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In search of the adora blazer!

By freef1sh - SUBSCRIBER - July 22, 2019, 16:27:50

Hello everyone,

I'm Lennox from Ilyzaelle.

Lately i bought the adora hat and saw that there wasn't any cape's on the market.
So i though to myself it will comeback on the market eventually. The naive that i am. I waited for 2 months and almost every day i spammed the marketplace in search of a adora blazer.

Unfortunate, my action didn't help me in the search of the adora blazer. :c

So my question is of anyone has the cape and is willing to trade it with me.

Or if the set will return in the shop. *Fingers crossed*

Any ways thanks for reading and see you on Ilyzaelle <3

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Hi there! The Adora Blazer was a reward for buying the dofus starter pack, though I've already bought it so I'm unable to see if it's still available to purchase! If not, I wish you the best of luck finding it! smile

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Thanks Ankama for bringing back the mystery boxes!! Love you <3

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