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Cawwot Dofus quest!

By Asmhan4 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - May 25, 2019, 00:28:18


I'm thinking of doing the Cawwot Dofus quest, and i found this helpful guide here:[]

but I think its out dated based on the Dofus wiki. I couldn't find any other recent  guidelines on the quest. Can anyone who've done it before help me know which parts of the guide above have changed ? or if there's a better guide on the quest? 

Thank you! 

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Honestly if you're higher than level 60, and have 2 more accounts/friends to help you with the quest where you need to stand on tiles, you can do this questline in an hour. The quests are pretty straight forward; the hardest part is navigating through the island. If you use Google Chrome, you can translate Dofuspourlesnoobs into english and that will tell you everything you need to know even if it's not a perfect translation.

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I see, thank you so much! 

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