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Class improvements: details on Osamodas and Sacriers

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - May 17, 2019, 18:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

On Tuesday, May 14, we held a live event on our Twitch channel to explain how the Osamodas and Sacrier classes are being revamped. To make sure you know exactly what to look for as you test them, here are some more details about the changes we've made to these two classes.

The new Osamodas

The goal of these changes is to get Osamodas actively participating in battle alongside their Summons, rather than having to depend on them or even suffer as a result of their actions.

Unlike their counterparts on the official server, the Osamodas that you'll be playing with on the beta server are not simple mages who hide behind an impenetrable swarm of Summons, or sacrifice them shamelessly to beat up on their opponents. Whether they prefer to dive right into the fight or just support their team, the new Osamodas venture closer to the action because that's where they get their summoning magic.

Thanks to their versatile new summoning spells (of which there are 6), Osamodas now have access to their full bestiary during battles. Each of these spell can be used to summon all 13 Osamodas Summons, one at a time. But how do you summon the right one? By using summoning charges.

Summoning Charges

You acquire summoning charges by using the 24 elemental spells for the class (3 spells + 3 variants in four elements). When used under the right conditions, these spells let you accumulate 1 to 4 charges in one of the following four families:

  • "Tofu" for Air spells
  • "Gobball" for Earth spells
  • "Toad" for Water spells
  • "Wyrmling" for Fire spells

For example, suppose that after starting the fight in the state "Summoning Charge 0/4", the Osamodas casts Canine on an enemy monster. He then changes to the state "Summoning Charge 1/4 (Tofu)". Casting Canine again will put him in the state "Summoning Charge 2/4 (Tofu)", and so on.

Warning! Changing elements will not allow you to continue charging in another family, but will instead switch you to the state "Summoning Charge 1/4" for the new family. The charge for the previous family is then lost.

Now it's finally time to talk about summoning.


Once you've understood summoning charges, summoning a creature is easy. Just use one of the six summoning spells and the current charge will determine which creature is summoned.

  • The monster's family corresponds to the family (or element) of the charge: Tofu, Gobball, Toad, Wyrmling or Noformo (no charge).
  • The color of the Summons, on the other hand, will be determined by the number of charges you have, i.e. "Melanic", "Albino" or "Colourful" for 1, 2 or 3 charges, respectively.

Note that summoning charges are consumed by the Osamodas to create the Summons.

Once summoned, the creature is tied to the spell that was used to summon it. Casting the spell again will not summon a new creature, but simply moves the existing one. Therefore, the number of Summons an Osamodas can have is limited not only by the "Summons" characteristic like for everyone else, but more importantly by the number of summoning spells he knows.

When a Summons dies, the spell that was used to summon it enters a cooldown phase, making it unusable for 0, 1, 2 or 3 turns (corresponding to its cost in summoning charges). It is therefore extremely dangerous for an Osamodas to use all of his summoning spells at the same time, because if all the Summons were to die during the turn, the summoner would be left all alone for the following turn.

So one of the most important skills for Osamodas players to master will be knowing when to summon and when to hold off. Fortunately, there are lots of new spells to fill this gap, and the summoning charges will not be lost because they can be used to access Osamodas' hidden power: animal transformation.

Animal Transformation

When Osamodas reach the fourth summoning charge in a family, they transform. When this happens, the Osamodas's allies gain a bonus based on the animal family of that transformation if they are within 2 cells of him or one of his Summons. Osamodas are really generous with their teammates.

The new Sacrier

The main goal of the changes we've made to Sacriers is to make them into true berserkers, in order to better represent the background story for this class. We've done this by modifying the Suffering system, as we'll explain in more detail in a moment, and by revising the class's utility and elemental spells. We've tried to move as far away as possible from the monotonous older gameplay that encouraged players to spam the same spells all the time, in order to ensure that each turn will now force Sacriers to adapt dynamically to different situations.

