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15 years of DOFUS: new merchandise!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 17, 2019, 11:00:00
AnkaTracker Announcements

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, DOFUS is introducing some new merchandise. An extra-large mousepad, a painting, a pin badge, and an XXL shopping bag are available right now in the online Ankama Shop!

It's been 15 years already... 15 years of adventures spent wandering its lush plains, its deserts and its lava lakes. Climbing its rocky and icy mountains. Discovering new lands, new dungeons, new enemies... and new allies too. The World of Twelve still has plenty of surprises in store. But for now... It's time to celebrate 15 years of fun!

For this special occasion, some new merchandise is arriving in your online Ankama Shop:

- An extra-large mousepad (60 x 35 cm / 24 x 14 in) with a complete map of the World of Twelve

- A painting, also depicting a map of the World of Twelve (40 x 55 cm / 15.75 x 21.75 in)

- A brand-new special-edition pin badge honoring 15 years of DOFUS

- An XXL shopping bag with DOFUS, WAKFU and WAVEN designs (79 x 18 x 59 cm / 31 x 7 x 23.25 in) with a purchase of €25 or more.*

Don't miss out!

* Excluding shipping costs and while supplies last. Offer valid from July 17 through August 18.

First Ankama intervention

Replying to szybkobierzek

Yes, we do ship internationally. biggrin

See message in context
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Do you send orders abroad?

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Yes, we do ship internationally. biggrin

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The mouse mat is already gone?! jesus. i saw it on my lunch break, by the time i get home it's gone. please say there will be more!

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There will be more! You can pre-order one now if you'd like! smile

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I like the pin and mouse pad. Mouse pad is out of stock and pin is $4 which is fine but the shipping puts it at over $21. 17 in shipping. I've always wanted to purchase something but your shipping is outrageous

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is this the only event for 15 years anniversary planned?

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Ankama really needs to do something about the shipping costs. It's exasperating every time I fancy something from the shop, i end up paying more for shipping and taxes than for the item itself... and I live in Europe, I can't even imagine what the cost is for someone living in another continent.

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We hear (read) you. sad
We know that the shipping fees are not favourable, and it really saddens us that we are currently unable to offer you a more appealing option. Yet, we haven't given up; we are continuously studying alternative shipping options for our players outside of France. 


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New stuff is cool, I went to the page and started looking trought the things you can get. I get interested in Krosmaster Quest, then in Krosmaster Arena. The problem is - you can't buy Arena on your page at all, and Quest is not available in english. What? How is that even possible? Are they discontinued? You can buy expantion to Arena, but not the basic game?

It is also really hard to find them anywhere else. On the krosmaster page there is a link to "find a shop" that sells krosmaster arena - but it's not working. How are people supposed to get interested in those games if it's that hard to even get them?

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Hey there,

Krosmaster Arena was published 2012 with a second edition in 2016, so there were 2 editions so far, which is pretty fantastic for a boardgame. Krosmaster Quest is from 2015.

Generally the numbers of a boardgame edition are quite low. To get an idea: a 4 digit number of games for one edition/print run are generally considered a quite big edition in the boardgame industry.

Considering that most board games only ever have 1 print run, a game gets harder to get with each passing month. A reprint generally only happens, if there is a significant and constant demand on that specific game. As the last print of both games was 3, or respective 4 years ago, there is not much stock left worldwide.

The stock in several languages was distributed between the Ankama Shop and their retailers across the world. Any items still out there, base game and add-ons,  come from that stock. So, I'm sorry to say, you will have to dig for those games on the internet, second hand and on conventions. Also have a look at local game stores, sometimes they still have a box somewhere hidden on their shelves.

Regarding Krosmaster Arena: there has been a Kickstarter lately for an evolution of Krosmater Arena: Krosmaster Blast. While the late pledge has already been closed, you can keep an eye out on the specialist online stores and local games stores, with a habit of stocking Kickstarter games. They might even get Krosmaster Arena, as it was available as an add-on during the campaign.The game is scheduled to be delivered in December, but also keep an eye on the Kickstarter updates to be sure, as Kickstarters tend to have some delay for various reasons. 

Don't hesitate to check shops outside your country. E.g. I know at least one German shop stocking English language Kickstarters, as well as in Belgium and Netherlands.

If you need some pointers, let me know on PM.


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Thank you for your explanation. I thought it was a mistake on a website, but the you simply runed out of stock. I will check out the kickstarter page. Thanks again! 

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