am really excited for the new content in this update (chronos, and fleaster, etc.) Last year was extremely lacking in content, so I am excited to see new content that also has some inspiring ideas behind it. I am always impressed by the creativity of the Ankama team when making new content, boss mechanics, etc. I just hope that we will get more of a tested, finished product this time that works as intended. I think everything that is implemented in the game always has high-potential and well intentions (like the star system revamp), but I also think that these things tend to come out far less than perfect out of the gate.

Anyhow, thank you Ankama for the new content, new ideas, and communication.

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I really agree with the 2nd and 3th concern. I second those.

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Another crap update.Good job Ankama, first you remove wisdom pets and now reduce the exp with the stars.The previous update was in December 2018, players waited for 4 months for another s*itty patch.This game is dead and this is my last post here. Bye

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Score : 1

See you again in game in a couple of months.

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Score : 67

Pandaaa... I assume these changes are made partly becouse of players like you... spamming solo panda with leechers on fugitives or cras on korrianders. This game is no dead and it won't be once you leave. Bye.

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Hm... well alright, this seems like it might still be interesting after all because it can be something done at all levels and not just some Level 200+ stuff or some more stupidly difficult level based solo quest content(for which I do not see much of a point)...

But don’t you think the Chronomorphs look a bit too similar to the Xelomorphs from Xelorium? I can see where you’re going with them, but I was expecting a... different design, or that these images were just placeholders. And what will happen if you fail to get out of the anomaly before it closes while not in a fight?

Though my most important question(to me)... how on earth are we supposed to beat Nox? Damn Grougaloragran was unable to kill him and he still almost had finished Yugo off too, because of the Eliacube. Unless, of course, he does not have it in these anomalies which would make things a little easier...
Seriously though, who is this Butcher of Brakmar? I’ve never heard of the guy.

PS These anomalies sound a bit like environmental quests in Wakfu but under a different form. Not saying it’s bad because I thought these were an interesting way of varying what you’re doing in the game and also provide a decent way of leveling up if you’re not just looking to blindly farm monsters for XP and currently can’t really do quests. Any chance there’ll be more of them?
I would ask how the whole thing around the “special” monsters like the Butcher, Nox and others would work, in relation to the characters that can participate in a fight, since there is a strict limit to how many players can take part in a fight due to how the combat system works in Dofus, but I’ll just wait and see how it turns out, but I have a feeling some players may just farm some of the areas below their level and leave others in that level span out. I’ve seen it more than once.

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Julith is the Butcher of Brakmar.

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Kait, "Julith, the Butcher of Brakmar" is one and the same person. Nox probably won't be holding Eliacube and keep in mind it's the game and Ankama will make it playable... We are able to kill demigod Gein, demigod Ush Gulesh, demigod Count Harebourg, dragons like crocabulia and even Kralove who killed Terrakourial (the earth dragon) and many other powerful monsters and we're just adventureres. I love diving into the stories of Krosmoz, but in game I always keep in mind that the game must be playable and some facts must be ignored when comes to monsters which I mentioned above.

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Does no one else think that the Chronomorphs would've been better with a more unique design instead of reusing Xelomorph models?

But, fair enough. But well, I guess that there's some things that are done for the player even if they are really something that seems hardly possible for anyone who is not a god or someone holding extreme powers such as those of multiple Dofus, like players being allowed to fight Ogrest in Wakfu. He defeated multiple gods in the past so really, what chance do some adventurers have if they don't even have any really powerful Dofus like the Primordial(which Ogrest holds then) or Eliatrope Dofus(which no one really knows of except for maybe Nox and the Brotherhood of the Forgotten, due to Oropo) in their hands? They'd at best be able to hold him off for a minute or two, unless they were something really special.
Now if we were to look at something like Gein, Ush Galesh, ... - we don't really kill them, more like we give them a good fight. A demigod isn't quite as powerful as a god, and they can certainly be defeated if you're good enough at what you're doing(and providing he doesn't cheat*points a meaningful look at Ush*), and if you have enough of you, or have some abilities that give you the edge in certain scenarios... I'm not sure if Yugo would have been able to beat Nox(and other enemies) if it had not been for Yugo temporarily unblocking powers inside him through what I call an "inner rage" which allows an Eliatrope(or Dragon) to fight beyond their limits if it is triggered/unblocked.
My point is, if you're really good enough at using your abilities, you should be able to defeat most enemies without resorting to means such as using the Primordial or Eliatrope Dofus... which you would only really need if you fought an enemy who was a god or had god-like powers such as Ogrest with the Primordial Dofus, or perhaps a dragon...(maybe Crocabulia is an exception, I don't know about her powers, how they compare to say, Grougaloragran or Phaeris, both Eliatrope dragons, and Grougal was unable to really truly get beaten by Nox despite him having the Eliacube, which gives me a good idea what dragons are truly capable of...). Though having portal/teleportation powers certainly gives you an edge over most enemies, especially slow moving ones. Time tricks might work too but those can seemingly be broken or overcome with sufficient willpower and/or unpredictability.