We've also tried to eliminate the separation between Sacriers' tanking and damage-dealing abilities, while still preserving the idea of making a choice between the two, but more at the level of individual turns than an entire battle. Similarly, we want to give the elemental paths a strong identity so that each one has a specific role that meets Sacriers' different needs, thereby creating a better synergy between the spells in a given elemental path. To do this, we have also rebalanced the elemental paths with respect to one another, so that each one is viable in its given role. Whether it's through their elemental spells or their utility spells, we want Sacriers to gain additional utility effects to help them integrate more effectively into a team gameplay style, without necessarily having to play "full health/resistance/lock/no-brainer".

Finally, we also want to help players get better use out of the multi-element approach, which should allow them to put together much more varied Sacrier builds than before so that they can surprise both allies and opponents alike. We also hope that all of these changes will allow Sacriers to find a place for themselves in PvM, especially at higher and very high levels, where they are currently having difficulties.

The new Suffering system:

The problem with the current Suffering system is that it limits Sacriers to a single role that is selected at the start of combat and cannot be changed for the rest of the fight, which limits the number of spells that can be used. This leads to monotony and a lack of depth. While the initial intention was to allow Sacriers to transition from Positive Suffering to Negative Suffering to adapt to the situation, people have wound up having to play only at maximum Suffering in order to get the best bonuses, whether Positive or Negative (but we won't lie, it's actually almost exclusively Negative Suffering, especially in PvP).

The solution we came up with to make the Suffering system more flexible and interesting to use is to make Suffering directly dependent on Sacriers' Vitality. Each range of Vitality values corresponds to a certain degree of Suffering: for example, a Sacrier who is between 50% and 40% of their maximum Vitality will be at Suffering 6. Therefore, Suffering can no longer be negative, and varies between 0 and 10, with each degree of Suffering providing ever-greater bonuses on final damage inflicted and ever-greater reduction of final damage received.

In this way, Sacriers will no longer be able to inflict huge damage or severely reduce incoming damage while they have full Vitality; instead, they will have to take risks and take damage in order to get these bonuses, which better reflects the "berserker" fighting style that they're intended to have. For Sacriers, Vitality therefore becomes a resource in its own right - one that you'll sometimes have to spend in order to violently finish off your enemies, and sometimes conserve in order to survive or to protect your allies by using your body as a shield. So this new Suffering system will more effectively reward Sacriers who expose themselves (eagerly!) to damage, and a Sacrier on the brink of death will be a threat that enemies will find impossible to ignore.

In this system, Sacriers will naturally have more tools to manage their Vitality, including self-injury spells and healing/health steal spells, which will of course affect their Suffering at the same time as their Vitality.

Degrees of Suffering (based on % of current max Vitality):

  • = at 100% → Suffering 0: Damage received x 100% + Damage inflicted x 100%
  • < 100% → Suffering 1: Damage received x 95% + Damage inflicted x 105%
  • < 90% → Suffering 2: Damage received x 90% + Damage inflicted x 110%
  • < 80% → Suffering 3: Damage received x 85% + Damage inflicted x 115%
  • < 70% → Suffering 4: Damage received x 80% + Damage inflicted x 120%
  • < 60% → Suffering 5: Damage received x 75% + Damage inflicted x 125%
  • < 50% → Suffering 6: Damage received x 70% + Damage inflicted x 130% → Berserker Transformation
  • < 40% → Suffering 7: Damage received x 65% + Damage inflicted x 135%
  • < 30% → Suffering 8: Damage received x 60% + Damage inflicted x 140%
  • < 20% → Suffering 9: Damage received x 55% + Damage inflicted x 145%
  • < 10% → Suffering 10: Damage received x 50% + Damage inflicted x 150%

Changes to elemental paths:

As mentioned above, we have also reworked Sacriers' elemental paths to make them unique and give each one its own specific identity and use. Here's how they're organized:

  • The Earth path serves as the melee tanking path, with a Lock bonus, an area-of-effect health steal, damage reduction and spells to get close to enemies or keep them in close-combat range.
  • The Fire path is the path for area-of-effect damage at short range, fine-tuned positioning, and bonuses to allies, like healing or Power bonuses.
  • The Water path is the path to counter enemies playing at long range, using MP and RA reduction, spells without line of sight, spells for symmetrical teleportation of the caster, or area-of-effect attraction spells.
  • The Air path is based on mobility and movement, offering an MP bonus for the caster, a Lock penalty for enemies, and spells to switch places or teleport without line of sight.

