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Calling all English-speaking DOFUS streamers!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - June 05, 2019, 02:00:00

Hi, everyone!

We have many creative and entertaining streamers, and we also have many players wanting to get to know different English-speaking streamers and discover what they have to offer.
While the ultimate goal is to support the streamers and subsequently the community for who the streams are for, I first need to identify the active English-speaking streamers of our community, across different platforms, who are willing to embark on a journey with me. wink

I have wanted to write this for some time now, but I never find the time to do so. ^^'
I haven't quite ironed out all the steps of what I have in mind, but I thought it best just to get the ball rolling and we can figure it all out together as we go along. 

So, let’s get the show on the road!

What are you looking for, Manaia?

To keep it simple: experienced DOFUS streamers. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert and have all the latest equipment, but you should have some understanding of how streaming works and have done a few streams already.

All time zones are welcome since our community is all over the world! biggrin

What do I need to do exactly?

It is simple! For now, all you need to do is reply to this thread with your main account, providing the following information:
  • Twitch/Youtube URL
  • Social Media accounts
  • Country (and timezone)
  • Usual streaming schedule
  • Language
  • Main Dofus activity covered
  • A little bit about yourself

Let's get the party started! laugh


PS - If you aren't a streamer but know of one who you think creates excellent content in English but hasn't posted on this thread, by all means, poke them! Or let me know who they are, and I will reach out to them myself. wink
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Tesseract-tv

Hey there, Tesseract! Glad to see your name on the list. wink

See message in context
Reactions 35
Score : 11
Country : USA EST Timezone
Schedule : Kinda Random ATM, Weekdays ~6pm - 10pm EST ; Weekends ~ Whenever I get out of bed and shower. Join me Disc for Notifications that I am live.
What I do : Mostly PvP : Kolo, Tournaments ( Playing & Casting); Been having fun doing Achievements lately.
About Me : I been playing dofus too long( on and off since 07) I am Mainly a PvP player been having fun with some PvM lately. I run the English Guild Synchro on Ilyzaelle. I am a Xelor & Rogue Main and Currently have 9 different 200s on Ilyz. I am working on getting a 200 of every class and tend to let stream decide which class I play when I am just Koloing for the night. If you are interested in PvP come stop by I like explaining my decisions. 
Note : Not Streaming Tuesday 6/4 but I will be tomorrow 6/5 Hope to see some new faces then smile
5 -9

Hey there, Tesseract! Glad to see your name on the list. wink

Score : 42
Country: USA CST Timezone
Schedule: Monday through Thursday 9:30pm - 2:00am CST. Randomly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Notifications posted in discord for when I go Live!!
What I Do: I switch between questing, group farms, some AvA stuff, and helping new or returning players
About Me: I started playing dofus in around 2010, but took may long breaks always coming back to it. I am currently very into Dofus and working on learning as much about the game as I can. Hoping to complete the Dofus Quests, learn how to pvp and expand my knowledge of classes. I often play with viewer, especially when doing group farms. 
3 -9

Hello there, LordNitox!
I look forward to visiting your stream! smile

Score : 77
Twitch :
Country : Poland (Dofus Time zone)(CEST) Streaming in english ofc.
Schedule :Mostly everyday 7pm -10 pm. Notifications posted in discord for when I go Live .
What I Do : Wide variety of activitis including and not limited to : achivements hunt, PVM, kolo, hosting community events and more.
About Me : hejooo my adventure with dofus started around 2007 - 8 playing still with some breaks taken inbetween. Student and dofus player with current aim of fun and 16k achivements score and then 18 and so on and on ^^.
Notes: due to uni projects and exam session streams are on hold till 14.06.2019 but depends if i do all faster will notify on discord ^^
6 -9

