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Class Improvements: The Work Continues

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - March 20, 2019, 17:30:00

We're continuing our study of the changes to be made to the DOFUS classes; we'll present the results of the previous survey and talk to you about the next steps.

The first survey on the roles perceived and desired for each class is now closed. We can now present a general feeling and a few keys results below. You can also find explanations, class by class, in their respective forum topics.

We were impressed by the number of participants (over 20,000), despite the length and laboriousness of the survey we gave you, so we'd like to thank you. We're taking into account the feedback you gave us on how we ask you for your opinion, and we're already thinking about ways to improve this.


There's Nothing Automatic About Nerfing

You'll be able to see for yourself – some classes really do diverge between what you think their roles should be and what they actually are. And we know you'll be all "go nerf that thing". Easy amigo – it's not that simple. There's just one thing to keep in mind: There are many solutions for any given situation, and nerfing and upping are not the only weapons in our arsenal.

Besides, this is only the first step in our process, and that'd spoil all the fun.

We'd also like to remind you of the scope of the actions relating to this project: We'll mainly be acting on the gameplay management and values of certain classes, not a complete overhaul or change of central mechanics.


How to Read the Accompanying Table

Rather than presenting you with the results by class, which is only of limited interest, we'd prefer to show you how you feel the classes should interact with each other.

By role, this is the ranking of the effectiveness of one class compared to the others.

You can find the perspectives, class by class, in the topics below:





















Second Step: The Elemental Paths

You can now take the surveys below and tell us your choice about the elemental paths of each class.

You are, of course, not required to provide responses for all classes – if you feel you don't have the knowledge required to respond for one or more classes, then you can skip them without any trouble. However, feel free to fill the survey as many times as you need.

Take the Survey

We also observed that a number of you expected these improvements to be incorporated into Update 2.51. As we told you, we want to take the time necessary to complete this project properly, with a logical BETA phase. We'd rather let you know right now: We're aiming to put the changes into production for Update 2.52.

We'll see you soon for step three, which will concern spells!


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Score : 330

I absolutely love that all element paths were made available to all classes.

3 -1
Score : 1405

I love that you guys are involving the community so much, and also showing the results! I'll try to answer for all classes I played, level 50-100-150-200 smile

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Score : 7255

I do not love that all elemental paths were made available to all classes. In particular, I'd much prefer Enis have more support options instead of four different elements. At least one element (earth) should be removed and replaced with support spells in my opinion.

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Score : 2009

I think all elemental paths should be available to almost all classes. However, I do feel like niche builds like str eni should maybe be changed as most str eni spells require you to sacrifice a good support spell to use it.

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Score : 908

i like how sadida one is just "nerf everything and dont add a single thing"

4 -1
Score : 1858

@Karakum1, I noticed this too... their graph is heavily biased cuz people are like 'Sadi is hella annoying in PVP so pls nerf it hard', while being pretty balanced to underwhelming in some builds when it comes to PVM.

1 0
Score : 26

The games endgame is pvp for the most part so I don't know whats so suprising about that. Sadida does too many things too well, same for osa.

0 -1
Score : 18152

Huppermage and Ouginaks should be a bit higher on the chart. Huppers are combo based damage dealers, and Ouginaks are ravenous savages. They should both be higher than Cra.

1 0
Score : 675

@Karaku Same for Osa. I truly worry that all the people complaining about pvp is going to get the Osa screwed in pvm.

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Score : 149

Not sure why people want to nerf Eca that much because if you look at Kolossium leaderboards, in all three categories, ecas are nowhere near the top so PvP can't be the reason, or is it? Don't tell me people think ecas should be nerfed because it is perceived too powerful in PvM? That would just be silly.

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Score : 476

Please leave my Cra alone...

1 -8
Score : 18152

Cra is literally the one of the strongest classes in the game, especially in PvM

3 0
Score : 171

Agree, huppers need sone sereous damage changes, way to low damage if we check on difrent classes, and yes some classes could get some nerf, ecas are way to strong with life steal stuff and lots of high base spell damage, like playing rogue vs eca, its 100% free win for eca, stealing hp in range plus AOE, about osas, same stuff, like spaming agi tofus in range of 20, taking off ivorys on 2 chars and blowing it up, thats far away to powerfull for some classes

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Score : 171

Dont know why ecas arent in leaderboards, but playing 3x3 kolo, 8 matches out of 10, i meet eca or osa, most popular classes and easiest way to climb in kolo rating i guess

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Score : 149

That's the thing, ecas are popular because they are fun to play not because they are OP and your observation when combined with leaderboard proves it.

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Score : 17

I have a suggestion for the balancing part since there's already a web-chart is to have a global point system for every class and it is balanced accordingly. 

