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[UX/UI Design] Compare items and mask interfaces

By [Ankama]DOFUS-Prod - ANKAMA - July 25, 2019, 17:00:00

Some of you may have noticed 2  features that have appeared since the 2.52 DOFUS update:

Comparison functionality

You can now compare an object in the inventory with an equipped object, by using the "Shift" key shortcut.
You can also compare an item in the inventory with several items in the same category (Dofus eggs, trophies, rings), pressing the "Shift" key, and using the "<" key to alternate between the different items of the same category.

Hide interface

You can also hide all visible interfaces using the Tab key shortcut.

We would like to have an overview of the modified stats in the future but it's already a nice improvement, what do you think? biggrin

UX/UI Designer
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Thanks for these added comparisons wink

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I've been using all of these new functions since the release, they save us time and make the game feel better and smoother, we need more of these quality-of-life changes! And thank you so much for this <3

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