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Archmonster in Allaince areas

By deadmarko - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 07, 2019, 11:23:05

While doing The Ethernel Harvest quest you need Archmonster that can! but mostly will spawn in Allainace Areas where if your character is not in that allaince can not fight nor capture that monsterwhich becomes aggrovating and  you are forced eather to join the allince/ask for help from the allaince  where people will probably   want you to pay them  or just buy it straight of the market place.
I'd like to put to a vote or at list for Ankama to consider it.
THe ARchmonster should not spawn in those areas, only in areas where everyone can attack, keep the resource but please let the archmonster spawn everywhere.

thanks for reading

3 -1
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