Good luck with uni, Morcha!
I look forward to your return. wink

Score : 128
Twitch :
Discord: Samson#6297
Country : New Zealand, NZST
Schedule : Between 10 am - 5 pm Paris time, any day. Usually Thursdays and Fridays.
What I do : On ECHO, Mostly PvP,  Maging, Achievements, Viewer interaction (Dungeons, XP groups, percs, prisms). Keeping Hype at #1.
About Me : I been playing dofus too long( on and off since 07) I am Mainly a PvP player. I'm in the guild Vital in ECHO, the biggest and strongest PvP guild on ECHO. I am a Cra main, but I'll play other classes when it suits. I am working on shutting down rival guilds and building up more PvP, and I'm also working on Achievements. If you are interested in extreme high levels of PvP action within ECHO and kolo then this is the stream for you.
Note : I love viewer interactions, and you're more than welcome to voice your opinion.
10 -6

Hello there, hawkman911!
I look forward to visiting your stream! smile

Score : 362

Cheers everyone,

I'm Yama, veteran player and streamer, and as it happens to be the case i'm planning on doing a 48 hour stream starting june 8th 0:00 until 9th 23:39 on

I'm also very active on Discord under the tag Yama#8187.

I live in Germany, but my streams are mostly english, sprinkled with some german here and there (DUT == CEST/CET). I haven't streamed DOFUS for quite some time, but if the 48 hour stream takes off, i might consider returning for a semi-regular schedule.

I don't PVP much, so the streams will mostly be PVE and having fun with the chat.

For those who don't know me yet, i'm quite a unique guy, doing literally anything for shits, giggles and memes, not very PC, but overall nice and welcoming to everyone.

Here's our doggos.

3 -9

Nice one, Yama! Looking forward to watching your streams! ^^

Score : 2
Twitch :
Social medias acounts : Twitter
Country : Romania GMT+3 (if im wrong is just the french time +1 hour) but im streaming only in english . 
Schedule :  almoust every day 3-4 hours in the morning 3-4 hours at night . sometimes 12 hours straight 
What i do : usualy i just do KOLO but i do most of the solo quests aswell +dungeons (solo ones) and haveing fun talking with twitch chat . and helping low lv players with builds and tips .
About Me  :  i am 24 yo i played dofus from when he was in 1.2x stages . i left it for a while because of some update and il came back 1 year ago . for 2 months i start playing it hardcore. im a student , so sometimes i wont stream cuz i have to learn for my exams xD hard life of a student . 
1 -9
Score : 1356


You may already know me and have seen me around.

Twitch/Youtube URL /
Social Media accounts
Basically anything with frozthax. (insta, twitter) 
Country (and timezone)
The Netherlands (gmt +2)
Usual streaming schedule
It goes all over the place 
Main Dofus activity covered
Dungeons, treasure hunt, egg hunts, helping around.. I need more things. 
A little bit about yourself
I'm 27 years old. I have a fulltime work as senior tech advisor. I have played dofus for over 10 years. I play multiple games with my little free times so it can be that one month I do dofus and the other month ffxiv and then rainbowsix siege and so on. I moved houses since Jan and I did not stream too much because of private reasons. I do of course plan to do so but only once ive sorted things out. 