I certainly don't really mind this level and equipment based progression, but sometimes I just prefer something where it comes down more to how well you can use your abilities and stuff like equipment does not matter to how well you do(one of the reasons why I enjoy playing with portals in Islands of Wakfu so much, and perhaps would prefer something that tries to go a bit further with the portals - no game can really do it justice just how many possibilities there are with them, would just be too complicated, but at least being allowed to do more things, perhaps some that we see Yugo do in the Wakfu animated series - don't know about you, but seeing/feeling the world through Wakfu rather than using your eyes, using a Wakfu blade and other stuff, those are some things I find really unique and would love to see implemented in a game... one can but dream). It would/does allow for things to be designed differently, more openly. But the way Dofus and Wakfu have progression has its own charm, I just know where my preference lies more.

I swear I've got something for writing lots of text the last days. Oh well...sorry, but sometimes I can't hold all the ideas back in my head.

Spoiler ahead!

Hm... thinking of it, after I recently finished the Wakfu animated Series(what currently is there, anyway), I was wondering something. Oropo set off a bomb that was capable of destroying an entire dimension(combining the Eliacube and Eliatrope Dofus), and while it "only" destroyed his artifical pocket dimension, I was wondering if it would really not have an effect on anything else, since no one used or thought of creating such a weapon before.
I mean, think about this. You unleash a weapon that combines the power of a device which can effectively make you god-like, and six Dofus which are also capable of making you god-like(maybe even more powerful than that), which can destroy an entire dimension. Wouldn't that possibly send serious ripples across spacetime, f you destroyed a dimension in the Krosmoz, even if the dimension in question was an artificial construct? It may be part of the reason why these temporal anomalies are appearing now, since these ripples could affect both past, present and future.

And Nox might be attracted to them.

I mean, consider it. An Eliotrope who created a bomb which destroys the dimension he created using the Eliacube, it sends ripples through spacetime, causing anomalies in certain eras and places, the entire theme is called "Eliocalypse", this first part being "Resonances" of the destruction of that dimension, caused by an Eliotrope, the last of the Eliotropes to be precise, and it is endangering everythig else as an unintended consequence. "
The anomalies might even cause the Continuum – the very fabric of spacetime – to collapse! Where do they come from? That's a mystery we're trying to solve. " From the beginning lines of the article...
Anyone following me on this? Think it's likely or nah?
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We'll have to see how this turns out in practice but it seems like a good idea to me. I think it should make farming the same thing over and over to level everyone less effective and encourage fighting a larger variety of things. And I think the game design should be such that such leeching isn't allowed. Still, they must consider 'why' the leeching is so popular.

Definitely like the pet upgrades idea!

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NOX in Dofus omg omg omg

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Please don't make Alliance Village areas which are not accessible to the majority of the playerbase behind these systems.

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Score : 176

Reskined or re-used mobs, my favorite biggrin

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Score : -326

When you said Nox I had the power obsessed xelor in mind, not the family oriented clockmaker.
Are we really fighting an innocent man?
This is baby Hitler all over again...

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Score : 724
This Nox we have here may well be AFTER he had succumbed to the influence of the Eliacube and had lost all of his family to the Ogrest Chaos.

But I was really more hoping for when he had turned into a Xelor.
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I'm a fan of the new concept for the star system. I agree that one of the central problems of Dofus has been that a handful of zones are always the only relevant content in the game. It always existed, but Frigost started us on this path to endless Korri leeches above all else.

But I have reservations about basing this system around the arbitrary levels that have been assigned to subareas. These level indicators are meant to show how difficult the monsters in an area are, but that's not how it works in real life.

