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By blazefang#7946 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - August 25, 2019, 16:05:46

So, I have a couple of ideas that I want to throw out to everybody and hear some feedback, other ideas and especially criticisms and maybe how they could be changed or improved to better suit the game!

The first idea would be about neutral damage. I don't know about other people, but I feel it is the worst element in the game because only about 7 (Correct me if I'm wrong) classes actually have spells which deal neutral damage, and if you are strength and get a weapon which deals strength instead of neutral damage then you almost feel like you are missing out. So the idea I'm thinking of is why not change neutral damage, so that instead of only scaling off strength, it scales off your highest stat. If you have a weapon that deals 100 neutral damage, you have 100 strength but 1200 chance it would use the chance to calculate and make the neutral attack deal 1300 neutral damage. This could make neutral as a stat feel more relevant to the game as a whole, and less daunting when you see a monster that is weak to neutral, and even with a diverse team you just aren't equipped to take advantage of that.

The second idea is to help with encouraging playing with other people, as well as helping other people with dungeons that you may not specifically need. As much as I love helping other players, it gets slightly tiring having to run a 1-2 hour dungeon to help others but have nothing in it for yourself. If you can do that just for the satisfaction of helping others then I commend your selflessness! To do this we could re-introduce the group finder! Have it so that you get rewards for beating a dungeon with a randomly searched group, and the less characters you queue up with the more rewards you get! So if you queue on your own you will get max rewards, but if you queue with your alt and your friend you will receive less rewards. That way there is incentive to play with other players, to help out with dungeons you may not need yourself, and to rerun dungeons you haven't done in a while! These rewards could be a new currency used for buying special cosmetics, titles, ornaments, and pet/petsmount/harness ceremonial items! Or the rewards could be used to trade in for other resources like doploons, kolossokens or whatever else.

The third idea is just something I thought would be neat, but what if there was an option while stood in the Infinite Dreams area to be able to spectate boss fights in the same way you can spectate kolo fights while inside the kolossium? But not just to be able to watch Infinite Dreams fights, but any groups fighting dungeon bosses, whether it be beginners fighting Royal Gobbal, or veterans doing all achievements with idols in Catseye. As long as they toggle on an option to allow their fights to be spectated by people in Infinite Dreams. Additionally, adding a white list option to spectating, so if you want to allow a specific friend to watch you do a fight, but you don't want other people spectating because you get nervous while they watch or don't want them seeing your super secret cheese strat!

The fourth idea is just something I feel would personally be cool, to add personal notes to the encyclopedia. By this I mean when you search something up in the encyclopedia you can create a note on specific things like monsters or equipment so that you can note down ideas, tactics, mechanics for monsters and bosses, and stuff like resources you need to get, uses, places where you can find for items. This just helps organise ideas and thoughts for things you come back to later. And most importantly, to be able to share your encyclopedia with friends or guildies the same way you allow access to your haven bags, so your friends can read your notes on a boss and your tactics if you allow them access.

Fifth and final one is just something I would like and is probably better for roleplay scenarios, but to allow players to buy or create books that they can write in. So if you want to leave a note or write down a really cool story you and your friends had, you can. Or maybe write down a guide to specific quest fights. Then you can sell them to others, and even set up your own book shop!

Like I said at the start, these are just random ideas and will inevitably have flaws or aspects I haven't considered or that might effect the game in a way unintended. So I welcome everybody to point out things they like, things they dislike, and suggest your own cool ideas!
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to second: I think a new group finder is very important. Ankams sometimes says that they want to do something, but nothing comes over.

to fourth: Why do not you write it in the Dofus Wiki? Then everyone would benefit.

to fifth: I'm really excited about this idea. However, it would have to be regulated a bit, so that we are not overwhelmed with trash literature.
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cool ideas, i particularly like the dungeon finder thing. I suppose you could just use recruitment chat for group finding but often times it just turns out that you end up carrying getting carried through a dungeon in these scenarios, maybe a dungeon group finder could help make this a more balanced experience? 
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I like the first suggestion, but I feel it may take a lot of work to implement.
  1. First they would have to go through all the monsters in the game, because any monster with -neutral resists will automatically be instantly destroyed by all classes. So they'd definitely have to do significant buffing to those monsters.
  2. Also, all the classes that currently have neutral damage spells would need some reworking. I think the strength builds may automatically become weaker if all the other elements are gaining access to a spell  that strength already had. Also, the damage of the neutral spells may need to decrease to compensate.
  3. Finally, I'm sure there would be complaints from many people asking that every class gets access to at least 1 neutral spell.
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  1. I always thought neutral damage should be based on all the elements, not just strength (and not just one). For instance, instead of 1 stat = 1%, 1 stat = 0.25%. Obviously, that would need some rework. However, although I like your idea, there are spells in the game that work that way (attacking on the best element you have). The difference is that it will attack on that element instead of neutral.
  2. Yes. Nothing else to say. I think dungeons need so much work. Dungeon finder with modifiers (like Wakfu or WoW, with stasis / heroic or mythic). Also, I would say that a random finder with specific rewards (just like WoW) would do the trick: a diary reward for doing that plus 50% the next ones. There are roses of the sand, kolosokens or just give chests, like treasure hunts. Should be level based, so an omega level is not matched with a 140 in masto dungeon.
  3. Absolutely. I think the encyclopedia, when a dungeon boss, should have the options to watch fights going on on that moment. Even have the option to send an "internal record" of the match after the fight so others can see it (whenever they want) and upvote it if it's nice.
  4. Even if I feel that would be nice, we got a wiki (an updated one, tho). That option in the game would imply some language detection, because I'm not willing to read in french tbh (just cuz I can't at all). Maybe a note system like Dark Souls messages would work, but dunno.
  5. Cool feature, but too much work for something that few people would use. Also, a book called "Guide to Emerald Dofus" could contain how to fight a piwi. Controlling that could be near impossible. Guides should be made from the community and free for all. Writing some histories could be ok, but since wouldn't be canon, idk why should it be in the game instead of amazon.

Pretty much liked your ideas tho. Hope some1 reads this (specially the neutral damage rework and dungeon finder).
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