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Step by Step guide on obtaining a Legendary Pet on Dofus (with price estimations where possible)

By chaoman - SUBSCRIBER - April 26, 2019, 19:17:55

Would you like a Legendary Pet on Dofus? Here is a detailed guide on how to get one. I will be using prices from my server (Pandora) which are not too far from Echo prices.

Step 1a - Obtain the pet you want to turn into a Legendary pet. In my case, I want the Blue Piwin to be my Legendary Pet so I complete every single Astrub quest, and then turn over 500 Blue Piwi Feathers (74,500 kamas) to obtain my pet.

Step 1b - Level your pet to level 100. This requires 394 Enriched Croquettes, or 39 400 Kolossokens. Every win in Kolossium at level 200 gives around 250-300 of them. Alternatively, you can buy the croquettes for 14,000kamas each. After spending ~5.5 million kamas on your pet, it is now level 100 and ready to be Legendary. You may be able to snag a pet which is already level 100 for cheaper (4to5mk).

Step 2a - Complete the quests [Miniature Adventure], [Don't Shoot the Messenger], [Magypus Rescue] (Pay 10,001 kamas during this quest), [Last Contact], [Speaker for the Dead] (Pay 2,000 kamas for this quest), [Burin Dane]

Step 2b - Complete the quests [The Vaccine Monologues], [Handygirl], [Ice Hotel], [The Ice Foundry], [Shadow and Ice]. [Light on Shadow]

Step 2c - Complete the quest [Evolution Resolution]

Step 3 - Complete the quest [Fantastic Animals] you will need 1000 level 200 Frigost gathering resources (320,000 kamas if using Frosteez) of your choice (750 if using Aspen Wood or Obsidian ore) and you will have to grind Infinite Dreams until the Magus Ax recipe appears (it may take 10+ rooms).

Step 4 - Complete the quest [Fleeting Meetings], you can not upgrade your pet to Legendary without doing this quest even if you buy the legendary stone yourself.

  •  To obtain the Golden Leviathun Scale you must exchange a rare level 200 Frigost gathering resource for one (Estimated cost 700,000 kamas if using Frozen icefish)
  •  To obtain the 2 Aziz feathers you must be Rank 3 (quested) Bontarian or Brakmarian and purchase them from the quartermasters for 3 coins each.
Step 4a (subquest) - Complete the quests leading up to [Outbreak of Ex-Emma] (~25 quests, every Frigost Dungeon completed)
  • To obtain the Nanogrine (required for all Quintessence) complete Step 4a and purchase them from Ess Jeesy for 6 Ice coins each.

This should complete the last step of [Fleeting Meetings] and allow you to create a Legendary Babyhemoth Reflection.

You will need to combine your Golden Leviathun Scale, 2 Aziz feathers, 12 Rhineetle horns (325,000 kamas) which you can get by trading in 12 Rhineetle mounts, 4 Ambergris (74,000kamas) and 1 Babyhemoth Animal Legend which you can buy for 8,000,000 fragments (64,000,000kamas) once you've completed the appropriate Dream.

Once all this is done, your pet will now be able to absorb legendary essence. Each essence will cost you about 5-10M kamas and will give your pet the ability to give you 1% extra damage per enemy on the map (summons not included), and -2% damage for every enemy who dies. Another bonus for your pet is the ability to give 1MP to allies who are next to you but subtract 1MP from you in return.

All Legendary Abilities are randomly generated and to change the ability you must spent 5-10M kamas more to create another essence.
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You could've definitely made this more pleasant for the eye, but thank you so much for this guide nonetheless! 

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It's a wall of text xD It's beautiful to me!

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Just another nail in the coffin of Dofus.  Making the super rich players almost impossible to defeat and removing skill and tactics from the game.  Well done. 

Why fix the bugs and errors or introduce better balancing in PvP?  Why not limit the amount of boosts that a player can receive from his other multi accounts so that they cant just boost up and wipe out your team...  With my eca and Enu I can pump my eca to 17AP and god knows how many MPs?  Stick the cras boosts on top and you have a burst player who can wipe out a player in a turn.  If you can kill a fully healed same lvl player in a turn then your game has failed as a competitive event.  

When super equipped players can dominate the market or combat field then they can make money and get stronger.  Introduce tactics and skill and you encourage better playing, deeper engagement and greater gaming experience.

Alternatively just make more powerful equipment to motivate people short term to "improve"...

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I agree with the power creep but this is in no way unobtainable especially for a lv 200.

I'm on the Ily server and only lv 150 and make about 2mk + a day, you can't honestly tell me a lv 200 cannot afford a legendary pet if I already can.

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I like that they updated pets but it missed the mark a bit. It made pets less useful because of the effort involved to level them. I used to collect/farm pets but I can't do that now. Too much effort as I don't play PvP or perc hunt. The raw material feeding method doesn't have the ROI to make it viable. That said I still want one of each pet in my bank!

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" 1 Babyhemoth Animal Legend which you can buy for 8,000,000 fragments "

8 millions fragments, that has to be a mistake, right?

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Any strategy on how to beat the sanctuary spirits on the " fantastic beasts" last mission of the quest? it's so hard, keeps in mind I am an agility rogue. 

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Hey guys,
Do you please say where I will get Fleeting Meetings quest?
Thanks a lot

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For step 1b) , I would recommend:

  • - buy kolo tokens;
  • - "learn" / "use" them on your character (pref. your highest lev in game or kolo, and must be subbed too);
  • - go to kolo building on cania masif;
  • - use the tokens from quest items, to buy the enriched croquettes by yourself (or whatever  other resources/ etc you need).
It gets way cheaper than buying the enriched croquettes directly (or any other item that can be bought for kolo tokens; the same, kindof, goes for roses of sands and tourmalines, for example).

  • - without doing all that questing and stuff, I can not just buy all the stuff and make a pet legendary skipping the quest part?
  • - then, a somehow related question: how about crafting legendary items? do I also have to quest first? does anyone have a guide for that too, maybe, pretty pls?
I don't know why, but I kidnof don't like a lot questing; except in dimensions and in seasonable game content, like kwismas island, etc.
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The absolutely ridiculous part of this is the fact that the bonuses are random. After all that you spent or worked for, can’t you at least be guaranteed the bonus you want? Honestly.

Why should some people have to pay many times more than others for reasons completely out of their control? That’s no good design.

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Didn't know about this, thanks

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where do you get a piwi from when you have the feathers?

a green piwi?


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