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This game is not healthy

By ForceOfTheAronDragon - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 11, 2019, 00:56:38

Of course consider that nostalgia partially influences my thoughts.
But this game is pretty much one sided.
75% of the game content is basically ignored by everyone, because everyone is rushing to lvl 200.
And it's the company's fault.
Let's say you are a new player. You arrive at incarnam, which is basically a tutorial territory for new players. Once it was a flourishing paradise with high activity.
Now it's a deserted place that no one cares for.
Then you go to Astrub which once was the bonta/brakmar for new/f2p players and the crackler zone was the meeting and afking place for many many players.
Now it's a deserted territory with monsters no one cares for.
You talk with an experienced player ans tells you to rush to 200 because there is nothing in between.
75% of the map is unused because no one cares for tofu dungeon etc. Everyone and their mum do lvl 200 dungeons. Only the few blokes who need some resources run the low lvl
Thank you Ankama very cool

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Honestly, it's kind of true. But the problem is that there are, simply, no new players. Ones who still play are already 200.
I'm not sure how to attract players to start Dofus again, but in my opinion, new server, new rules would have a chance. 
For example, I know a lot of players who are missing old Brak Vs Bonta type of game, with headhunting etc. Those were the good times, now, simply, all servers are being ruled by 1-3 major Alliances and others can do whatever. New server, new economy. 
This new, tempo III server is great, I like the idea behind it, but why, why you are encouraging 8vs1 PVP type of game? Drops were so awesome on Tempo II, why take that away? 
Learn from all these Tempo servers and make a real one combining all the features players loved. 
Then there's a chance new players come and old returns. 

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Most of the 'important' stuff is locked behind high difficulties so much so that only people running multiple accounts can access it.
Other than that,everything else is driven by PVP.
People want to be a higher level because only high end pvp and dungeons matter.
There is no incentive to play as a low level other than the fact you have to start there.
Lower level gear is absolute garbage and unsuitable for leveling in.
Lower level monsters and dungeons are a chore and uninteresting.
Older content and areas aren't worth staying in because the gear needing those resources are no longer good enough unless you are hard pressed for kamas.
Exploration is pointless other than to save zaaps.

Dofus hasn't been healthy for a very,very long time.
I've been around here for almost 15 years now and the player base just keeps dropping and dropping.
And it won't change.
It's far too late for that at this point in time.
The only things that could theoretically be done to improve this situation are far beyond Ankamas technical expertise and the games capacity.
The smaller fixes aren't worth it in terms of development effort as they would only apply to players for a minute period of time.

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I will try to be as clear as possible. Here is why I quit every time I try to go back to Dofus and start over again as a fresh new player:
- Scrolls system : it is way too expensive for a new player to scroll even one character, and if it decides to switch characters the thing gets worse.
- Leveling: you mostly find high level players to help you level up, you don't have that adventure with players in the same level as you, and when you do the person is overgeared and make you feel useless in the fights.
- Gears: too hard to craft, and even harder do magi, you spent way too long gathering the materials to craft a piece of gear, and when you do your level is way too high for that gear.
- pvp: you try to go to pvp and you just find people overgeared for their level. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE FUN AS A NEW PLAYER IN PVP. 
- Dungeons: because there is no players to go along with you, you are a lone to do dungeons, and if you find someone whiling to help you, guess what, this person is at least 100 levels above you.

These are problems, and the players have the opportunity to bring them as a group to Ankama or try to deny them and keep new players away from the game.

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If you, as a new player, make your ultimate goal to scroll your character, yeah, I can understand getting frustrated and wanting to leave, bounties get stupid hard. But where are these new players dying to max out their player with scrolls? back when I started playing I didn't even know about scroll points until I was well into end game 180+. I bought the majority of mine and that was back when we had like a ton of ways to get em, granted there more expensive now but my point is, never was it a point of focus for me, even now I forget about the whole idea  of scrolling my character and I've been playing on temporis. I think its more of an end game thing anyways and people at that point probably have the means to either grind out the bounties or just buy em anyhow.

I kinda agree with your second point, if were talking about Echo, which is an amalgamation of really really old servers where most the player base has amassed this wealth of loot and high level characters, but we have newer servers like illy and temporis for that.

I kinda agree with your third point if your doing all the gathering and crafting yourself, but why would you do that? Like you said, you'd leveled before you even get to use it, gather some of the mats, buy of trade for the others and have someone else craft em. Really, I don't understand why this comes up so often, all of my crafting professions are crap levels cause I have other people make the stuff for me and most of the mats I either already have or just buy the few I don't.

I sorta addressed your fourth point already in my second paragraph.

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 There is so much about this conversation that annoys me to no end...

