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DOFUS 2.52.6 Sram and Sacrier Changes

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 23, 2019, 11:00:00


Following the final phase of balancing for the Sram class, as well as your feedback, we are now in a position to take our reflection a little further. We understood that the changes made to the class weren't allowing the class to play to its strengths as it once did. In the 2.51 version, the class's strength was offset with significant weaknesses, but the recent changes during the  2.52 update did not improve nor stir the class in the desired direction: Srams saw their unique assets reduced and yet players weren't sufficiently compensated for the weaknesses that remained, resulting in a significant decline of the Sram's viability. 

The modifications we are making on the majority of spells should allow for the gap between its strengths and weaknesses to be reduced, bringing a healthier balance to them. We made changes to most of the spells in order to better meet our expectations, as well as yours, which you expressed in forum discussions and through the surveys
  • Provide more tools for team play.
  • Improve interactions with both the Double and the Plotter.
  • Review the "Eroder" role.
  • Improve dodge (for a better life span in combat)
A global restructuring work on the elemental paths was also done in order to better balance and differentiate the paths from each other since certain spells were sometimes inconsistent with their paths.


During the previous patch, we'd already reduced the damage of almost all Sacrier spells. Despite these changes, the damage is still too high and the tanking ability too important considering they are linked to the Suffering game mechanism. 
We wish to keep it at the heart of the Sacrier gameplay but, as it is far too powerful at the moment, we need to review the bonuses it brings forward, by reducing the damage and damage reduction bonuses to 40% instead of 50%. 

We have also reviewed spells that apply a vitality malus when the caster is in the spells' AoE. The first malus applied to the Sacrier will remain the same for the duration of the effect. If the Sacrier recasts the same spell, whilst in the AoE, the malus will remain the same and its duration will be extended. To have a weaker malus, Sacriers will need to wait until the duration of the effect expires to recast the spell. 
First Ankama intervention

Replying to Aren32


Could you please document this bug with a screenshot, as well as a list of the spells affected and post it in the bug section of this forums? This would help the bug team a lot identifying the issue.

Thank you!

See message in context
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!!! Sacrier now has a BUG, where these spells with buffs only have their buff effect if you hit yourself with the center of the spell.

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Could you please document this bug with a screenshot, as well as a list of the spells affected and post it in the bug section of this forums? This would help the bug team a lot identifying the issue.

Thank you!

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100% agree with this, it's funny how every other comment here has received a response. wicked

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Can we get patchnotes of all the changes like the french community did? Instead of this summary 

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Of course you will get the patchnotes, that's why they are currently in translation wink We will post them, as soon as they are ready. 


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How is it going with the translation Talora? angel

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Dear Ankama,

Please stop reworking characters. I had to change my sacrier's element for 2 times now in the last 2 months. For someone who is not p2w it's pretty annoying to sell my gear and rebuy new gear. I mean i get it from your side to force players to buy orgines ( kammas ). Sacrier pretty much worthless now after the last rework ( without 200m+ gear ).

TEST YOUR CHANGES BEFORE INPLANTING THEM IN THE GAME!! You are 15 years old now, you would expect better. Looks like extracting money from ppl if you ask me.



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Yeah I also decided to just go omni after having to change elements every year due to ankama constantly reworking sacriers. It's getting predictable by now, year passes, sacrier gets complete rework, in less than a month gets nerfed twice. Not even really surprised anymore, sometimes it seems like they have no idea what they are doing smile

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