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Gifting a subscription

By MilkySituation - SUBSCRIBER - April 07, 2019, 22:34:59

Can i gift a subscription to a friend of mine? Is there a way i can do it?

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First Ankama intervention

Replying to Lost-Worldz

Suggestion submitted! smile

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You could give Kamas to your friend in game.
Then your friend could buy Ogrines with the kamas, from the kama exchange market in game, or from the website.
Then s/he could sub with said Ogrine, obtained from kama exchange market.
Eventually, s/he could give you back the kamas that s/he hasn't used to buy Orines.

PS : How to access kama exchange market on website, in easy steps:

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Ankama should make a less complicated way to gift subs to people tongue

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Suggestion submitted! smile

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If we are suggestions time, and since it involves subscribing to Dofus:

Sometime they are promos, like "buy for XXX Ogrine, or YYY Euro (or other currency), on you get that item for free".
But that excludes buying subscription time, regardless if it is for Ogrine or Euro (other currency).
Why? Is there a reason behind this?
Can't the promos include all kind of purchases: items, consumables, sub time, etc?

This could be easily solved, and would also offer a solution to gift subs to friends/ random people:
  • - make it so that sub time can be added to chart;
  • - then it could both count towards XXX Ogrine or YYY Euro (or other currency) required for promos of the kind mentioned above,
  • - as well it could be gifted via gifting interface from shop.
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