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Paragon of Power - Why is the drop rate so low?

By Zargabanth - SUBSCRIBER - July 06, 2019, 00:35:47

I am currently on the Mother of Dreggons questline where on the fourth step you have to drop a Paragon of power (stone) from a level 200 boss out of the ones listed under the 191-200 achievement category.
Currently I am doing Klime with a 303 idol score that increases my drop rate to 2.996% from a incredibly low 0.3%.

I can not help but wonder why this decision was made, when the dofus eggs questlines were introduced to make them more accessible.
Instead there is a luck-based element to the single stage of the Vulbis questline which is incredibly laborious, by comparison Aspen Saps are easier to drop; with a 0.5% drop rate.

Perhaps a request could be made to Developers, to reconsider the % chance of dropping the quest item and have it increased to a base 5 or 10% without idols.



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0.3% chance vs 0.001% chance (and that is without counting idols!)... how can you say it is not more accessible? it is just not easy.

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It is somewhat a slap in the face to put such a low drop rate into a requirement of a dofus quest.... those things which were supposed to make random chance not actually part of getting them.

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So you want one of the toughest dofus in the game to obtain before the update now easier to obtain? Do you want the Vulbis to have any value?  Cause the drop rate on that quest item will be one of the only saving graces in terms of the price of the Vulbis later on.  

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When forming this topic the furthest thing from my mind was how I am going to make a pleasant sum of kamas once the Vulbis dofus becomes unlinked.
Clearing and obtaining a Vulbis dofus which is currently one of the main promotions of the new update is hindered by a possible infinite grind; that might not see a end.

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When most players answered in a poll that they wanted the dofus to be obtained through a quest rather than random drop, I think they expected to follow a story interlaced with challenges, rather than spend a long time grinding for a rare drop like before.

I think more important than keeping Vulbis’s as rare as before, is to ensure that a large volume of new content is within reach for players. The quest line is already very challenging and has many prerequisites. Making it more time consuming and grindy just means most people won’t even attempt the quest line. In that case, what’s the point of creating it at all?

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My main concern is that not everyone multi-logs, there are a number in my guild who choose not to which would make dropping the Paragon of Power for them seem very distant.
Especially since the requirement is limited to only the hardest selection of bosses, even for those of us who do play on multiple characters at once it is still entirely luck dependant.

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Next quest is in infinite dreams and requires 3 quest items, there's no info about % drop rate, or does floor/pp/idols has any matter.

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y'all are babies crying for more milk when you have already been served a bottle. The only thing I could agree on would be to;

  • [*]Increase the drop rate on bosses that are acknowledged as 'harder' to clear.
    I mean this is just a basic approach of widening the scope of dungeons that people will do and actually give them an incentive to do dungeons that might be harder than others. Also pretty healthy for the market, in the sense that there's more variety of resources going on the market (if they are still worth anything).
    [*]Progressive increase in the drop rate of the paragon once you have cleared a boss from the list of the ones that drop the paragon.
    e.g; if your character has killed nileza { paragon (base) drop rate increases by 0.5%. Ofcourse this would only work 1 time per unique boss killed and with 22 bosses dropping the item it would go up to a 11.3% (base) droprate (maybe too high, maybe not, but the numbers are not for me to decide.) And no... having the boss killed before doing the questline reaches that point would not increase the droprate, only during the questline should this buff up the drop rate (my opinion because it would just mean that most players would freely receive this buff). Additionally you could give an item like a paragon charger, which would charge up as you kill the unique bosses that have a chance to drop the paragon so that no player has to do all the bosses and continue to farm. If you would get a paragon as a drop from a boss while you're charging it up, the charger could burst open with; a chance to get resources or gain a certain amount of experience from the bosses that were 'charged'? Or there could be a NPC  that is also looking to do the vulbis quest, with some foretold stories, knows about this charger and doesn't mind paying a price for it (lol idk just a fun thought that would not deem the charger completely useless after being finished with it.)
    This would be healthy for your players as you're now not forcing a linear strategy; taking down the easiest boss possible with the highest possible idol score until you're lucky enough to drop it (which is what you were trying to get rid of in the first place, right?) Although I can also see how players will just choose the easiest bosses first and leave the hardest for last, which is why I personally would have the harder bosses increase the chance by more than the easier bosses.

But it'll probably be too much work to change stuff and people would still be unhappy about it so why bother with it. Just keep killing bosses and smile
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Paragon quest is not that bad compared to infinite dream.... For simple folk like me who use sidekicks to climb the floors each fight take me anywhere between 15 minutes to 40 minutes on high floor (240+). And since there is no info on drop rate/specific floors/mobs that drop the 3 items-- every floor gets more and more frustrating. Meanwhile... french kids who multi log can clear very high floors (im talking 300+) in just about 4-5 minutes in average ... with full idols... That brings me to the next question. DO IDOLS ACTUALLY HELP FOR THIS QUEST (infinite dream quest) OR NO???

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I have been re-running Infinite Dreams on my Eniripsa, I have been able to drop two of the quest items for my main which is a Scarier, as far as I remember they both dropped on floors 26x and 28x.
Presently I am dropping reflections for the Legend of Buhorado relic that I have unlocked the required floor for on Sacrier, I feel the quest items just drop at random once you get to a certain floor; with idols not playing a part in how they drop.

Although information regarding the Bow Meaguar Claw, Predatory Shadow and Nocturnal Roar is unattainable for those who play.
One of the items is most likely only available at floor 300+ which may be difficult to drop, your character could be completing floors till the mid 300s.

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