For instance, Stontusk Desert is marked as a level 150 zone. But so are Alma's Cradle and the Tree Keeholo Trunk. It's quite obvious that Stontusk Desert monsters are infinitely more difficult to fight than the monsters in Alma's Cradle, and Alma's Cradle monsters are still way stronger than anything in the Tree. If we compare the bosses of each area's respective dungeon, the difference is even more clear.

We actually have two issues at play. One, the nonsense level assignments. And two, the fact that not all monsters are up to date. Pandala and Otomai Island have been virtually untouched since they were originally released in 2006-2008. A bunch of areas have been revamped, like Cania and Sidimote, and monsters updated accordingly to have new mechanics and, as a result, slightly increased difficulty.

So, if the star balance gets thrown off and suddenly all of the level 150 areas are worthless outside of Stontusk, high level players will have to come to the rescue and restore the balance, because it'll be quite hard for a group of 150's to get it done alone. At some levels, with certain monster families, it could even be impossible without a perfect team composition.
Is this the gameplay dynamic that Ankama is trying to create with this update?

On this note, a question: How many players will it take to meaningfully shift stars around to different areas? Are there conditions in which one team of 8 with some time on their hands and a little bit of patience could be enough to push an area's stars from positive to negative?

Other comments:
I can understand in-universe reasons for the new monster family resembling Xelorium monsters, but you didn't really try that hard to make them unique. The infinite variations of Gobball and Tofu have more originality to them.

As far as lore direction goes, I'm not particularly impressed by another God Xelor-focused update. Dofus is full of content relating to Xelor, Ecaflip, and also the [email protected]

If we take a few steps further and consider gods who have released dimensions, secondary classes like Foggers and Masqs, and direct involvement in major plotlines, we find that Cra and Feca have been super neglected! Something to be considered for the future...

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Why do the chronomorphs look familiar...hmm...

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Score : -326
As long as they have interesting mechanics and don't reflect damage in a 2 cell aoe it will be ok
0 -4
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Guess I'll have to get 2 chars to 200 before this update, or stock up on korri souls before it hits :3

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Score : 34

I guess my concern is with dungeon bosses that are farmed for drops.

Especially like crocabulia, I imagine that is like the only dungeon of it's level done frequently. If Ankama nerfs the drop rate in the way stated that sucks. Korri needed to be addressed I get it but I think you still fix it if you don't touch the drop rates.

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Score : 66

"We'd prefer not to unveil these legendary powers right away, but we can give you an example: "If the bearer uses no MP during their turn, they gain 1 MP on the following turn."
Disbalancing pvp even more (beside ebony/ochre) incoming. Great...

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Score : 48

Hoping that quest drops will be exempt from the negative loot modifier. It is already frustrating enough dropping the many quest items in the game that are 5% drop rate or less

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I completely agree 

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I think adding a star system to areas is a good idea, but I don't see why the stars per mob should go away. As the changelog shows, developers are aware that some maps in the game make for much easier fights than others. The old star system provides a little balance to that. Removing it means players will have even more reason to compete for the easy maps and mobs and ignore others.

I'm saying within the same area, certain maps and monsters make fights easier than others, and the old star system provides balance against that, while the new one won't.

Kait-Diaz|2019-03-29 08:27:43
Im not sure what you're trying to say here, because the changes make it so that if you kill monsters too much, their stars will go into a negative area, which reduces the amount of XP and loot they give(also applies to soul stones), while those in other areas of the same level will give more as a counterpart, so I don't see why it would encourage players to stay only in the easier areas. In fact, I'd even say it's more likely to have players move on to other places.
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Score : 724

Im not sure what you're trying to say here, because the changes make it so that if you kill monsters too much, their stars will go into a negative area, which reduces the amount of XP and loot they give(also applies to soul stones), while those in other areas of the same level will give more as a counterpart, so I don't see why it would encourage players to stay only in the easier areas. In fact, I'd even say it's more likely to have players move on to other places.

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Score : 5

dear ankama, when will you fix sram’s fragmentation trap in terms of class set bonus? This spell is already modifiable in range and class hat adds nothing. Same with Eca class set, clover makes most of the bonuses useless. Please fix.

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Score : 5

Cool now since you basically ruined the fun of farming mobs and mats to craft gear , and messed up pvm entirely , why dont you revert back to the old map system that doesn't swap a map every single time we finish a fight to balance out this -50% loss

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