3 0
Score : 555

You forgot to mention you originated from the best server #ShikaLife

3 0
Score : 16
Twitch :
Discord: hypebeast#6089
Country : USA
Schedule : Whenever I feel like it, I'll try to do 5 hrs a day when other english speaking streamers aren't streaming.
What I do : I'm still learning the game but I like to do kolo's and some questing atm.
About Me : I struggled with mental health for a long time but I'm in a really good place now. I'm trying to get my computer science degree and grow my stream at the same time. I used to be a hearthstone streamer but I'm really exhausted with that game and am ready to step into Dofus with all my time. I've lived around the world and am no stranger to not understanding other languages (I copy paste a lot of french into google translate xD). And lastly I love video games and want to connect with others who also enjoy it!
1 0
Score : 111
  • Twitch/Youtube URL
  • Social Media accounts
  • (Rus)mrxovoc#6024 - Discord mrxovoc - Twitter
  • Country (and timezone)
  • The Netherlands +1 GMT (Dofus Time)
  • Usual streaming schedule
  • During the week mostly in the evenings but in the weekens this can be all day
  • Language
  • Stream = English but i can also speak dutch
  • Main Dofus activity covered
  • I try to help people understand the game abit better with what i have learned through the years. But i do like to do alot of EXP grinding and kolo fights.
  • A little bit about yourself
  • 22 Years old have been playing for plenty of hours since i was the age of 10/11 not sure. I am also certified in failing challenges.
3 0
Score : 555
  • Twitch/Youtube URL - (currently unable to access due to issues with security)
  • [*]Social Media accounts - Discord: Paulsicle=16px#28103
    Twitter: @_Paulsicle
    Itch.Io: (incase you want to play any games I've worked on)
  • Country (and timezone): UK, GMT+0
  • Usual streaming schedule: I've been streaming on and off, varying schedules. At the moment it's whenever I have spare time but I'm planning to create an actual schedule that'll be weekdays in the evening WATCH THIS SPACE
  • Language: English
  • Main Dofus activity covered: PvM, Questing, Achievement Hutning and Professions (I really like to kick back and listen to music while farming/fishing and chatting with you lovely people)
  • [*]A little bit about yourself: I've been playing Dofus for literally as long as I can remember. I've been streaming it on and off and haven't had a functional team until very recently. That's all changed now. I'm getting a new job where I'll be less likely to get stuck behind at work giving me a better ability to structure a REAL streaming schedule I can actually stick to.... I also have a team I'm happy with so will be starting to create dungeon, quest, profession and general PvM guides to help out the community.

    As mentioned above I've been having issues with actually accessing my twitch account but will be chasing up Twitch Support and as soon as I have access to my account again I'll be streaming like a madman.
1 0
Score : 555

I can now say I OFFICIALLY have access to my twitch account again.

0 0
Score : 1356


Paulz0r|2019-06-06 20:33:17
You forgot to mention you originated from the best server #ShikaLife

This is very true. 
1 0
Score : 1

Hello everyone! I'm TriforceofFandoms, and I'm a relatively new streamer trying to revamp my channels.

