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Modern Dofus Confuses Me

By Justinc4se - SUBSCRIBER - August 09, 2019, 08:03:10

I haven't played Dofus in so long that I don't even know what this no spell point system is all about and all these new spells and class updates. I feel lost...

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If you feel overwhelmed by the changes, you can try to start a new character and start from the beginning forgetting all your previous knowledge of the game. Then when you are more comfortable with the changes, you can go back to your old character.

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Hello. huh
Welcome back ! smile

A few facts about "modern" Dofus:

  • - no spell point system >>>>> you unlock spells auto, as you level your character;
  • - new spells >>>>> (also) see spell variants; each spell has 2 variants, from which you can choose just one; but you can change that at any time;
  • - classes revamps >>>>> for this, I'm afraid you'll have to try a/ some class/es and see for yourself; together with lurking through log book, where you'll find info on updates; I would suggest you work your way from newest to older/ st;
  • - all profs can be on one character >>>>> if you haven't played in so long, then you'll find some runes that you can use even on a single character, and reunite all your profs on a single character; no more limitation to just 3 professions per character; and professions go now up to lev 200;
  • - idols have been introduced >>>>> more difficult fights, depending on idols combinations that you pick to use;
  • - new areas >>>>> I let you discover them;
  • - 3 divine dimensions >>>>> eca, sram, enu dimensions; you can go to them through portals that appear randomly on map somewhere; but you don't have to walk randomly to find them, for that, you can do a portal hunt;
  • - no more Oto quests to reset your spell points >>>>> you can do that at any given time, for free;
  • - you can personalize and save various ensambles of gear / etc >>>>> and assign shortcuts on items bar to them (pods set, pvm set, ava set, kolo set, cc idols set, range idols set, etc etc etc);
  • - you'll find a haven bag >>>>> your "home", to which you have access if you are subbed; inside, you have a zaap to your discovered zaaps/ your alliance's tp modules, a lottery machine where you can play once per day if subbed to win random stuff, and a chest with no fee to use it that gets more pods each day of sub passes by;
  • - tons of new ceremonial items >>>>> you don't have to use mimisimbics to change your look; just drag a ceremonial item on your current gear;
  • - revamp of pets >>>>> they get xp now only by being fed either with resources (long and expensive) or with some croquettes that can be bought with tokens from kolo fights rewards;
  • - kolo >>>>> you can try your luck at 1v1 or at 3v3, on random teams or with a pre-made team with friends; lots of rewards that you can get with tokens that you can win there; rewards including pebbles, that always sell, and they do sell good, since they're used in medium-HL recipes for gear etc;
  • - frigost >>>>> is one of the areas where you can get lots of xp; lots of mobs and dungeons of various levels of difficulty; some ares require you "to have passed" a previous area by succeeding in some dungeons;
  • - new Dofuses >>>>> and a few changes to existent ones; now, all Dofuses, even Vulbis, are quest-able; well, all, except Kaliptus; I'd suggest you go have a look at merches for see the Dofuses there and what they do, then log book for info about how they got implemented;
  • - trophies >>>>> new slots added to "old " slots for gear; trophies can give various stats; for info, I'd suggest you go to equipment market, select "trophies" and have a look of them; some can be equipped at any time (well, some do require a level), while some have some restrictions, like those that require you to have max 2 pieces of a same set while the rest of pieces are not from a same set;
  • - reunification of markets >>>>> last but not least, markets have been reunified: all equips and all consumables can be found in their respective markets;
  • - dts, seemys, rhineteles, etc >>>>> new mounts have been introduced, while dts have been revamped too; have a look at creature market, for stats of them.
  • - for rest >>>>> just go through log book, and look at equipment/ etc marketplaces, for stats/ descriptions.

Have fun smile
I suggest you go through log book together with playing, and assimilate new updates since you last played both from log book and in game experience.

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I could not have asked for a more helpful reply. Thank you for taking your time making this!

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Bohemia your reply was Super useful, and in way more depth than anyone could have realistically asked for so I had to say Thank you very much! Even though I’m not new and this post doesn’t apply to me whatsoever haha. People like you make this game worth playing, thanks for everything else you probably do for the community.

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