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Colorable Floral Set

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 01, 2019, 16:30:00
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The temperature's starting to feel like the Shustuft Crust, the Eniripsas' skirts are getting shorter, and the Iops are showing off their impressively pumped-up biceps. Yes, it looks like the Summer weather is finally back! Celebrate by picking up the Colorable Floral Set, available in the online store from now through August 4!

Despite what a certain famous troubadour from Nimaltopia may have once expressed in song, this set won't make one man weep or another man sing. It won't make a bad one good, make a wrong right, or even keep you home at night And no, we can't claim that it might just save your life. No point in exaggerating its power…

But wearing it will bring a touch of summer freshness and light to the World of Twelve – which, let's face it, can indeed be cruel sometimes! Seeing you wearing it will bring the same type of smile to other Twelvians' faces that might come from meeting an adorable little pet or seeing a young adventurer couple exchanging tender kisses on a park bench. Ahhh… now that's the power of flowers

From now through August 4, the Colorable Floral Set will be available in the online DOFUS Boutique for €10 (or 10,000 Ogrines). Its color will change to match your character's! You can also buy the shield on its own for just €5 (or 5,000 Ogrines).

Don't miss out!


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These look amazing, wow. Love the look of the shield and cape in particular!

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If you fix the Cania Bandits, I promise I'll spend 10 euros on this set smile

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An adorable summer themed colour changing set, and on pay day?!
How can my wallet compete with that

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