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Searching for a humble answer

By bladeDK - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 13, 2019, 11:49:17

Hello all,

Im coming back to dofus from a long break 4 years or more. Right now im thinking abour two ways of play the game again.

The First option: spend some money in ogrines and equip a 4 pj team and do for some dofus quest and achievements.

The second one: Is to start from scratch with 4 accounts, leveling and that stuff like is first time you start dofus and you want to use 4 accounts.

But honestly for you guys what is the best option ?

Thank you some much.

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If you have the money, use it. 
If you have the time, play it.

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It will cost a lot of money to gear a team of four by buying ogrines. Ankama has destroyed the value of ogrines by removing the limit on how many can be bought in a given timeframe.

With that said, it might not be too harsh to get weaker budget sets for the four and then play the game to upgrade to better sets, especially if you’re fine with doing exomaging and dofus quests yourself. That’s probably what I’d do.

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Personally, I’d start from scratch because I love the early game xP but that’s just me, lol

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Ditto, Personally if I started from scratch, I would just achievement hunt (never power-level grinding from mobs) and get gear/money that way. I'm pretty sure even with doing that, that you'll have a hard time completing the entire early game without overly leveling past its thresh hold.

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I have seen various returning players, and I do have some in my guild.

From my experience, the most fun are having, and they're most enthusiastic about the game those who start from scratch, playing game content according to character/s level. Like someone else said before, from doing dungeon/ mobs achievs, you can get mats enough for sets; tho nothing stops you to buy missing mats/ equips from market sometime. As for professions, I'd sugest not wiaitng till ur profs have the lev of your characters' equips needs, but use the services of higher levl crafters, while you also work on your professions. Lil hint: if you're not in a hurry, always press "y" to see what you can harvest on map when you pass by; and if you can get some resources, then do so, even if it slows you down a few seconds. Without knowing, you'd get tons of resources that you could use for professions. I would also suggest you to have a look at this, with a super short resume of what has been happening lately in game:

Of course, you can gear with lower level gear your old characters, to farm mats for the lil ones, at the beginning.
Or you could play 2+2 : 2 lil ones with 2 older ones, then switch, for leveling/ getting mats faster.

Then, there is also available the alternative of power leveling the new characters. Some do that, but then they "wake up" higher levs, with no mats and no kamas to get gear.

Or you could make 4+4 characters, like 2 per account:
- 4 to play the game from scratch, do achievs, quests, etc;
- 4 to pvp on kolo, in 1v1 and/ or 3v3 fights; characters put to high % xp to some guild, so they don't level too fast and you don't have to change gear too frequently; this could be a good source of income, from selling rewards that you can get with kolo tokens (esp. pebbles).
Another good source of income could be treasure hunts, done with the chars you like the most. For this, the higher the lev of chars, the better the rewards.

I am sure you'll find your way ... even if it takes you trying more of the above, or a combination of it.
Welcome back to the game!
And happy gaming!
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