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Can someone please explain to me the functioning of the Veriun Dead assassins' damage scaling the more it uses its attacks?

By Kait-Diaz - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - April 28, 2019, 23:45:55

Because I'm not sure how to understand it that I can take over 1500 damage in one single turn after it has launched attacks on me a couple of times but whenever it attacks my sword it always deals around 290-400 damage. I would almost certainly have been able to beat it if not for the fact that it can dish out those ridiculous damage numbers suddenly when the guide I have read mentions nothing about the spell damage being influenced by how often the attack is used or how much HP the assassin has.

Update : Was able to finish the fight(barely, had just a little over 200 HP left when I managed to finish it off), and then continue the questline. Eventually got to Toxime and gave her a good beating(after quite a few tries, though!), which mostly was just made harder than necessary because of the Poison Huntress she summons(Echo was sort of challenging but not too difficult to handle either), and finished with the questline.

However I am still curious about the spells of that Veriun Dead assassin. There are no visual indicators about its spells doing more damage the more they are used, not even in the effects on the monster, and yet at some point they can/do hit for well over a 1000 damage.

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If it's hitting 1500+ on you, but only 290-400 on your sword, it VERY likely deals %HP damage rather than typical damage. (For example if you had 1000HP and your sword has 100HP, if it hit you with a spell that did %HP damage at 10%, it would do 100 to you, and 10 to your sword)

Bashillus has a similar spell, except it scales with missing HP. (F*CK THAT MOB )

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Score : 788 may be right that it scales with missing % of HP, but I’m not totally sure as it applies erosion and that always makes my max HP go down with each attack, yet its attacks still do more damage each time they get used even if all they do is take away shield points. It didn’t prevent me from eventually beating the thing but it made it take more tries than it really should have(in my opinion).

So I was thinking that it might be based on how much erosion is on your character(which, in that fight, will be a lot since the ranged attack puts erosion on you, 20% if I recall correctly, and it has some sort of AOE - apparently hammer shaped or something - so it isn’t really avoidable either...), or that the spell simply does more damage whenever it is used but there is nothing of the sorts showing in the effects of whatever buffs/debuffs the assassin has, nor do any guides I have read state whether there is any kind of damage scaling on its spell(s).

There is something I have a question about. When a spell says it puts 20% erosion on a character/summon for 2 turns, why does the erosion not go away after those turns when the effect states it would be a temporary effect? That’s a concept I’ve never really understood properly as to how it’s supposed to work.

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20% erosion for 2 turns means that erosion (which has a default value of 10%) is increased by 20% (to 30%) for 2 turns. So if you are hit for 100 damage during those two turns, your maximum vitality will decrease by 30 HP. The decrease is permanent for the fight, but when the erosion (2 turns) effect has worn off, the erosion value returns to 10%.

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