   First of all, people who have been playing for 10 plus Years  with 1 or more characters at level 200 don't really get to have much of an opinion on the low level stuff, as it's all either too easy for you, or old news and not exciting. The low level content of the game has plenty of appeal for players of that level margin, and a new perspective! You can quest through Incarnam and Astrub and end up with your first Dofus "silver dofus". If you're new to the game that's Super exciting, and it pretty much takes you to level 50-60. Wabbit island is most likely your next stop, and while yes there is a LOT of running around through basically a maze, you get even more xp, and the Cawwot Dofus! There are definitely harder parts of this quest line though that help is needed, and luckily new players your level end up on Cawwot island too! Look at that, your first real in game friends questing together, neat! So much going on here for a NEW player how could you not get excited? After that, the game just keeps on opening up for you from quest to quest and Dofus to Dofus. With quest rewards and achievements, you start to unlock a lot of kamas and exp. Sure some of the quests are very hard, maybe even unachievable at the current moment or level, but that's what makes it so exciting and rewarding when you Finally are able to finish them! 
    Incarnam seem dead to you? Well probably because it IS a tutorial level and is only meant to teach you about the game, get you started on the story and quest lines, and have you off your way in about 2-3 hours. So yeah I'd say it's not surprising that people don't hang out there much as it's all pretty doable solo, and doesn't take to long to finish. 
   No one zaap sits at crackler mobs north of Astrub anymore? I'd say because once Incarnam is finished, and Astrub quests are done a lot of the new players decide this is a fun game and get p2p to move on to bigger and better things. I'd say not seeing folks just sitting around in the f2p areas is great news for the game! it means more people are paying for it rather than not, awesome! 
   As for experienced players telling new players to just power rush to 200, that's a load of garbage. I NEVER suggest that, I always encourage new players to actually play the game. People who do say that are just board with the pvm of the game and just like to pvp. The quest lines have great story telling to them. (not all of them!) If you are going through the game not doing quest, Not working on professions, and not helping out people in /c and /r, than why are you even playing Dofus? All you leave for yourself is pvp I guess? Just because you are board of the content that is old or Way under leveled for you doesn't mean other players are not having a good time. Maybe your problems with the game are just problems with yourself. 
   I'm also sick of hearing about people just leeching to level 200. If you don't want to play the game, that's on you. Just buy your ogrines, equip your level 200 leech, and quit the next week because "the game has no content". Quests and achievements have TONS of exp rewards to level you without needing to be "leeched", and you even get a lot of funds along the way. Hell I just finished Ohwhymi questlines for the first time, and not only did I really like the story to all of it, I made like 5mil off the whole thing. I don't play much so it took me a week to do, but it was fun, and rewarding! 
   Equipment is not that hard to make in Dofus! I'm sorry it's not a hand out system, but the incarnam quests teach you that right off the bat. You COULD drop all the stuff to make what it is that you want, and with achievement rewards it's actually not as hard as it sounds. However, I think the idea was that you could get the more expensive stuff for your equips via drops and rewards, and buy the rest to craft something that is worth a lot more than the kamas you put into it. Hell half the time I make my funds just buying ALL the resources to make an equip and make like 500kk-3mil off the sale. If something just won't sell I'll crush it, and usually get pretty good runes for it that can be used to fix stuff up for free later, or level a magus! 
   As for low level pvp, it's the same thing as end game! It's only as fun as you make it to be. Not everyone at level 200 has an ebony dofus or ivory dofus or tons of %res exos, but they still try! Yeah there sure are folks in kolo with Crazy good gear for there level, but maybe there team just sucks and you guys win, maybe you lose! This ain't pokemon where you win 100% of the fights because you can just reset that game when you are about to lose. The fun of PvP is that you just can't win em all! To say it's "impossible to have fun as a new player in pvp" Is again just your own poor attitude because you are a sore loser and never learned to have fun playing a game win or lose. Fight me <3
   Honestly everyone here complaining about the game is just Lazy as hell. If you don't like Dofus than go play another MMORPG. Although honestly, you'll probably hate those too because you have to do quests and professions there as well (you know, playing the game). 
   Okay.. Now that I'm passed the rage part, there are some points I definitely agree with. First of all the scroll system is pretty tough. Even doing all the bounties doesn't get you fully scrolled or even much passed half way. I do understand though that being scrolled is supposed to be a challenging thing that separates the good players from the great ones. I see why they took getting scrolls away from class dopples, but I think the bounty system is a bit too hard for scroll grinding. 
Another point I agree with is a good amount of the questing is just running around clicking on something or someone than running all the way back to the npc that sent you there in the first place just to do that over and over a few times. I do LOVE most of the story line to Dofus quests, even the silly ones that are not that important can be funny. However they should be updated a bit to be more entertaining. Wakfu is a great show of this as there quests are SO well done. They feel more realistic and most importantly Interactive! I do not know the fix for all this, maybe Voices to go along with the text on quests? remove a lot more of the running back and forth by adding puzzles or challenges instead? Wakfu has quest fights that are completely different from regular fights where you even get spells just for that fight. Like the fight itself is a puzzle you have to figure out. Actually  now that I think about it Dofus has adopted this a bit with some of the Dofus quests where you turn into something else and have to beat something in a different way like fighting dark Vlad as a dragon.<=== Neat! 
   Well anyways, that's all I have to say about what has been bothering me with the community as of late. Enjoy raging in the comments below or adding constructive criticism. Peace out!
USA player~

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Hahahaha! Omfg I love this so much xD fight the lazy old timers!

