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The Dofus Planner Is gone?

By Benja-might#5358 - SUBSCRIBER - June 27, 2019, 21:11:46

Hi all,

I just tried to log into the Dofus Planner site for the first time in a long while, so perhaps this happened long ago, but is it true that it was shutdown?  Is there an alternative site for planning builds? That site was so helpful and probably saved me millions in un-wasted kama'

Thanks for the feedback,

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Yes it's gone unfortunately. You can use or as alternatives.

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And Dofus Fashionista is only up to 2.49 so far... hopefully that doesn't die as well. These are useful tools.

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omg yes I was very surprised that the guys who made that were brazilian and had no way to manage  it anymore, it was such an epic site much better than anything else, so sad! but they are trying to get back, thinking about donations or something like it, they made a test site for 1.29 builds for now

you can translate this original post and look for them

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there's also dofuscreator, that's the one I use nowadays

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dofuslab is highly popular these days and has an incredibly thought about and easy to use. Its functions and presentation are similar to how planner used to be.

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Score : 3438 is the best option, fast, and got a great team behind it (bonus: Has multiple languages) 

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