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Nine harnesses are making a big comeback!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - August 05, 2019, 17:30:00
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Today, it's not one… Not two. Not three! NOT FOUR! NOT… Not stopping there, are we? So, from today, no fewer than nine harnesses are making a big comeback in the DOFUS online store! Five for Seemyools, two for Dragoturkeys and two for Rhineetles: Come find out which ones quickly!

Nine harnesses you may have missed out on are coming back to the DOFUS store:

  • Cryptic Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Corsair Seemyool Harness (4,500 OG)
  • Foggernaut Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Zombite Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Unikron Seemyool Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Magmatic Dragoturkey Harness (3,000 OG)
  • Dragokronic Dragoturkey Harness (4,500 OG)
  • Draeggosaure Rhineetle Harness (4,500 OG)
  • Shadragon Rhineetle Harness (4,500 OG)

Whether you're more of a dark rider, glittery knight or futuristic squire, you're bound to find something to make you happy – there's something for all tastes!

Don't let the reins slip through your fingers this time!

Note: The harnesses will be linked for a year. 

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Good evening. 

Any clue, for how long they will be in shop?
Aka, temporary, or forever? mellow

Then, any clue if any promo offer is inbound?
Aka, buy for xxxxx ogrine, and you get yyyyyy item free
An offer like that would make me (and probably more) get some new harnesses. wub

0 -2

These harnesses will be a permanent fixture from now on. smile

I have no information regarding any incoming promotion as the one you mentioned. 


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