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Good wishes and good thoughts for the French people

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - April 16, 2019, 14:12:11

Good afternoon all.

Probably many of you know already about what happened to the Cathedral Notre Dame from Paris:

The Cathedral caught fire yesterday. But by now flames seem to be extinguished by the brave French fire fighters. It is said that most of the valuable objects from inside have been taken out and are safe. There is quite some damage, but I assume, no, I hope that all or almost all can be fixed and repaired. I've just seen on news that 2 of most wealthy families have announced they will donate for repairing the Cathedral.
This thread is to show our French friends and French speakers whom I meet surprisingly often in game that our thoughts and prayers are for them at the moment, and we send them all our best wishes, and hopes that the Cathedral will be rebuilt as close as possible to its original state. They must be in shock, seeing yesterday one of France's symbols in flames. Like I said, luckily, the fire seems to be extinguished by now.
Despite all this, you must be strong and look forward to the future.
May you all have a Happy Easter and lovely spring holidays.
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Thank you for your kind words and happy Easter to you too! wub

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