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Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 05, 2019, 17:00:00
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So… what were you doing 15 years ago? Here, a group of friends – whose heads were full of visions of another universe and whose hearts were full of the desire to share it and amuse tons of people they'd never met – pushed a button…

All around, the data passed from server to server, opening a brand new window into a never-before-visited universe – the World of Twelve – with a not yet very well-known type of game – an MMORPG.

These friends had big dreams, but they were totally submerged by the wave they caused. In schools and offices, among neighbors, the news spread. "Have you heard of DOFUS?"

The counters ticked up like mad. More and more curious people signed up, and the number of players multiplied. It was the start of an amazing adventure that gave rise to video games, TV series, a movie, graphic novels, novels, stuffed toys, figurines, board games…

We are so very grateful to you for following us and supporting us. Ankama's teams are made of individuals who often joined the adventure out of a passion for the universe. Most are players who one day thought to themselves that they'd like to add to this incredible story too, in their own way, with their own skills.

Every day, we are lucky to join our team and work with you to offer this immense playing field – imperfect as it is, but full of charm and surprises – and to develop this legendary story. We are infinitely grateful that you've followed us and continue to believe in DOFUS.

And since we love you, we've cooked up a few surprises for you. We hope you like them!



A unique and brand new event is going to happen, and everyone who's ever dreamed of walking Ankama's halls will get a chance to do so… at least virtually!

This experience – only available for a limited time – will open the doors to an adventure on the edges of reality for you and thrust you into a brand new setting full of wacky Ankamians!

To give you an idea, here's a look at our cafeteria in the game and at Ankama!

Intriguing, right?

All the brand new rewards can only be obtained during this event. They will be linked to your character for life and not available in the shop.

They include a new ceremonial shield, two emotes, three different titles, an ornament, and more.

You'll need to discover the rest of the rewards in the game!

This event is totally unique and will arrive with the update!


A few weeks ago, we announced that we were planning on opening a brand new "retro" server.

This server will open at the end of September!

A "retro server" of course means the joy of re-living the original DOFUS experience, with everyone starting out on equal footing with an improved version 1.29. But it also means… a slightly more retro experience!

For you: farming, drops and difficulty!

And for us: the somewhat rigid administration and management of a game developed "the old-fashioned way", with fewer possibilities and less freedom. DOFUS 2.x was designed so that teams could intervene to fix possible problems, but DOFUS 1.x was designed as a sealed whole in which there would never be any problems. :)

Obviously, this means a few difficult decisions had to be made.

For example, there will be only one new server for now. Before you start yelling that we're shooting ourselves in the foot given the widespread excitement about this new server, you need to understand one thing – at this point, it is impossible for us to merge Retro DOFUS servers or transfer characters between Retro servers.

In other words, if we open too many servers at first, and then enthusiasm wanes and they have fewer players, we won't be able to merge them or move players to restore balance: empty servers will remain empty. And the players on those servers will be condemned to boredom…

So, we completely understand the frustration this decision will cause at first, especially since this could bring back even more players and that wouldn't be a bad thing from the economic standpoint. However, a good gaming experience over the long term is more important than current hype.

In addition to that, it is impossible for us to open pre-registration. Yes, yes, the constraints are piling up… We know. :)

You'll need to arm yourselves with patience to log on. Unfortunately, our options are so limited that between "waiting lines" right away and "empty servers" later, we've chosen the waiting lines.

And because an anniversary always comes with gifts, we'll be inviting you, starting on September 12, to discover a special page on the website that will let you recover an item in the game to thank you for your enthusiasm! It will be distributed the first week the new server is open for discovery to all players who have identified themselves on that page as aficionados of DOFUS Retro!

We're also inviting you to choose the server name by clicking on the link below!
Click here to vote!

The most popular name will be revealed at the same time – on September 12!


But wait, there's more! For the party to be complete, we'll be offering you various contests on social media and in the forums throughout the month of October – a chance to get your hands on certain rewards that can't be obtained any other way.

There will be something for everyone, so keep your eyes peeled!

There you go!

A unique and brand new event providing access to in-game gifts for 2.x, an authentic and nostalgic blast from the past for 1.x, and events and gifts for everyone who follows and supports us on social networks and in the forums…

DOFUS is our project, but it's your game. We build the field, but you play on it. And this 15th anniversary is as much yours as it is ours. That's why all Ankama's teams are with us when we wish you a very, very happy anniversary!

Happy anniversary to our players, both fans and grumpy guses, to all those who love us and all those who criticize us, to our PVM players and our PVP players, to all those who think that version 2.x is wondrous and all those who think that 1.29 is still the reference, to the players who have been with us for 15 years, the players who joined us 15 minutes ago, and to everyone in between.

You are our community and we think of you every day with every decision we make and every evolution we develop, and in every message we write. Happy anniversary. THANK YOU. We love you.

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Congratulations on 15 years! I have been playing since 2007, when Shika opened... love this game. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity.

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Congrats on 15 years biggrin

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Congratulations! I've been playing since September of 2005, a little after Rushu opened. I love this game even though it makes me rage at times. Thank you so much for all the effort and hard work you put into this game.

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I started 13 years ago, where does the time go rolleyes

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The hype is strong.

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Is the ceremonial gear obtainable for people below 200?

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Wow, you called me grumpy guse mellow. I don't know what's happened to you guys, but you're doing everything right all of a sudden. You raise my expectations, let me believe you fail and then you deliver just as promised. I just have to admit you're doing it right and I fail just as you have.

I know you're stalking us both in-game and on Discord. I don't know who, how or whatever but I know you're there in the midst reading everything we say. It's impossible that there are these many coincidences with our chats.

Now, to the biggest question of all:

Logan, who are you?


A grumpy guse who's name you already know.

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"But wait, there's more! For the party to be complete, we'll be offering you various contests on social media and in the forums throughout the month of October – a chance to get your hands on certain rewards that can't be obtained any other way."  

For anyone wondering, these are the social medias that I'm aware exist for Ankama:
Facebook (Possibly discontinued, I don't use facebook)
Youtube Channels: Dofus INT and Ankama INT  
Dofus Discord

These are the English forums that I'm aware of:
Dofus Forums

It's quite possible that there are more, if there are feel free to let me know! I would suggest following each one to give yourself the full Dofus experience!

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Can you comment on how or if godfather rewards will be obtainable?

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All i want to know so i can plan ahead is if the new retro server will be mono or not? Other then that i cant wait!

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highly doubt it will be mono.

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Yeah I figured, but just wanted to double check

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First game that i played for not just some minutes but a lot of hours. I love it beacause it brings up my childhood memories when my aunt show me that game. Thank you Ankama for all fun that you gave me.

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Bon anniversaire Dofus! Happy 15th Birthday Dofus! Que vous puissiez être heureux encore de nombreuses années! Hoping for many more years of fun to come!

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Been playing since 2008, Been a while already... Congratz! To many more I hope!

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happy 15th birthday dofus <3 

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When 1.29 official released, i goes to gob dun in first day without recall potions and there were so many people that i couldn't join a fight neither leave the dung, maybe it'll be a good idea to add additional monsters to each room for the first days/weeks on retro?

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Congratz!! I started back in 2005 I just made a comeback.

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