Be aware that even though the different elemental paths are labeled as "high-damage" or "tank", they are not mutually exclusive, and that every path includes both high-damage spells and health steal spells. Labels like these serve more to indicate a general orientation for each path that makes it especially effective in this or that specific situation, even though it has some spells of each type.

Note also that each path now also includes a big damage spell that casters can use to inflict damage on themselves if they cast it on themselves or are inside its area of effect. These spells allow Sacriers to intentionally reduce their Vitality in order to increase their Suffering, but also to boost the damage caused by the spell they use, for the current turn and the following one. This gives Sacriers a burst ability and a way to manipulate their Vitality, but at the cost of exposing themselves to an opponent's burst, since they will have to continue to inflict damage on themselves if they want to maintain the damage boost for the given spell.

A number of all-new spells will also be making their appearance, but we won't say anything about them here so that you can have the pleasure of discovering them in-game!

First Ankama intervention
Thank you all for sharing your feedback so far.

I created a discussion thread yesterday evening, inviting you all to present your feedback directly to the devs on the FR forum. There are details as to why we are trying this approach, as well as a rough translation of the opening posts of each thread, with their respective links. 

I know some of you have already posted your Sacrier/Osa comments in this forum, but I would kindly urge you to post them on the French forum also, in the appropriate discussion threads. 

See message in context
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Score : 224
Osa dead, rip
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Score : 149
No matter how many times osa get nerfed, we will find ways to adapt and survive. This is not the end for us, this is just a big relearning curve that we will eventually overcome.

Personally, the ugly transformation killed osa for me. I know Dofus is a wacky game, but there is a big difference between being wacky-looking and being ugly.

Suggestion: Allow players to customize their transformation so that non-osa users can exercise their rights to choose the ugly transformation while actual osa users can choose transformations that actually looks good.    
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Score : 918
So sacs used to be the kings of high hp and now they are the kings of low hp haha.
1 -1
Score : 224
0 0
Score : -382
More garbage changes to appease the Kolo crowd.
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Score : -145
The guy COMPLAINING about KOLO PvPers.. Talking we are "NOOBS WHO CAN NOT WIN".. Heh kid.. Its Made for PvP-ing, having fun and killing each others with thinking and moving on field + manny more.. Are you actually noob sadida who cant even won in manny PvM battels?? Or even do not understand how some "boss fights works".. Coz manny dungs I "repeated" (do again and again".. AI actually moves every time the same!!!!! So..are you just repeating your words without any real point? TREE = DEFINITION of that SUMMON in BOOK OF RULES is exactly what?? 
0 -5
Score : 3
Where can I download the beta client?
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Score : 786
I don't really know how these changes will really help a Sacrier at very high levels. When you're at 10% or 20% HP, and with the Sacrier having over 5000 max health, if any monster can hit you even with 50% damage taken the chances of seeing your next turn alive are very low to say the least. Progressively taking less damage seems good on paper but considering the amount of damage monsters can put out in one turn on higher levels I fail to see how it really helps in practice. You're still going to need at least a reasonable amount of elemental/neutral resistance regardless. If that's the plan, fine, but it's not exactly making a Sacrier less reliant on them.

But then again, I have never played the "old" Sacrier so perhaps people know if this change would do any good for the high levels/endgame?
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Score : 786
As an update - I’ve read the changelog of the beta published today(?), I’m still not sure if I really like these Sacrier changes. Might not even bother to continue playing the class if this patch goes live as they say it currently stands. I was already more tempted to make my Eliotrope my main after I tried the class out(and because they are the closest we’ll probably ever get to an Eliatrope - don’t you touch the class[Eliotropes]! learning their portal mechanics was already difficult enough) and now that these changes stand on the door... I’m not really sure if I would be able to appreciate the Sacrier like I currently do, and it’d basically be the thing which makes me move towards my Eliotrope being the main character I play on, it the changes are not to my liking.

