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"So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night...

By Feroxita - SUBSCRIBER - April 17, 2019, 16:04:52

...I hate to go and leave this pretty site."

However, for me, the time has come to Dofus no more.

I've played this game nearly from its beginning and throughout the years took on the responsibility of paying for 5 annual subscriptions; 3 of which were for family members and the remaining 2 for myself. Currently I only have a three month subscription active; family members have not and will not be subscribing for the very reasons I'm about to share.

For the most part I've enjoyed the game and the challenges it presented. Simply put, it was fun.  However, this began to change about three years ago when Ankama began to force PvP over PvM; first by forcing us to form  alliances/gangs (imo) in order to thrive in the realm and then with the introduction of Kolossium. Unfortunately this only served to alienate people, pitting them against each other, instead of uniting people against a common adversary - a monster. But, I kept playing. So, given my distain for PvP I focused on breeding. And then came the dismantlement of the breeding system, which (for me) brought an abrupt halt to any realistic/viable way of obtaining kama to support my character in the realm. But I kept playing.  So, with the help of existing pets/mounts I focused on leveling my characters...until that too was decimated. But I kept playing. And given that I had set a personal goal to achieve level 200 by my own perspiration (and not by leeching) I focused on starred mobs to achieve XP. Now that too has been taken away.  And given that a same un-starred mob now yields 1/4 the XP it did before,  I will no longer keep playing....679,000,00XP shy of level 200.

You see, it's extremely disheartening to play a game by the rules when the rules continually change while on the field.
So, with that said...

So long, farewell, auf Wiederssehen, goodbye
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye



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Farewell my dear old friend!

I will always fondly remember meeting Fero and teaming up with her for monster hunts and quests for so many times.
You where ( and still are ) a good friend and fun to chat with.
Three cheers for the good ole times when our main worry in dofus was death by dc so many years ago.
I can understand your reasons to leave dofus like so many friends over the last years caused by ankamas gameplay changing decisions like forcing pvp, stupid boss mechanics, totaly overhauling classes for pvp reasons and so on..

Anyhoo.. lets not linger on bad thoughts
you got to fly and leave dofus behind and i can understand why!

( gives a big heartfelt hug from both Rhet and Mary ) biggrin

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Awww...Rhet (and Mary)...thank you for such a thoughtful and caring expression, dear friend.

A heartfelt hug to you and yours,
(Hip-Hip-Horray! Hip-Hip-Horray! Hip-Hip-Horray! biggrin)

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I believe that you are not lying when you say that you are 679 million exp short to level 200. I just find it strange that it takes you too long to get to level 200 which leads to you leaving Dofus. I am playing solo on one account just doing daily quest (dopples, almanax, etc) and kanigers (1-3 hours daily) and yet I get my first level 200 in only 18 months. After that, with the exp modifiers (x2, x3, x4), I can now casually get a new character to level 200 in 3-4 months without leeching , without playing with others and without using multiple accounts.

Regardless of the starred-mob revamp, you do know that with your remaining 3 months you can get 678 mil exp by doing 7.5 mil exp daily. It is not that hard.  

Yes, Dofus devs are always making things less fun and does not seems to listens to player's feedback. So in that regard, I support you leaving the game. If we want changes to the game, Ankama will not listen to our feedback, but I'm sure they will listen to our wallet (or in this case, our lack of wallet use).

To Ankama, players are leaving because you made your game not fun anymore, not because of shallow things like MA destroying the game arguments.

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Gunnerwolfang,  I'm unable to discern if you are being encouraging or chastising.

With that said,  I wish to make the following clear:
1) I'm simply not interested in, nor willing to justify, how I've chosen to play the  game. 
2) Any reference to not obtaining level 200 is regarding Feroxita (my initial account) and her alts, not any of the other stated accounts I was responsible for.
3) The game is no longer what it once was. And for the reasons originally stated I'm no longer willing to give money or valuable time to a game in-which a player who plays by the rules continually has those rules changed while on the field.


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Just as a heads up : I may have gone a little overboard on my rambling here, so if you do read it all be prepared for loads of text.

Pretty sure that Gunner does not mean anything in his post negatively, I certainly get that impression for it.

Personally, I do not feel that the removal of the star system is a particularly big deal especially when it gets other areas more XP bonuses. From what I can tell it mostly affects leechers or people who offer leeching and always stay in the same areas for it. Quests are a decent way to level up, and there's other things such as treasure hunts too. Maybe it's also just that I found little interest in fighting monsters for hours and hours on end.

I somewhat feel similarly towards PvP as I'm not a big fan of it, though for some different reasons. I don't really understand why I need something like a Crimson or Sparkling Pebble, or Nuggets, which can only be obtained in PvP things, for items which only find use in PvM content(Soul Stones, idols, etc). 

