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Temporal Anomalies - a frustrating mechanism

By vagabaka - SUBSCRIBER - July 16, 2019, 22:34:35

tldr: Temporal anomalies are currently too hard to find on Echo. We need more information about how they're spawned, and probably the method of spawning them should be changed.

As some are aware, the first part of the Vulbis quest line requires you to investigate a temporal anomaly. I fortunately stumbled upon one when I did the quest a couple days after the update. However, I've been paying attention in the last few days, and I haven't seen any more anomalies spawn on Echo. This is very frustrating for people who want to do the quest line and are stuck at the first part.

There are other parts of the game which require a community effort, like opening Kralove, but at least the rules are very clear, and it's easy to see the progress. Not with temporal anomalies. All that the devblog says is that they can spawn in areas with xp/drop penalty. Does that mean as a server we should try to get more areas into the negatives? Or should we rather get the areas already with penalty to have even higher penalty? The lack of information makes it even harder to get a group to try to spawn an anomaly, because you don't know if you're just wasting everyone's time, or even being counter-productive.

If players are not supposed to be able to force anomalies to spawn, and should just treat them as random events, then why is it tied to the area penalty/bonus system in the first place? Why penalize players on less populated servers, or players who play during less active times?

My suggestions:

  • Provide players with detailed information about how the area bonus/penalties change. For example, how many fights in the area equals what %, whether the mob size matters, whether the player level matters, and how often the % is updated, if it's not in real time, and most importantly, how the penalty % is related to the likelihood for an anomaly to spawn. And/or...
  • Guarantee that an anomaly spawns somewhere every X hours, or...
  • Remove clearing an temporal anomaly as a requirement for the Vulbis quest line and any other quest line.
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I agree with your points. Perhaps in addition to some more frequent spawns, we could at least get a spawn time for the anomalies. Anomalies seem to only stay for 30 minutes upon the first defeat. Perhaps we could get a notification an hour before they spawn (or upon login for those logging in in that time-frame), to let us know when/where one will be popping up a little ahead of time.

I actually like the mechanic of having a new and different boss pop up at different zaaps every once and a while, though I do agree that the implementation is too tedious and confusing.

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I actually thought about this too, but after I've started checking the map and the zaaps - because they show whenever there is an anomaly, I've started to find so many anomalies, I literally defeated 3 or 4 anomalies yesterday. 

But I agree with @Linyth, they could change the timer and maybe give us an hour to close the anomaly, instead of just 30 minutes 

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