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Summary of the past few updates for a returning player?

By nabz4ayman - SUBSCRIBER - July 30, 2019, 21:45:59

Hey guys, back from a long hiatus of not playing dofus, and it seems I've been slapped in the face by way too much content that's making me not want to play the game. Can anyone summarise what's happened to all the characters? I left just before ouginaks and classes got 40,000 different spells...thanks

edit: can I also add, the sram spell descriptions are so bad at actually telling you the effects of spells now, what the hell

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- ...
- except Kaliptus, all dofues are quest-able now; and they're quite a few new ones;
- I got no clue on when you took your break, but if it was looong ago, you should find some profession runes on your account, to give those professions xp to a char of choice;
- they're levs beyond 200, they're called omega, but they're more ... for fame and glory, and extra pods;
- they are idols around = extra xp + extra lot;
- shields do not require alignment anymore, and they can give quite a variety of stats;
- some divine dimensions float around in random areas;
- many mobs/ dungs/ areas have been reworked;
- besides dofuses, now you can also equip trophies, for interesting stats;
- you don't need to do oto questing for reset anymore, you can reset anytime, for free;
- you can custom various setups for your char, and save them, to be able to switch quick from one to another;
- spells lev automatically, no need to put points in them;
- each spell has 2 variants, from which you can choose (except cawwot, leek pie, etc);
- ...

There's quite a lot to tell, so better start with and work your way from newest to older, then a bit older, and so on.

I have no clue how big or short was your break, but if it was long, then you'll have to do a lot of reading, I guess, while playing and discovering some of the new features by yourself.

WB & GL !!! huh

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