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Thoughts on Chokao Chip Mechanic in Chokao Temple

By Azaknami - SUBSCRIBER - April 17, 2019, 03:57:18

I was very excited for this island, but this mechanic single-handedly destroys all the enjoyment anybody can have from the level 200 part of the island.

The Problem (I propose a solution at the end)

For those who don't know: The first enemy in the fight summons a Chokao Chip (has low res. and health that scales with the # of players, 3500 for a team of 4). Until you kill that chip, the summoner is invulnerable and all other enemies take 50% less damage. Whether you kill the chip or not, the next turn the 2nd enemy summons one... and it goes on in a cycle.

This mechanic is an incredible fun-killer. You are either doomed to do half damage the whole game, or commit a lot of resources to kill the chip just to have it pop up again the very next turn

I feel like in general not being able to play (low damage, getting locked etc.) feels much worse than enemies getting stronger with the mechanic (more dmg, more mp). The ridiculous part is... both happens in here.

These mechanics create a strong incentive to not attack the chip, because:

1) Whoever (can be your whole team) attacks the Chip (unless you OS it or kill it with poison) gets marked. Enemies absolutely annihilate every marked character. My characters with low res get one shot if they are close enough. You can't really attack it and hide, because they spawn the chip right next to them. Unless you have a team of 4 Cras you need to get near them to kill the chip, and in return they will kill you.

2) The boss has one main spell where she does damage to everyone, no matter where you are. Normally it hits 200-400 damage which is manageable, but to break her invuln. you need to kill 3 chips. Each chip gives her %dmg. inflicted (up to 100%) permanently once she is vulned. By this point she hits around 800-1k to everyone. The cherry on top is every time a chip is damaged she gains 50 damage (or power?) for the next damage wave. So if you don't OS it (3.5k hp btw, so basically you need a charged wrath) or kill it with poison (resets every 2 turns so a strong agi sram is the only option), she will literally destroy the whole team and you can't even play around it (maybe with  Feca's Truce or a whole team of Ivory Dofuses).

It is so ridiculous, that the french blogs I have seen just advise you to completely ignore the chip and play the game with 50% dmg reduction. Once only the boss is left you need to spend 12 turns doing 3 rounds of Iop's Wrath to avoid giving her more power. This makes every room take a really long time... and if you want to speed it up you risk getting destroyed by them. I guess it "works", but it is not enjoyable.

The Solution(s)

Overall I find this mechanic like the evil sister of Dantinea's. It has the same idea, but it's executed way worse. So on that note, I think it can be fixed in a couple of ways:

1) Less effect: Either remove the damage boost or the damage reduction, or scale both down to half their values right now.

2) Less chip: Either lower health, or make the Chip respawn every 2-4 turns instead of every turn (similar to Dantinea's)

3) Bonus: Make the players summon the chip. This way you can kill the chip if you want without risking getting deleted in a turn.

4) Combination of multiple solutions above.

Thanks for reading. Please excuse me if this sounds too much crying/ranting. I have been at this dungeon for a long time, and dropping resources/working on achievements are super boring because of this mechanic. This is supposed to be a fun island after all.

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In all honnesty, I've always given the devs the benefit of the doubt, always tried to see the brighter side of things, but since I've fully geared and gotten my team up and actually for the first time in 10+ years started tackling the more difficult content I can only say ? 

There's TONS of cool dungeon mechanics that are just extremely poorly implemented, and some mechanics that shouldn't even be part of the game at all ! 

Sphincter for example. Idea is cool, but implementation of it having to rely on AI ( which doesn't work 50% of the time ) is just mind blowingly dumb. 

Then we've got this new dung. It's like OP said, you can kill the chip, but it's got no respawn delay which just makes it so damn dumb. 

I'm not usually one to say these type of things, but I'm honnestly considering actually agreeing with those type of people that say "do the devs tests these things before they're put to the live servers ?" ... I know the answer to that. NO

I'm getting to that point where everything I try to do by fun is overshadowed by EXTREMELY poorly designed mechanics. They need to take a step back, check EVERY SINGLE DUNG in the game again, go through them themselves with fair gear ( no mod/admin overpowered gear ) and re-evaluate them all one by one and fix/change some of the mechanics to over half of the dungeons currently available ingame.

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I'm not usually one to say these type of things, but I'm honnestly considering actually agreeing with those type of people that say "do the devs tests these things before they're put to the live servers ?" ... I know the answer to that. NO

Couldn't agree more. Whenever I have a chat with my other friends that REALLY enjoy this game and spend time on it (people with +15k achievement points), we always agree that if people who actually played this game developed it, it would have so much more potential. 

You can't let the player base design a dungeon... that is too complex to be done by votes and such. But I honestly believe whenever a new Dofus (or legendary item etc.) comes, the devs should let us vote on the effect. Some of the Dofuses (Lavasmith for example) are completely useless. Literally sitting in my inventory since the day I got it, while some others really change the experience (Cloudy, Ivory etc.).
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I totally agree. I also think the mechanics of these mobs in the current state are ridiculous and that something should be changed about them.

One thing I will clear up first: The chip gets a +vit boost for 1 turn when it is summoned. This amount scales by the amount of players in your team. After that turn, the chip loses that vit and its HP becomes 1,000, that is the base HP it has. The vit boost is not unbewitchable.

But like OP said: When you kill it, the next monster after you will resummon it again, making it that the mobs pretty much 95% of the time are taking 50% reduced damage, making them extremely durable compared to other monsters from the same classification. If anything, probably a bit **too** much.

Now what I would like to see is that there are actual vulnerability periods for the mobs after killing a chip. A global respawn cooldown will do this, and make the mobs much fairer to face whilst still making it important for teams to finish the chip off. I can also agree on changes to the chip, I think that halving the current effects and reducing the vit boost are good changes, but the most important one would be to make them have a vulnerability period by locking out the other mobs from summoning a chip until the mob that summoned it, starts its next turn.

A well written post. I hope it is being seen and changes are being considered.

- Izi

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