As for Osamodas - I was planning on eventually giving the class a try but I’ve put those plans on hold until I see what happens to the class at the end of this... balancing. In its current beta form it hardly seems like a summoner anymore but rather a pseudo-summoner who is expected to stay within the combat with a limited number of summons, especially at lower/mid levels. Aka an active fighter who has a small amount of creatures to help out and is expected to stay in what is pretty much melee range of everything if they want their summons/allies to have a boost, if they happen to be close to an enemy, not a summoner who *summons* creatures to do most of the fighting for them. Not the other way around... who inspired those changes? PvP players who couldn’t stand the summoner playing the way they were intended to and how the class lore would indicate they would, and now the PvE players can deal with the mess that’s left behind by their biased, unfair judgement of which the only result is just having the class reworked from the ground up effectively turning it into an active combat class with pseudo summoning capabilities, pretty much equaling a nerf(compared to its original) even if you call it reworking/balancing the class? Count Razof will be a lot more of a pain with this change to the Osa and I have not even done the dungeon myself yet. Unless you have another class able to get a lot of summons out such as Rogues with their bombs. Once again it looks like the PvP crowd gets its will and the PvE players are left to pick up the pieces of the mess that ensues/ensued. Why can’t both be separate in class/spell balancing? Is it not possible? You might as well have called this “Osamodas” a new class for all intents and purposes. I don’t see a summoner here, not a master of creatures, but a Iop who has just gotten a few creatures helping him occasionally. Not literally like a Iop but basically, an active close combat fighter if your allies and/or summons are close to the enemies. The gameplay is supposed to be more supporting to your allies but due to the very restricted range of the buffs it just seems unnecessarily restrictive.
Oh, and really... calling what used to be the black creatures “melanic” now? What kind of word is that anyway? It sounds so stupid. Sorry for being frank but that’s what I think about it.

And while I mostly find the Osa transformations to be not that bad looking(except for the Toad transformation which looks absolutely gross) you should look at what the actual Osa players are saying in regards to the transformations. It doesn’t seem like many, if any, really wanted them under the form they exist now. And I would also agree with those saying they would rather look at their char than these transformations. The visual change could be more subtle. Why couldn’t Tofus be sitting on the Osa if they are in the Tofu transformation thingy, a Gobbly near them for Gobballs, a small dragon for the Wyrmling... not sure for Toads, they all look ugly. Hm, well... for a class I don’t even play and only had intentions to try this is quite a bit of text.
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Score : 2723
I think it helps to look at the typical rather than the extreme. If you’re typically going to be at
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Score : 2723
Less than 80 or 70 percent that’s 15 to 20 percent damage and damage reduction. The fact that it increases all the way down is just icing.
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Score : 906
Dear Ankama
              As a sac with 14years experience i have to sey that i rrly like that changes. its like back to roots. im in love with spells lik: Retributon, Bloodthirsty MAdness, Riposte.
unfortunately there are a few things to change here.

      the biggest problem has always been erossion. sice frigost this mechanic has taken us away from end-game dungs. i was gratefull when u removed be honest after that we had a great time on end-game dungs. For us- SACS, there is only 2 ways to fight in end-game: Tank or kait. we had enough survi to tank bosses like solar, protozor etc (% survi, shields- our protector role in team) and even then it wasnt easy to manage and as we know in fights like this its all about erosion..  Also when we couldnt tank, we still could try to use strategy: get in mele/short rang- hit- run, kaiting.