I.e: Assuming each dimension (dmg/debuff/placement/buffer/survival = 5 dimensions) adds up to a global sum (say = 500 points, where the maximum is 500) but each class only have like 400 points, so there must be some sacrifices to specialize in any department (i.e: if Cra is 100 on both dmg/survival, then it only has 200 points left to go for buffer/debuffer/placement). 

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Score : 27

It would be hard to quantify the value of each dimension. And equally hard to rely on players survey on those dimension. For example, a cra player could give cra 5 points each on all five dimensions for a total of 25 points only so cras needs to be buff considerably by 375 more points, while they will give all other class 500 points each on all dimensions for a total of 2500 points so all other class will have to be nerfed considerable. This is the community where all non-osa voted for the worse looking osa transformation, so don't rely on players feedback for good balancing.

Don't get me wrong, I like your suggestion, and I see great potential in your suggestion, I just don't see it working if Ankama keep using player's biased feedback.

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Score : 7255

I love how they rated Eni as 2nd to last place for damage and said it should be nerfed further! Come on guys.

Honestly, damage is more important than healing in a lot of end game content especially when your team knows what it's doing.

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Score : 2601
5 0
Score : 823

-X-Ashley-X- , The image that shows class by class comparison doesn't say that enis should be nerfed, only that enu's damage should be higher. It makes sense that the healer class would have the lowest damage of all the classes imo.

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Score : 7255

True point, I saw the red arrow and didn't think hard enough about it. 

I will say, Eliotrope is awfully high in damage for also being a healing class. It gets damage dealer as a role as well, while Enis get "debuffer", something they are completely terrible at. Something should be improved...

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Score : 823

And if you're referring to the eni breakdown graph, i think the results are so close to ideal that they probably won't touch the damages really. Who knows though, can only speculate on how much any of this input factors in to their decisions. They have a lot to consider

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Score : 171


Gunnerwolfang|2019-03-22 01:09:10
That's the thing, osas are popular because they are fun to play not because they are OP and your observation when combined with leaderboard proves it.

"fun" to stand arround 3 targets and drain hp with single 4ap spell, or hiding with 20 range and spaming plucking on tofus, where do you see fun? 
0 -1
Score : 27

That is fun in my book. I roleplay as a sadistic monster overlord, so what you describe is fun for me compared to whatever boring stuffs your class do.

Haven't you ever heard of the saying "To each his own", or the wisdom of "You do you"? Don't enforce your own personal preference upon others as being the right or fun thing to do, dismissing others as the boring or wrong thing to do. In other's perspective, your thing is actually the boring and wrong thing.

2 -3
Score : 3536

The felt result from the community is this :

1st with 26 points is the Ecaflip class.
2nd with 31 points is the Osamodas class.
3rd (tied) with 37 points is the Cra & Eliotrope classes.
5th with 39 points is the Rogue class.
6th with 43 points is the Sacrier class.
7th with 45 points is the Xelor class.
8th (tied) with 50 points is the Eniripsa & Masqueraider classes.
10th (tied) with 53 points is the Huppermage and Iop classes.
12th (tied) with 54 points is the Enutrof, Feca, Pandawa and Sadida classes.
16th with 55 points is the Sram class.
17th with 56 points is the Ouginak class.
18th with 64 points is the Foggernaut class.

The desired (wished) result from the community is this :

1st with 29 points is the Rogue class.
2nd with 39 points is the Cra class.
3rd with 41 points is the Huppermage class.
4th(tied)with 42 points is the Ecaflip and & Foggernaut classes.
6th(tied) with 44 points is the Masqueraider & Pandawa classes.
8th with 45 points is the Eniripsa class.
9th with 47 points is the Iop class.
10th (tied) with 49 points is the Sacrier & Xelor classes.
12th (tied) with 50 points is the Eliotrope & Enutrof classes.
14th (tied) with 51 points is the Osamodas & Sram classes.
16th with 52 points is the Ouginak class.
17th with 55 points is the Feca class.
18th with 60 points is the Sadida class.

Winners -
Foggernaut class +22
Huppermage class +12
Pandawa class + 10
Rogue class +10
Iop class +6
Masqueraider class +6
Eniripsa class +5
Enutrof class +4
Ouginak class +4
Sram class +4

Losers -
Osamodas class -20
Ecaflip class -16
Eliotrope class -13
Sacrier class -6
Sadida class -6
Xelor class -4
Cra class -2
Feca class -1


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Score : 2832

That's not really a good metric to be using. For more detailed info, I broke down all of the individual graphs and put them in an Excel table to see where the classes are currently "felt" and "desired" to be in relation to each other. 

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