My biggest gripe with Dofus I would personally have right now is just excessive, un-fun grinding for kamas, at least on a server with a reasonably high population. With the way resource spots for higher level harvesting resources are often not very prevalent and the respawn timers they are on, it means that I often spend 3-5+ hours(depending on server activity at the time) on something which isn't really fun and not really relaxing if you're constantly coming across empty resource nodes or have to compete with other players, which happens a lot considering that one or two persons are enough to completely take all the Mandrake and/or Frosteez in their respective locations(in this case, where Mandrake is most commonly found aka Amakna Cemetery), with the amount required to make any sort of decent kamas from selling what you make of them, and the fact that most higher level equipment costs at least, if not well over, 1 million kamas on my server, I just find myself starting Dofus and just sitting there on my char I'm currently more actively playing/wanting to play more actively(a Level 157 Eliotrope) for a few minutes or more thinking about whether I really want to do more grinding, instead of which I could be doing something else that is actually fun, but then for me to be able to continue progressing with quests/story, I need better equipment. so I need more kamas, so I need to grind which I already mentioned is the most boring task of all in this game, so often I just end up logging off being uncertain what I really will do next, as I'm currently just trying to kill time on the days where i have nothing to do and no real clue what my next step in life is.
I could also do treasure hunts, which I did for a while when I was tired of profession grinding but I eventually also just got worn out from it very quickly too because it's just another form of grinding if you want to make kamas from it(which works decently well, but after a while it still gets boring and sometimes hunt indicators are as unreliable as nothing else).
Then add the subscription requirement for 90+% of the main game, which I currently could pay for with the 10k+euros I have saved up on a bank account(I never really had anything to spend all that money on), but don't really want to as I'd prefer to save most of it for something else and already have other subscriptions on other things running, which currently runs out at the end of June, for which I ALSO would need to grind kamas forto extend it... the mere thought of it just gives me a headache. I wouldn't really care if I already had an income but as it currently is, I'm not quite at that step yet(21 and only really have done some summer work during summer holidayswhen I was in school, attempted university last year but that wasn't for me, yet I don't really know what else to do so now I'm just trying to figure out what I'll do next... which currently leaves me with a lot of idle time at home which I like to spend playing games, not grinding 24/7 for days/weeks on end just so I can actually play without needing to bother with that aspect - it's not that I don't have patience, it is that I have rather limited patience for constantly repeating the same process over nd over to yield maybe a little over a million kamas in 5 hours when I need 20+ of them, every day for so many days/weeks). Especially when the only reliable way of making kamas is just through selling things on the market which is completely player dependant, unlike Wakfu which at least allows you to create your own kamas and allows you to choose when you decide to grind more as it does not have a subscription based restriction for almost all of its content.

Well, and I despise most of the quests which force solo level-based combat on you without even allowing help from a sidekick because they very often are just ridiculously unbalanced as far as the enemies go. Except for certain combats which are more about a certain strategy as you do not use your proper character, and are under the effect of a transformation for its duration, or some other change to your stats which your are meant to work around.

I do have a fit with the anomalies, which is quite simply that for the number of them that do appear, they seem to be in sub Level 100 areas way too often, yet the starting quest for their quest line requires you to complete one which is close to your level. But so far the highest level anomaly I have seen is one from a Level 140 area and that was the only one I have yet seen in an area over Level 100 in the main world map. I may have missed some only having been able to see what's new since last Wednesday and not having access to all of the areas of Frigost on any character, but it's still annoying that I have to rely on pure randomness to even be able to start a questline at all.

And mind you, I've only been playing for oh I don't know, four to six months by now? My highest level char is a Sacrier at Level 185 iirc. I never intended to leech, I have not done so, nor do I plan on ever doing it, and I play solo, not multi accounting(doesn't appeal to me), only really doing quests, dungeons and other achievements, and treasure hunts to level up at my own pace. I'm not entirely sure if this is relevant or why I'm saying it but it's here anyway. The goal I had for when I started to play this game was to enjoy all of the content at all the level ranges, doing quests, just enjoy the story for what it is worth(as it is one of the aspects I really care for the most in games),  and learning how to play a class and use its spells/attributes propely, not just leeching to Level 200 as quickly as possible and just stomping everything in the low level range and getting little to no enjoyment from it.

I think I'm done for now... didn't think I'd be able to put down this many thoughts when I chose to say something here. I'm not even sure if any of it is relevant to start with but it's stuff which has been bothering me and I felt it was appropriate to the topic as it's something which could just make me put my adventure on hold indefinitely.
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Feroxita|2019-04-23 20:23:22
Gunnerwolfang,  I'm unable to discern if you are being encouraging or chastising.


A bit of both. I am encouraging you to keep playing, and chastising you for quitting because of star revamp.
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....I'm at a loss as to how to make my decision to discontinue play any clearer for you. 

I'll make one more attempt. Admittedly, the revamp was one of many factors; however,  it was not the pivotal event that lead to my decision. The star revamp was simply the "tipping point", the "straw that broke the camel's back", the "final nail in the coffin".

It was at this point a quote attributed to Albert Einstein came to mind - Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  You see, I continued to play throughout the numerous negative changes to the game for me, ever hoping subconsciously that one day Ankama would realize "the error of their ways".  However, it was I who finally realized that Dofus was no longer the game it once was, and moreover, that I no longer wanted to be a part of what it now is.

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I feel you as i'm a long time  player myself,its always a shame to lose Veteran players.. you shall be missed *waves*wub

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How kind of you to share  wub

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