  • Twitch URL
  • Youtube URL
  • Social Media
    • ​​​​​​​Discord
      • ​​​​​​​TriforceofFandoms#5435
    • Twitter
      • ​​​​​​​TriforceofFandoms @GmResident
    • Facebook
      • ​​​​​​​Aarron Schuppan
    • Steam
      • ​​​​​​​TriforceofFandom
  • Country and Timezone
    • ​​​​​​​United States, Central Time
  • Usual Streaming Schedule​​​​​​​
    • I'm still currently working on this one, but I plan on trying to stream each day, except Saturdays. My usual time would be 1pm until around 3 or 4pm. Tuesdays are an exception, and I will be streaming at 7:30pm. I plan on doing a different MMO each day, and am trying to think of what days to set each game on. But so far, I think the schedule looks like this:
      • Monday: World of Warcraft 1pm - 4pm CST
      • Tuesday: Elder Scrolls Online 7:30pm - 10:30pm CST
      • Wednesday: Dofus 1pm - 4pm CST
      • Thursday: DC Universe Online 1pm - 4pm CST
      • Friday: Final Fantasy XIV 1pm - 4pm CST
      • Saturday: N/A (Unless for special event)
      • Sunday: Random games like Jackbox and Killing Room 1pm - 4pm CST
    • My Youtube upload schedule is still up in the air, but I will try to be consistent with uploading stream highlights and maybe some silly videos and vlogs. Honestly my main focus for the channel relies on coordinating recording schedules with friends. It also depends on how busy I end up getting as I plan on doing lots of editing, custom artwork, and maybe some animation.
  • Language
    • ​​​​​​​English
  • Main Dofus Content
    • Honestly, I'm a new player so it would basically be me learning the game and learning new things with help from some friends.
  • A Little Bit About Me
    • ​​​​​​​I'm going to be honest and say that I do often have problems with consistency due to some personal issues, but I am trying to get better about that, and I think that setting up a daily schedule is more forgiving for my condition. I usually end up playing a support character (like a healer or crafter) so my intent with doing all these MMOs is to invite the community onto the channel and show them what it's like being a support main. I plan on doing a variety of different videos on my Youtube channel, but mostly sticking to Let's Plays as I learn how to do other types of artwork and video things. I am also a very awkward person, and have trouble when by myself, so a lot of my videos are geared towards audience participation, or playing with friends. I have been doing videos and streaming off and on (changing channels a few times for personal reasons) but I really wanna try getting back into it for real. I mean, I'm still a bit green and right now it's a hobby, but my goal is to try and entertain people with my silly shenanigans. Also, if you haven't noticed, I sometimes tend to ramble.... sorry about that.... Oh! Also, I don't want people to be surprised, but my mascot is a pony... just throwing that out there...
0 0
Score : 255
  • Twitch URL
  • Social Media
  • Country and Timezone
    • ​​​​​​​United Kingdom, GMT +1
  • Usual Streaming Schedule​​​​​​​
    • Used to be streaming on daily basis but now with a child en-route it's a bit more moderate. I still try to stream daily but it varies, usually afternoon and evenings UK time.
  • Language
    • ​​​​​​​English
  • Main Dofus Content
    • PvP
  • A Little Bit About Me
    • ​​​​​​​Crazy and a sucker for PvP, no matter what I play for me it's always about PvP.
    • When it comes to Dofus, I started years ago while still being a teenager (I'm 26 now) but always been on and off. My first server was the glorious Shika where I began my journey in Dofus as a member of the good old "Erotica on Shika", back then I played a STR IOP and later switched on to a pure wisdom Xelor which made everyone have a love/hate relationship with me depending on which team I ended up on in Kollo. I've returned to Dofus just over a week ago, rolling an AGI Osa (currently level 178) but I also have access to a Xelor (173) and cra/panda (both around 160). If you see me on Echo don't shy to say Hi.
0 0
Score : 372

Goodmorning, time for me to revive this old topic biggrin
my name is Froz3nWolf an English streamer living in The Netherlands.
i intend to stream the new Dofus Retro server and my adventure going from level 1 to 200 in a casual way, all while providing nice musical backgrounds and my friendly personality, I am still not a veteran Dofus player so backseat gaming is welcome as long as your not to rude about my mistakes which i will make a lot! cheers!!

  • Twitch/Youtube URL:, Youtube TBA
  • Social Media accounts:, Discord: Froz3nWolf#4492
  • Country (and timezone) The Netherlands (GMT+1)
  • Usual streaming schedule this fluctuate alot due to my job as a chef, the restaurant where i work is closed on Monday, so that is a stable streaming day, all other depends on my work schedule, look in my twitch info for accurate schedule's
  • Language: English with the occasional Dutch
  • Main Dofus activity covered : having fun is a first priority, i mainly do PvM leveling up from 1 to 200, but i would love to become better at PvP with the help of my audience
  • A little bit about yourself: i covered it all in my introduction i think, but if you have any questions please ask away
0 0
Score : 32

im not gonna go heavyly into all the detail atm cause i didnt make this super official i just began streaming yesterday for the funs of it
Some like izmar may know my old stream many years ago thelipinshow on dofus when it was 2.0
About the stream is just me mumbling satire dark humor nothing to be taken seriously
Obviusly 16+
No schedule atm just always kinda
Main dofus chars are Ti-ta and Ta-ti on retro elgathe or how ever thats spelled
So just check it out for yourselfsmile

0 0
Score : 1
Hello there, i'm 22 and my name is David from Australia. I've played Dofus for 10 years but never played the game by the Quest line. I played mainly on Shika with a 156 Sacrier and Heroic Server but never did a lot. A few months ago i was streaming dofus doing the questlines from incarnam to Asturb. It took about 5 hours to do but i done it on heroic server with risk of dying and did so many times. I have a lot of experience on this game and would like to stream this game if anyone is intrested in watching.

