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Fashion Victim Mystery Box

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - July 30, 2019, 17:30:00

A new Mystery Box has just arrived in the shop, its luggage positively bursting with clothes. It's perfect for customizing your character – and just in time for the opening of the Temporis servers. Who will be its first victim?

The Fashion Victim Mystery Box contains no less than 19 sets – enough to have fashion victims from every corner of the World of Twelve screaming hysterically! See for yourself:

Note that if you decide to assign the set you receive to one of the Temporis servers, it will be returned to your account when those servers close.

This Mystery Box will be permanently available in the online DOFUS shop for 999 ogrines or €0.99 apiece. When you buy 10 Mystery Boxes (9,990 ogrines or €9.99), we'll give you one for free!

Don't miss out!

In order to open your Mystery Box, please head to your Pending Gifts page!
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to sub some accs that will run out of sub soon for longer for more bonus goodies from sub pack?
to get one or two bunches of 10+1 m.b. , while subbing for shorter time ?

*scratches head*
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Hello "ankama",

Well I payed 10 EUR for 10+1 mystery boxes and didint get anything :/
Whats the problem?

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Did you try Community >>>>>>>>> Gift Codes ?
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