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The Cania Bandits are a poorly-designed mockery

By Inuteroden#8645 - SUBSCRIBER - July 22, 2019, 09:03:30
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This is a real issue that is very stressful in game.. Games are meant to be fun and challenging but this is no challenge, it is a punishment. 

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Months passed. Nothing changed. Sort this out.

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is ankama going to fix this or what? actually pathetic that still exists, all it takes is a quick hotfix and change the spawn timers from 6h-18h to 2h-6h.

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Did they change that you can't loot scale fragments from bandits? XD

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I have heard only people that have the quest will receive something from the mobs, and if someone without the quest kills them they will insta respawn.

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The quest for this dofus is ridiculous and DOES NOT match the dofus bonus. You should decrease repop time to at least 2h-6h or increase the Emerald bonus. This way things will make more sense.

Each player has to kill 3 different bandits with repop rate of 3 to 9h. In overpopulated servers there are ALWAYS 5x8 to 10x8 groups of people simply WAITING for the REPOP and hoping for a CHANCE of FINDING ONE of them before one of the 60 other people do. If you could count how many people are stuck in this quest you would see how stupidly hard it is.

Emerald is as expansive (or more) then Crimson and Torquoise, but the bonus it gives is far worst. The only reason for its price is the dumb ass cania bandits quest. Crimson Dofus requires 20 000 roses of sand but that is ok beacuse all players can collect the roses at the same time and the fact that I am collecting roses doesnt mean that other people cant collect them too. But when you ask everyone to collect 3 different resouces that ramdomly spawn in 3 different giant ass areas every 3 to 9h the quest becomes an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. In other words, the price of dofus Emerald has no relation at all with the bonus it gives, the only thing that makes it so expansive is one single dumb quest.

Also, in order to find the dofus each player can wait up to 6 hours per bandit just so they can have a CHANCE of FINDING them (doesnt even mean they will be able to kill it or grab it before someone else). In a best case scenario a player would have to stand in front of his screen doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR 18 HOURS STRAIGHT. You are not allowed to leave your post because you never know when the bandits will spawn.

Anakama also made the process of fragment aquisition A LOT worst. In overpopulated servers the price of ONE SINGLE fragment can go as far as 800 000, keep in mind you need 5 of EACH to make ONE SINGLE scale. Makes no sense at all. The fact that the quest is this hard is an incentive for players to AVOID and NEVER do this quest. Anakama is saying "hey, who wastes they're time with this quest is dumb, you should grind money to buy the dofus and never do the quest instead"

Besides, this quest is by far ONE OF THE MOST STRESSFULL QUESTS IN THE HOLE GAME as it stands. The fact that you have to compete with 10x8 other groups for every bandit is a NIGHTMARE. We are talking about dozens of players focused on doing nothing for 6 hours straight and running across 10 maps for 30 seconds just to realize that the bandit was killed by 2 lv200 with their knights and only one of them had the quest... Some quests are hard, other are time consuming, but this one is neither and both at the same time. It is 100% boring af, 101% time consuming and 1957062471893% more stressfull then any other.

This quest is a total disrespect for the Dofus comunity and an absolute disregard for what RPGs stand for. Cania bandits is an endgame quest for a mediorce dofus. This must be fixed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


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You don't have to do the quest...

They already reduced the respawn time by 50%. Just buy the fragments if you want to finish the quest. In the time you are now waiting and hoping you can easily make the money for the fragments.

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I mean, I did it on temporis where there were infinitely more groups looking for it, yeah it was annoying to wait for it but I just kept checking everyday.  It is a primordial dofus i guess, supposed to be hard to get.  Used to be worth something but it's a common dofus nowadays.  Might as well just buy one if you don't care about actually doing the quest. 

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This is also a huge problem on Jahash, a ton of people are trying to do it, been searching for at least 2 weeks and never even gotten close to catching one bandit.

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The fact that Ankama still hasn't fixed this quest is both hilarious and depressing at the same time tongue

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They make the argument that it should be hard because it’s a dofus. But I think there are good ways and bad ways for things to be hard. For starters, something that changes in difficulty depending on the number of people on the server isn’t a good way to me.

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The argument "it's supposed to be hard" may be valid if the process was at least in some way fun, engaging or challenging. Right now it's all about dumb luck and perseverance.

Having gone through a few hunts i can say that the issue is not the dynamic at its core, because the whole "tons of groups competing to find a highly sought-after enemy" can be engaging in its own way - if the span window wasn't so wide. Right now it is a total of 6h, from 3h after the last time the bandit was killed. This means that a player will spend up to 6h sitting idly waiting, with minimal toilet breaks, for a fateful message from the groupie at the tent before exploring their zone before either they see the spawn or someone else does, then it's zaap-aganza run-avaganza from there. in these 6h, a player must be ready on their toes so resource-gathering and especially monster farming are discouraged.

it is better then the 12h window that was before, but it is still unnerving especially if you factor in competition from other groups and it becomes frustrating pretty fast. so, personally, i stand by the decision, but it is still not enough to make the prospect of the dofus less painful to obtain. from my perspective, which i believe can be generalized across a multitude of players, outside a lockdown i find less and less time to spend on the game and a 6h session just to maybe get 1/3 of a dofus quest completed is not an investment i am willing to do. i do agree that a dofus should be hard to obtain but it cannot be exclusive to people who grind.

this in a questline that has the roadblocks of having to breed a mount (something that very few people do on their own) and a profession levelled to 50.

now, if the window was of just 1h:
There would still be competition, probably more so than now
players would have to stay on their toes for a much smaller amount of time (1h without toilet breaks is completely manageable even without an industrial-size bladder) and still play the remaining 6h before a respawn, and yes not everybody will get their fragment on their first try still but at least they don't feel like they wasted 1/4 of a day.
this way, getting a fragment is still hard but is an affordable investment of time that anybody can make, so instead of being a draining chore it becomes a fun rush to do every once in a while, while also enjoying other parts of the game. lucky or quick players are still rewarded, and eventually one does get the fragments they need.

what do y'all think? in my mind it's a great idea to not overhaul the system while restoring a sense of entertainment to this dreaded quest.


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I think the whole bandits quest is wrong. They should just remove the bandits from the map and maybe add them into a new dungeon called Cania dungeon or whatever. I'm not saying it should be easy, can be hard dungeon, but that way everyone has equal chances of doing it. 

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I believe that the quest is set so that it is annoying and hard for you to do. I did some probability bets on the times and got them right. But I do agree, that on french servers it is very difficult since a way bigger population of players is trying to grab them at the same time. Also, some players make their money just with those monsters.

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I totally agree with you. this is a bullshit quest. ankama should change the questline

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I think they should just become regular quest fights... Go to a certain map, fight them, move on xD

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that would be too easy, but they should just put all 3 bandits in a dungeon as bosses, would make it a bit harder but also accessible to everyone..

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Ankama obviously doesn't care, but they should. They're overlooking the fact that this is the impression new players get about all dofus hunting in the future. That they will have to waste time and money to not have any fun at all.  I wonder how many subscribers they've lost simply because of one dumb mechanic.

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I refuse to start this quest purely because of this one step.

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Just came here to say... They're finally doing it buddy

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Thank you for listening Ankama smile

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the current way is still bad

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