0 0
Score : 1606

Hi! I hope I'm not too late to join.

  • Country (and timezone)
  • Portugal (GMT 0)
  • Streaming schedule
  • For now, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10PM to 1AM (Dofus time)
  • Language
  • English with the occasional Portuguese.
  • Main Dofus activity
  •  Pvm only - Dungeons, questing, treasure hunting and other in game events.
  • About me
  • I am a 93 year old Sacrier who loves chocolate, washi tape, and cats. Occasionally i will need to be reminded to drink water as my memory is not what it used to be. I also spend way too many kamas on random stuff that I could easily farm but we don't talk about that. (Don't tell Panny). But seriously now, I have been playing Dofus since 2005 and streaming Dofus, on and off, for about 3 years. I play a team of 4 characters (Sacrier, Panda, Enu, Eni) all with different personalities and they usually don't get along. This is why I often play like a potato. Ok ok, seriously now, I really enjoy playing Dofus and having random conversations with viewers. Feel free to come hang out smile

           PS: #Hufflepuffisthebesthouse

3 0

No worries, we can still squeeze you in wink

Score : 13289

Hi - I debated on if I should post on here or not since I don't 'stream', but someone recently pointed out to me the 'p.s.' stating that creative content creators can post here as well.
YouTube Channel: Benjamight Gaming
Country: United States
Posting Schedule: Shooting for every 2 to 3 days
Language: English

Main Activity: I'm a pure PvE player, and currently on my channel I'm on a 'Quest to 200' where I'm going through the Main Quest line and actually reading the dialog.  I add a little razzle dazzle of my own to spice it up, and I think they are turning out fun.  I'm also creating 'How to' videos, which will help new and old comers alike learn about specific subjects.

About me: I've played Dofus for well over a decade, and have never found another game like it.  What inspired me to start a YouTube channel was watching all the incredible content made by many others over the years.  I'm totally new to creating content (only started my channel a little over a month ago), but I'm having a BLAST!  I've always enjoyed video editing just for personal projects - but to get to bring 2 subjects I'm passionate about (Dofus & video editing) together and present it to the world... that's incredibly cool!

Thanks for letting me share my channel.
Best Regards,

3 0
Score : 64

Hello!!! biggrin My name is Daniel aka Buddyboy126 (Call me Buddy for short).
I've been streaming Dofus for about 2 years now ever since 2017, I'm a variety streamer so I've always been on and off but now im back for sure and plan to stay! I've played ever since rushu and then transfered over to Echo with my 4 man team, Level 214 str/int feca (Toshiro), 199 chance pandawa (Fionnaa) 192 Eni, (Kouna) and I was in the process of making an Iop.
Recently I switched over to the Mono server and I LOVE it! So much fun to play on and so many people compared to Echo as well! Right now I have a level 156 eliotrope and hes the main character i stream as well. 
I noticed that there isn't many English streamers on Dofus and also hard to get noticed i guess? My goal for 2020 is to be able to break that wall and be able to connect all streamers together and help one another smile I constantly host people so if i ever see you streaming most likely I will host you wink 
Twitch URL:
Social Media:
United States, Pacific TimesadGMT-8)
Streaming Schedule: 
Wednesday-Saturday 7:00PM PST 
English (You can throw random language at me idc ill just google translate it LOL
Random Fun Facts: 
1. I'm a music major in college, Vocal Major with an emphasis on Jazz. 
2. You may have seen this pandawa on reddit my best friend drew it for me wink she ALSO said she will take comissions if anyone wants their character drawn. (Cash only sorry) or overlays emotes, etc.


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