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Ankama Trackers


By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - April 08, 2019, 00:05:25

I was wondering, and I was curious, and still am ... 
... Who is behind [Ankama]DOFUS-admin?

Does anyone know?
Or at least does anyone have any clue at all?

And could we be told who s/he or they is/are, the person/s who have access to that account and can post/ reply/ etc using it?
If disclosing that piece of info won't start ww3 ?

I even went to his/her/their (???!!!) profile, but there is no info there.

The thing is this: as long as players do not have an "anonymous" or "guest" account to post with it, without disclosing (a bit) their identity and/or to post quick without having to log in first, it is NOT fair at that Ankama staff uses an account collectively, with anyone (or everyone???) from employees being able, theoretically, to use it.

So, let's play a game, the game of guessing who the person/s behind that account might be.

I'll already shoot few guesses, at random order:
  1. Ankama general manager;
  2. cleaning lady who accidentally saw pass when taking papers bin out the office;
  3. some trainee for whom it is unimportant to make a special acc, since they rotate pretty often;
  4. some dofus fan with a special VIP pass for a day (or more) to Ankama headquarters;
  5. Manaia;
  6. Talora;
  7. Izmar or Sabi, who have came back;
  8. the building maintenance guy, who is bf or friend or brother of the original acc owner;
  9. some possible future employees at Ankama, who are on a few days/ weeks probation before they get the contact for the job;
  10. Santa Clause;
  11. the Easter Bunny;
  12. SWAT or Foreign Legion member, whose identity can not be disclosed never ever never;
  13. Tooth Fairy, maybe?

If you think you have the answer, from the above, or somebody else you think it might be, pls, do share that info with the rest of us.
Ty in advance.

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It is me smile

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It was me, gg smile

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I can't say it is me because it is against rule to impersonate Ankama Officials and the officials here are always exclusively strict on my postings. No joking around for me.

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(It's not me)
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Ummm ... 
I had a nap today.
Well, various naps, to be true to my name and reputation: sloth (that lil cute animal that sleeps almost countless hrs per day), as a friend calls me often.
And I had a dream!
I think I might know who it might be!

But being serious again, I think it is even a certain form of disrespect towards all players and forumers (some being former players ...), to be addressed via forums by a/ some "anonymous person/s" from Ankama.
Like, we don't even deserve to know with whom we interact, or who brings us news or answers to our questions?
Has the English community become so irrelevant for Ankama great plans, that we matter so little as not to deserve to have a few named and known people from their staff whom have among their daily tasks to interact with us? Seeing some "anonymous" person talking (well, writing) to us on forums, could only imply that someone at random gets on here on the forums; that, or during coffee break someone recalls "hey, we should bring that news or reply to English community too, let's play paper, rock, scissors, to see who does it today".
I had a quick look on French forums, and I don't see the same or similar "ghost person/s" appearing by magic on their forums too. On the contrary, I see lots of big heavy names from Ankama posting and replying there. Does the English community really matters so little, or not all, just cuz we haven't been born and/ or live in France?
But if you still want to continue addressing us via this "anonymous account", at least have the courtesy to offer players and forumers the same tool in their hands: a "guest" or "anonymous" way to reply/ post on forums, regardless if it is to protect their identity in game and don't get enemies cuz of their posts, or if it is just to do a quick post from their phone or w.e. while waiting for the bus, for example.

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I think you're jumping to a lot of wild conclusions about this? Manaia and Talora are still there. That's what I assume from when we were all updated on Manaia's vacation plans anyways.

Firstly, these mysterious Ankama accounts are definitely in use on the French side. I'm not sure how you came to the opposite conclusion, when every recent news story is being posted from the anon account?:

Second, the French counterpart to Manaia hasn't posted from his personal account since January:
While Manaia posted from her own account a little over a week ago:

It's obvious that these anon Ankama accounts are being used to post the news stories and official communications now. For archiving purposes, this makes sense. The post archives of old community managers are rarely retained... Find me something posted by Echt, for example!
Not to mention the all-important consistent messaging and branding aspects.

Though, I prefer the personal touch. I think the anonymous account shouldn't be used to answer questions in the replies. They should really be posting announcements from the company only. There is nothing more valuable to retaining a community than one-on-one interactions. Having every single thing pass through an anonymity filter removes this, and I think it'll have an adverse impact on retention going forward.

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