"We also hope that all of these changes will allow Sacriers to find a place for themselves in PvM, especially at higher and very high levels, where they are currently having difficulties."- WHAT?! we were fine..
but ok, just tell me how u see it? u just force us to drop protector role and focus on dmg and positioning (pandas, iops, cras, rogals, xels can do it better btw..).
New suffering basicly gives us %dmg and % sustain in exchange of hp but in fackt we loosing much more than hp. Check this:
            1) self-dmg -> we losing more max hp (even without extra erosion there is 10% of natural erosion), but ok, here we can avoid to use those spells.
            2) erosion makes ours hp on hight % (even on 100%!) which means that we do not receive benefits from suffering -> how to tank without %sustain? here we cant do anythink
           3) bleeding system got big hole and it should be replaced by suffering. we need bleeding to get shield but there is only 1 spell which suporting bleeding and its offensive buff which we dont need durning tanking (gives power in exchange of hp ). also that spell is a variant of gravity. So to get shield we have to lose  extra hp and tank tool (gravity). to sey more if we will pick graviti, we cant pick shield becaouse it doesnt work (we doesnt have bleeding..). So we got 2 tank tools which doesnt work togheter.
in 1 word: we losing 3 spells to get shields..its stupid, it even doesnt have sens. 

so it is rrly worth? i think it needs some more work and grinding. 

1- you have to make suffering mechanick more resistant to erosion, atleast self-dmg spells doesnt affeckt on max hp.
2- do smothink with bleeding system,its useless now.

Greetings, Sheol

sorry for text wall
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Score : 370
"Animal TransformationWhen Osamodas reach the fourth summoning charge in a family, they transform. When this happens, the Osamodas's allies gain a bonus based on the animal family of that transformation if they are within 2 cells of him or one of his Summons. Osamodas are really generous with their teammate"
for the last hour ive been looking for what these buffs are but cant find anything. Even in-game its jsut random letters and numbers where the buff should be. I know it's a beta but theres a lot of info missing.
0 0
Score : 2
I really like what Shadowofdeath is saying. Playing around with the sacrier on the beta today, the blood stacks felt useless and takes way to long to actually use. I feel like the spells that dmg ourselves should give us a stack of bleeding and certain spells use up the stacks for a greater effect like the new coagulation. Adding in a mechanic for only 2 spells that utilize that mechanic is just dumb. None of our other spells interact with bleeding so whats the point.

Having more spells that can either give or use up the bleeding stacks would make for more compelling game play and more choices. Either using up blood stacks to heal up or do even more damage to survive or have better map manipulation.

I do love the idea of having more dmg and reduced dmg taken at lower lvls of hp but with the system working based off % hp, erosion can seriously screw a sac up. We lose out on our dmg and resist while also taking dmg. I know this sounds broken but maybe having an ability that uses up blood stacks to bring back some of our erosion hp(without healing us) to somehow mitigate it. That will help us keep a good amount of max hp so we can actually utilize the new hp mechanic(since our dmg and resist is going to rely on our hp now).

the previous problem with suffering as you stated was that it was always one way since the start of the fight(positive suffering or negative suffering) since it took too long to switch and just wasted moves. I think another problem was from it being a 100% uptime buff that we had changing a large amount of abilities. With something like blood stacks that we get from using certain spells and then using them up like a battery to be recharged is a good way to make people think on how they should spend blood stacks. Either using it for a really strong shield from coagulation because you know you are going to take alot of damage or using the charges to do some extra dmg to end a fight faster or manipulating the map to have a more favorable setup. For limitations things like certain spells needing a certain amount of blood stacks. Using up blood stacks makes you unable to get more blood stacks for 1 turn. Taking more bleed damage the higher blood stacks you have so you are forced to use them or take more dmg at the start of your next turn.

These are just ideas and i know are hard to balance and add to the game. But i think they would add another lvl of game play on top of managing our new resource(HP)
0 0
Score : 716
I have a suggestion that I think can make every Osa (or any other summoner) happy. It would be nice to be able to see my summons' spells on the spell interface. For example if I'm rearranging my spells and I click on one of the new summoning spells I want to be able to see all my summon options, their stats, and what spells they can cast and their effects.
1 0
Score : 33
I'm not sure how hard this would be for them to do (from a programming perspective). But I would absolutely love this change. It's inconvenient having to enter a fight, wait until the summons turn, then read it's abilities just to find out what it does.
0 0
Score : 33
I feel like the "beserker" fantasy of the Sacrier will just never work in Dofus. Erosion directly counters that playstyle, so I'm not sure if it will ever work.
0 0
Score : 36
Youve aimed to eliminate or decrease the burst damage on sacs but on beta with a mediocre set carnage is hitting roughly 2k on a poutch with in the range of stage 4 suffering should probably look into that havent tested the other big dmg spells yet but im guessing they are the same @devs
0 -1
Score : 45
Ugh. I was able to deal with these Osa changes up until they said "When Osamodas reach the fourth summoning charge in a family, they transform."