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ohasac|2019-08-11 22:32:24
   Honestly everyone here complaining about the game is just Lazy as hell. If you don't like Dofus than go play another MMORPG. Although honestly, you'll probably hate those too because you have to do quests and professions there as well (you know, playing the game). 

While blunt, I agree with almost everything you said. You are rewarded by how much time you put into the game, and how much game knowledge you have. In 2 days I filled up 4 pages worth of achievements on Ilyzaelle, and that was just from playing solo. I leveled up from 179 to 184, and I made a few mk from it as well. If you want to improve at the game you have to actually play it, and not expect things to be handed to you... It's the same with all MMORPG games. 
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So much yes! I can’t hit that like button enough!

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“- Scrolls system : it is way too expensive for a new player to scroll even one character, and if it decides to switch characters the thing gets worse.“ ~ Huezildo
I love how this kid just feels so entitled to every new player having easy access to being fully scrolled haha! Why even have scrolls than if you’re just gonna give em away to everyone? xD

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No one asked for scrolls to be given out for free. For a long time, new players could fight dopples to slowly scroll their characters, but now they can only get dopploons from bounties. Before that, there were low level monster drops that could be exchanged for scrolls, although that was an even more grindy and time consuming process. So I think it's fair to say that it's harder now for new characters to scroll.

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I don't know what server you're playing on, but I thought the same way too... Untill I started playing on Ilyzaelle, it's actually populated! You must bare in mind that temporis is also currently running, so much of the community will be over there. 

But for real, check out Ilyzaelle, the mono account server. 

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mainly that's why i downloaded this game again
only to discover my region is not yet covered regarding the phone number

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I kind of agree. I played for about one month and am at level 164 right now. This was mostly from questing and achievements. For quests, they're a mixed bag.  The ones that require grouping for dungeons or tough fights are good, but a lot of them are just filler content, with generic stories and gameplay involving walk back and forth and talking to NPCs. These ones are very solo heavy and don't play into the core mechanics of the game well enough. And even the group ones often require you to beg stronger people to help, as there usually isn't a way to help find others struggling with the quest as well.

As for achievements, they pretty much kill the value of low level loot. No wonder why very few mobs or bosses drop anything worth above 100 kama, when people get them for free by the dozens by completing a dungeon once. I wouldn't say they promote skipping content, as you need to explore the world, kill enemies and beat dungeons to get achievements, but it's very easy to power level people through them, which isn't really healthy for the player experience.

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ohasac|2019-08-12 16:59:44

Yes, I absolutely think you don't get to have an opinion on the low level old stuff AT YOUR LEVEL. Kid, you've been playing for 15 years, you have 4 level 200s, 2 level 199s, 2 level 180s, a Level 150, 2 level 140s, 1 Level 130, and a 100.

You do realize assuming that my characters were all that level a long time ago is a very poor thing to do right?
Save for Stryke my Iop all of those characters were leveled from scratch within the last year or two.
I have also done almost all of the Astrub and Amakna questlines on my Iop so I do believe I know how worthless they are.
The only things going on in /r,/c and /b chats are (I play on Echo,so this may not be true of all other servers) "Recruiting Leechers for Korriander 512 Idol Score with Challs 100kk per fight", "Buying % off high level gear and dofus" and lastly "Leecher looking for group".
I was trying to do the quests for buying Tunder Alloy on Frigost a while back.
It took me three days to find anyone to help out with the non soloable quests.
As for my recent forum posts, of course they are all negative.
The game is doing horribly,there are very few things I can actually commend Ankama for doing.
If you looked at the oldest posts, I was actually rather active on the forums,helping out people and advertising my miner profession.
But I was more active on Imps Village forums because of how messy and inefficient the Dofus forums are.
For equipment,seeing as though it seems you didn't bother reading my post (which lets face it, is much easier to read given how you for some reason refuse to format properly) I said that it's tedious BECAUSE you will out level the gear you want to craft BEFORE you have dropped all the items necessary to craft the gear.
That is counter productive and should be rectified.
As for higher level gear,with the introduction of Kolossium pebbles and the reintroduction of older resources for gear things are much much harder.
For some gear around level 130 you need 1-3 Skeunk or Peki Peki fabrics.
No one does those dungeons and the drop rate of those items is around about 3% not including prospecting or idols.
Thus they are expensive,more so when the achievement awarding said resources was changed so that characters on the same account couldn't get the rewards more than once,which encourages multi accounting also hindering the need to play with other people.
I also haven't completed any of the Dofus quests,because as a single account player most of them are nigh impossible.
The other characters were leveled solely through Treasure Hunting before they changed the aggression system.
Other than the main story quests there is no real reason to do any of them unless you are bored.
Even Wakfu had incentives to quest,Dofus however does not.
Matter of fact, Dofus has had their quest system revamped and nerfed so often that it's now a hodge podge of wasted effort.

