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"The Cania Bandits" is not designed to be part of a main quest.

By Compulsive - SUBSCRIBER - July 20, 2019, 18:02:08
For those of you who do not know, this is one of the emerald quests.

The Cania Bandits needs you to search for three rare monsters (each in their own area) and kill them for a scale with 100% drop rate.

The problem lies on those mobs being rare, as once they are killed they have a spawn between 6 and 18 hours.

A main quest should be something that allows the player to progress through it if they are strong enough, and not something that allows you to progress only if you are able to be lucky enough to find the monster on its spawn and grab him with your group.

The current quest is no fun for any player and I do believe it was not fun for who developed it either. This is what is happening on the current quest:

  • Groups are formed
  • 7 people go to a zone on a map, 1 player stays on a tent using its kamas to know if the monster is up
  • When the monster spawns, every player searches for it on their given zone
  • If someone finds the monster, %pos% is sent and everyone goes towards that position to fight the monster

This doesn't seem that bad, simple, effective, if it wasn't for the amount of hours the monster takes to spawn and for the number of other groups that are not yours.

This quest literally makes you wait for hours in hope of a spawn of the monster you want (note that you need all the three, but you can only be in a group of one of them, so you might be unlucky that the others you need spawn first) and in those hours you do literally nothing but wait. But no worries, what are few hours waiting, right? Quite wrong to be honest. While you wait for hours doing nothing, other groups are doing quite the same. Now think about it, after up to 12 hours of waiting, other group can get it. Thank god you've waited 12 hours, right? Do not worry, there is still another problem. Now after sending a %pos% to your group you could simply wait until they get there and fight, unless of course, there were other groups searching for it. What happens when over a group is searching for the monster and someone enters the map? You rush to the monster so you and your group get it. This means (and has happened) that your group now has limited time to get the fight (even with the extra time from the help option) and someone from your group might not get in. As an example, once only of my group of 8 were able to get into the fight with one of the monsters. They must've enjoyed those literally-doing-nothing hours for this to happen, don't you think?

You know what is the best this quest brings? There are usually a lot of groups doing it (it is the emerald quest after all) and at the end of the fight with the monster, there are a lot of people on the map. You know what they're doing? Insulting whoever got it (even doing it by whispering) and the quest itself. Good for us, this quest brings toxicity!

Rare monster quests are usually fine to be side quests (such as an hunter wanting a piece of a rare mob horn for his collection), they are not main quest friendly.

main quest should be easily progressive as long as the player is strong enough to do so, and shouldn't rely on waiting for hours in hopes of a spawn of a monster.

People are sometimes stuck weeks on this quest, please remember that some people are not able to stay on for many hours and this blocks them of doing the quest, because well, it was not designed to be part of a main quest.

I haven't seen one person enjoying this quest and to be honest, it is one of the worst main quests I have seen. Please, from possibly every single person who has made this quest, reconsider a remake that makes this quest fun instead of a 6-12 hour waiting simulator.

Thank you.
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You also don't actually have to find them to continue the quest at all.  You can buy x10 of the fragments each one drops, scale of ferocity, etc and craft the scales at Meriana's hut.  So that's the 2nd option. 

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Unfortunately following the second option will (at least on Illyzaele) be quite priced, and buying the emerald directly would be cheaper.

But there is indeed that option, which I didn't mention.

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I got the point. Although you can buy the scales (which as he said is way more expensive than the Dofus itself), that's not what the problem is about.

Look at the Crimsom, for instance. It's tedious and even random, but everyone have the same options to do it in a non-competitive way.  

Emerald is the one that, because of the bandits, is competitive and annoying. Waiting hours just to see if you can 1 - find it 2 - everyone joins 3 - kill it (because they're not that easy for newbies). Thats disgusting. 

Dofus are hard to get, but by any means they shouldn't be that competitive imo. Skip the waiting thing, skip the competitive thing, make the bandits hard AF so you need 8 guys with nice equipment for the level of the dofus (120 I guess). Create a brand-new strategy to beat them (like a boss). That would make the trick and I think they will eventually move to that point.

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Hey, I agree with you, but I believe you meant "by any means they should not be that competitive imo", just double checking to save confusion!

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I think that anybody downvoting this original post must have either enough kamas for an emerald dofus not to matter, or they're from a server like Echo, where this quest is a totally different experience.

The Cania Bandits are dreadful.

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As someone playing on Echo and having had the luck of gathering all bandits within 8 hrs, i can understand the frustration.During my grind despite a less populated server i had to challenge 2-3 other groups at time. What i did in the end was marrying the chars of my own group to allow ista teleport. That helped but wont solve the issue.

Another thing id like to point out: im a level 150-160 team of 4 player, and i have collected so far both Emeralds and Crimson for my chars.

What imho adds insult to injury here is also the level of the encounters. BY NO MEANS cania bandits (exp the one able to summon the others) are a level 120 fight. Range, dmg output, movement, all of them are extremely high compared to your average 120 char. With a team of 4, all of them geared with 118+ items, overamaged vit sets and 10/4 setups, i got completely wiped out by the guy summoning all bandits at once.

In the end i had to ask for help from my guldies, but if i wasnt lucky the mob would have been stolen.

The same can be applied for the crimson fight vs the tontakama mummy, marker as level 130. Even there, we have a dofus equippable at level 130 or 140 if i recall with a required hunt (a very long one too) able to drop fragments FROM CHESTS LEVEL 180 up. Whats the point marking the dofus as level 140 then.

And alas all bounties are the same. Killed zatoishwan being what, a level 120? Or 150? Bounty? Minimum resist 60% where over 10k hp and able to dmg over 1.5k x turn aoe and oneshot a 3.2k level 155 sac eith shield on.

Overall it s time the dofuses quests (at least the basic ones) gets revamped to reflect rhe levels these eggs are equippable. I experienced myself and many many players who will hunt for bandits or totankama mask will get literraly pissed off forever finding out that they cant do crap as 120-130 vs same levels mobs. Therefore much likely to leave the game or just buy kamas from black market for an easy dofus at the market places.

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Increase the spawn timer of bounty mobs, the bandits and archimonsters on Ily, it's awful to hunt for any of them :p

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