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Everyday that passes it becomes harder to level professions and do certain quests in Ilyzaelle.

By KingAchelexus - SUBSCRIBER - August 24, 2019, 16:34:56

The server is growing in population, which is good. But what it means is that resources like ores, wood, cereals and so on become way harder to obtain. Their supply remains the same, while the playerbase grows.

Same thing for bounty monsters, cania bandits, archimonsters. The older the server gets, the harder it gets to find them, because the competition just gets bigger.

Is Ankama planning on fixing this?

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Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it, and it is not what you wanted.

You wanted to play on a mono-account server, so you play on ilyzaelle server but now you realize there are too many players gathering resources.
Now you are asking for a "fix", but did not elaborate on what fix you wanted... What if Ankama increase resources respawn. You will then see that the supply will increase, (lowering demand) and will be disappointed that the prices are going down. Or maybe you don't mind if prices go down, but other players will complain of prices going down.

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There are dozens of ways to fix this problem. I'm sure that veteran game designers at Ankama can figure them out without my input. The demand for these items increases proportionally to the playerbase, so I don't see the issue with increasing the supply as well.

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