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By ButRaptor - SUBSCRIBER - August 10, 2019, 18:54:16

what is the damage formula used to calculate/ anticipate bomb line damage?

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   While I do not know the 'Formula', Dofus Book (french of course, google translate helps) has a calculator for bomb walls. As far as I can tell it's very similar to every other spells damage though.
Lets use Explobombs (fire bomb) lowest damage on 20 base. So if you have 100 intel (or 100% power) that brings your damage from 20 to 40 (100% of 20 is 20 so math). Than you add your +damage, lets say its 20 as well. Now you've got your bombs damage at 60 (20 base 20 with % and 20+damage). after all that you calculate res on targets hit, lose damage for AoE, and add final damage for your actual damage. This system works just like every spell or wep. What makes bombs so Different though is the Combo Bonus Damage (CBD). 
   CBD percents your damage after all the additions( stats ) but before the calculations of resistance. So very similar to Final damage but before res rather than after. So just like before lets say before res you are going to hit 60 damage with bomb. Well now lets say you have 100% CBD. that % is off the 60 not the base damage of the spell, so now you'll hit 120 (60+100%). Bombs share there CBD if they make each other explode, and if they make a bomb line. So if you have one bomb with 40%CBD and another linked (same element) with 60%CBD that's like both having 100% CBD in a bomb line. because of how this works, +damage is usually better for rogues rather than % stats as the base damage of bombs is pretty low. Remember 100% stat is just 20 damage on fire bombs min hit. So 21 damage should be picked over 100% intel or power. Break that down a bit and you get 25% stats is = to 5damage. 
   Lastly I need to mention that "glyph" damage or "Bomb wall" damage is 'Lower' than the explosion damage. However I do not know how this is calculated, and you can't really see the difference much as the -damage penalty from AoE happens for all cells in the explosion range. 
   I really hopped this helped you a little, and if you need to know more on the class I have a great guide on the Rogues class forum 
Best of luck!

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thanks for your reply and nice guide btw, very informative. I just gave up trying to figure it out because i solved the issue i needed the damage numbers for anyway, i suspected there was some sort of rounding or something that i was missing. the formula that that could get in the ball park of the actual damage was was simply :
Calculate the damage you would do with a normal attack (like you did before) then -10% from the aoe penalty. Multiply this by total combo bonus that is affecting all bombs in the line(+1 eg 40% bonus=1.4). this would get close ish with no equipment but on some predictions it would be not completely accurate so i just gave up XD
PS i could not get the dofus book tool to even work

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