The UGLY transformation is bad enough for existing. But we're still forced to transform into that disgusting avatar to play Osa properly. Terrible.

Not to mention this revamp isn't what Osa is even about. They're a summoning class. Now we can only summon by building up charges by attack spells? Makes no sense lore-wise. Transforming has already been an issue with the lore too. Animal tamers. Right.

Remove the UGLY transformations at least. For the love of Osamodas himself.
0 0
Score : 370
at least before this he transformations at least buffed you. Now they look ugly AF AND dont even do anything usefull except waste your charges. The patch notes say it buffs people close to you but after trying to make it work for 2 hours i can safely say it does in fact not buff anyone
0 0
Score : 683
Original Sacrier player here.
Anyone else remember the days of activating your punishments then having one round for your dancing sword and the rest of your team wail on you with gobbal swords and leek pie? You could get broken stats for the rest of the fight... unless you got unbewitched, in which case you were completely useless tongue
Good times!

Anyways, anecdotes aside, I really like this version of the sacrier. It feels right.
The new spells are quite interesting and selecting between them feels more balanced and appropriate.
I like the elemental themes set out as well.

I must concur with others that Coagulation using Mutilation bleed stacks to buff it feels awkward. It's a cool mechanic but if you want to play super tanky (How I like to fight), it makes selecting Punishment feel bad.

Suggestions for tweaking:
A. Make Punishment heal slightly more but also give it the bleed property (this feels extremely Sacrier. Heal through bloodletting). That way if you want to run coagulation you don't feel obligated to run one other.

B. Remove Coagulation consuming bleed stacks and instead utilize the Punishment system. Provide a decent amount of shields based on the current punishment level, but remove the damage bonus provided from the punishment stacks until the end of the next turn. Effectively trade away your decent damage potential to be able to tank big hits for one more round.
0 0
Thank you all for sharing your feedback so far.

I created a discussion thread yesterday evening, inviting you all to present your feedback directly to the devs on the FR forum. There are details as to why we are trying this approach, as well as a rough translation of the opening posts of each thread, with their respective links. 

I know some of you have already posted your Sacrier/Osa comments in this forum, but I would kindly urge you to post them on the French forum also, in the appropriate discussion threads. 

Score : 1904
You guys are making Osa this in attempts to stop summon spam?
Bring back the old summons. Just allow one summon at a time. And make the summon really hard to kill and make the summons all support summons except dopple. cool
Give osa a strong crackler punch, the crow spell and buffs. Allow the osa to do fusion if you must but make them look cool. Allow extra attack or spells when fused. I promise the community will like this way more than what youve done.
2 0
Score : 33
Okay, so this is like my 3rd time commenting on this post. But I've just got to say: the more I play the new Osa the more I love it!! It has amazing versatility and it feels like I have a lot more control over my summons. It lacks the raw damage of the current Osa (on live) but the trade off is well worth it. Additions like Beastly Balance, the Crow Spell, and First/Second/Third etc. really make their kit feel good. Keep it up Ankama.

For those of you who want access to the Dofus beta, you can just google "Dofus Beta Download" and find a link to a post that Ankama made with the download link in it.

royyyyy|2019-05-23 01:21:21
at least before this he transformations at least buffed you. Now they look ugly AF AND dont even do anything usefull except waste your charges. The patch notes say it buffs people close to you but after trying to make it work for 2 hours i can safely say it does in fact not buff anyone

I think that you're doing something wrong, my transformation always buffs my allies around me. Also, you get buffed from the transformation too. It consistently buffs other players and summons when I transform.
1 -1
Score : 714
Osa is still UGLY AF
0 0
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