And finally for the footnote of your post,stop acting like a troll and try to understand where I'm coming from instead of saying ridiculous things like "Oh you have done this all before so it must be boring to you" and "Lol cnt w8 fr your response lolololol <33333"
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Dude, I just can't believe the reason you haven't done a quest Dofus is cause you can't find people to help you, you gotta make some friends man, find a guild, join an ally. I play mono as well and have Ice Dofus, Crimson, Emerald, Turquoise, Cawwot, and whatever the coconut looking thing you get on Moon island is called, and every single one I got friends/guild/ally mates and the community to help me with, never payed anyone money to persuade helping me, just asked around. Id help you, I just don't play much cause I'm older and have stuff going on.

I'm actually working on Ivory as I speak.

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I mean, all of you are right. Sorta right.
The problem here is that Dofus does not allow variety, in my opinion.

I remember old times, when Heroic server was a thing, it was OVER-populated, a lot of players playing there was just like me, We didn't like stall game play of classic servers, we wanted that thrill, that spark of pvp and chance of perma death. 

Same goes for others, they didn't like oto, but preferred Classic servers.

My point is : 
It would be great if Ankama did not destroy oto mustam
If there would be servers like for questing only, aligment servers, and servers with drop chances. 

Why keep 4 classic with low population when you can make 1 classic, 1heroic, one oldschool and so on. I think this would give players variation and all of us could be happy. 
I love the idea behind mono - i think that was successful, well populated server and active.
Same goes about tempo servers - a lot of great ideas, for example tempo II - Drop system was awesome, tempo III I love aligments, I love them, a lot of my friends love them, I like them much better than AvA, I still get thrills remembering headhunt. 

Simply put - If there's variety for players, they will stick to the game. Simply by choosing play style that fits them best. 

Now, there's no variety only classic, Oto is being killed by ankama it self. I think this might save something, but, maybe i'm wrong. 


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I like variety, but I wish Ankama would find more ways to introduce variety without creating new servers. It seems like new servers are great for the more populated French community, but for the International community, whenever new servers are created, a huge chunk of players leave their already underpopulated home server. Then those servers become even less populated giving more reason for people to leave.

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AnthonyClark|2019-08-14 08:17:48
Dude, I just can't believe the reason you haven't done a quest Dofus is cause you can't find people to help you, you gotta make some friends man, find a guild, join an ally. I play mono as well and have Ice Dofus, Crimson, Emerald, Turquoise, Cawwot, and whatever the coconut looking thing you get on Moon island is called, and every single one I got friends/guild/ally mates and the community to help me with, never payed anyone money to persuade helping me, just asked around. Id help you, I just don't play much cause I'm older and have stuff going on.

I'm actually working on Ivory as I speak.

I'd like to comment on this as it actually touches my current road.
I'm doing Ivory aswell, and I'm in a guild, but hell no, I'm not going to ask five people to buy a key for 100kk and come and do the catseye.
I asked people on community channell but all of them asks for like 500kk. That's 1/3 of my current budget.
Why everyone thinks I'm a billionaire?
So it's not just about making friends and stuff. It's alsi about you can't do anything with random people without paying. This paying leecher mentality is kinda toxic to this game.
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Get me 3 keys and I'll take you through it next time I'm online. /w Ouest

Some people know these dungeons like the back of their hand, and they make a lot of their money from leeching people through them. It's a business for them, and business isn't always nice. There is a demand for running endgame dungeons, and I know A LOT of people that are willing to pay to have it done quickly and professionally. There are people that will run through it with you for free, or the price of a key, but to be honest probably like 10% of the community has even done Catseye before, so finding someone who doesn't want payment for leeches is going to be tough. 

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"This game is not healthy"?

Well it is healthy for the remaining 80k or so players who are happily playing this game that caters to their specific playstyle... The millions of players who left would say otherwise. Too bad that Ankama choose to mostly cater to the socializer type of players disregarding the other types of gamers.

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I can't believe after all these years you'd still be here.

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