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Rushu's Larvae

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 16, 2019, 16:00:00
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It'd been a week now. A week since Agent Mystheur had disappeared, "snatched" right in front of Agent Skelet's eyes. The temporal anomalies continued to be front page news. The press had noticed that the Sram's partner was missing and hassled her continuously about it. But what was the FBA doing?

Office of Frankly Bizarre Affairs Headquarters
2:42 p.m.

The doors of a humdrum grey building opened and a redheaded adventurer dressed in dark colors stepped outside. In a hurry, she was walking briskly while checking the contents of her briefcase for the umpteenth time. Suddenly, a young Ouginak spoke to her:

"Am I the only one who thinks it's lousy?"

Agent Skelet looked up from her briefcase and saw a young pup with short, light grey fur with black spots. With his lolling tongue, floppy ears, and big wide blue eyes, he was so cute he stopped the busy Sram in her tracks. She bent over:

"Hello. What are you talking about, little one?" asked Nada with a big smile.

"I read what you wrote in the Amakna Gazette. Congratulations I guess!"

"What? I… I didn't write anything for that newspaper. I work for the FBA and I'm investigating the…"

"They quoted part of your report and it didn't say anything about Agent Mystheur's disappearance. There wasn't anything useful in the whole article! I didn't learn anything about the temporal anomalies."

"Oh, I see... Well, you should write to the editor. I'm sure they'll be… pleased," replied the agent, amused.

"I did already! But what about you? When are you going to solve the case of the temporal anomalies?"

"Listen, I'm very sorry, but I don't have the answers you're looking for… "
"Amazing communication!" growled the little canine. 
"Maybe… you should look for answers yourself, too? I wouldn't have anything against a bit of help…" she said with a smile that took on a slightly bitter air when she remembered her partner's absence.
She stood up to go on her way. The young Ouginak watched her leave. She looked back at him one last time and affectionately asked:

"Can I count on you?"

After a brief moment, he replied:

"Instead of investigating the temporal anomalies, you'd be better off fixing the Zaaps!"

Forcing a smile, the Sram gave pause and got back to her investigation.




Caravan Alley
Sidimote Moors Zaap
3:48 p.m.

A sign with a 666 on it was waving in the wind. A gust raised the dust from the brown Sidimote ground, spun it around for an instant, then tossed it against Assistant Director Renniks's glasses. He groaned. He took off his spectacles to remove the dust with a checkered handkerchief that he had pulled out of his raincoat. On his right, a leather-clad Rogue – Agent Booya Bay Smisse – wearing black glasses with a revolver hanging on either side of her belt did duty as his bodyguard. The wind stopped suddenly.

"Here they come," warned the Rogue.

Renniks adjusted his glasses and saw that Skelet wasn't alone. Indeed, on the back of Nada's fast mount, now slowing near the teleportation portal, an Eniripsa was clinging to the Sram's waist. He joined the adventurers, accompanied by Agent Smisse.

"Nothing to report for now," said Renniks by way of a report.

If Wahn Jolsh's clues are accurate, it should be any minute now…" said Agent Skelet as she got down off her mount.

On the portal, they could see the characteristic scribbles of the visitor with the owl hood. They waved at the code: "0061 – 94.61.50".

"What does that mean?" asked the Eniripsa with real interest as Nada helped her down, making sure her short skirt didn't flip up and her Bow Meow ear headband didn't fall.

Agent Renniks, Agent Smisse, let me introduce my friend Odile Bile," said Agent Skelet. "I thought an Eniripsa might come in handy if he shows up… and we think he will show!"

"To answer your question, Miss Bile," said Renniks, "the suspect Wahn Jolsh's M.O. is to vandalize public property like Zaaps. He leaves hard-to-remove graffiti with backward messages like this one here: '05.16.49 – 1600'".

"Maysial 16, 649, at 16 hundred hours," added Nada.

"But, that's…" said Odile hesitantly.

"… RIGHT NOW!" yelled Agent Booya Bay Smisse, drawing her two revolvers as the Zaap let out a crackling sound and started to let off steam and a purple glow.


The four adventurers stepped back from the portal. Agent Smisse kept her revolvers pointed at the circle. A breeze picked up. The sky darkened. The inside of the Zaap lit up and started to swirl. This luminous purple spiral seemed to quiver from time to time. The wind was picking up speed and seemed to pick up turbulence from it. The adventurers moved unconsciously closer to each other, forming a block.

Time seemed to have stopped. Suddenly… Something dark crawled out of the portal. A disgusting black slug slid across the ground making a disgusting sound. It had to have been at least a kametre long and half a kametre wide, and had glowing cyan blue points on its back. It made it all the way out of the circle of light and stopped. Then it suddenly opened its lone demonic eye!

At that very instant, dozens of its kind pulled themselves through the portal.

"Light 'em up, Smisse!" ordered Renniks.

The Rogue didn't need to be asked twice and sprayed the portal with gunfire, never once missing her targets. And still, they came ever faster, getting dangerously close to the group. One of them picked up speed and threw itself at the young Eniripsa, who screamed in terror. Agent Smisse saw it coming and blew the disgusting gastropod away as it flew, making it explode in a bluish spray that spattered poor Odile's face. Agent Skelet had ducked behind her. After realizing she'd missed the worst of it, she tried to reassure the Eniripsa:

"Are you okay, Odile?"

"I… (burp)… I think I swallowed some…"

"Look! More are on the way!" yelled Agent Smisse, ready to fight some more.

A silhouette took shape in the circle of light. Nada squinted. It was him!

"Stop shooting, Agent Smisse!" ordered the Sram as she rushed to the portal.

"Skelet! Stay here! It's dangerous!!!" yelled Renniks.

Agent Skelet arrived just in time to catch the weak silhouette that had just come out of the Zaap. The rest of the group ran over. Nada looked at them, her eyes shining:

"He's back!"

In her arms, Agent Mystheur smiled faintly, a smile that immediately turned into a slight grimace. As if his stomach hurt. He grimaced. His neck swelled… and then he spat out a dark slug! Everyone, including usually phlegmatic Assistant Director Renniks, yelled! The creature dropped wetly to the ground with a long train of spittle and a horrible splashing sound. It wiggled every which way to turn itself right side up and opened its abominable glowing eye. The Eniripsa let out a loud battle cry:

"Get lost, you slimy thing!!!!"

Then she sent the critter flying with a massive kick, and Agent Smisse shot it out of the air. Agent Skelet tried to talk to her partner lying on the ground:

"Are you okay, Fax? Odile's going to take care of you, okay?"

"Rushu Larva…" He struggled to get the words out but looked delighted.


"Rushu Larva, Skelet. You all saw them! Ha, ha… They do exist…"


The feverish Xelor, his bandages dripping with cold sweat, fainted as the Eniripsa bent over him.

To be continued…

What about you? Have you fought a Rushu Larva yet?

Long after he created time, the god Xelor perfected a clock to measure its passing in 11 hours and 11 days. Rushu, unhappy at having been excluded, added a twelfth hour and a twelfth month by infesting the clock with larvae.

So, while butterflies – Tempousfouguites – pull the hour hands forward, Rushu Larva aims to slow down time…


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