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Dofus and Adobe AIR: What is the plan from 2020 onwards?

By heuripedes - SUBSCRIBER - September 07, 2019, 23:27:32


I've recently read the official "farewell Adobe AIR" post (see tl;drwink on the Adobe blog and it left me wondering what plan or general idea the developers have on the future of Dofus with regards to it's dependency on the Adobe Air platform. The following questions arose in my mind after reading it:

* Will Dofus be ported to something else?
* Has there ever been internal evaluations of other platforms? Could the Wakfu codebase be reused for this purpose?
* Is the support for non-Windows platforms endangered?
* Is Ankama or the Dofus teams already having to interact with HARMAN? If so, how has the experience been so far?

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

As of July, Adobe no longer develops or provides support for Adobe AIR. HARMAN, a Samsung owned company is in charge of it now. Adobe will keep patching Adobe AIR v32 security issues until the end of 2020.
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It's confirmed they're studying the move to the engine 'Unity'. However, as a developer, I can say this could take a very, very long time (more than 2 years). Since they want to finish the eliocalipse arc, I guess they will finish it and then move to Unity.

Moving to Unity implies that they will have to do twice all patches they're doing right now. Just like Dofus Touch, they can't really afford it. My bet is that they will eventually stop development of Dofus 2 (with some small patches) focusing on Dofus 3.

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i heard that they stop working on moving dofus to "unity" engine, not sure if its true or just rumors. 
Also i havent seen any official post form ankama side where they seying "yes, we are moving to it for sure". All what i have seen was only information that they thinking about unity, but they are not sure what engine it will be.

imo they done big mistake creating a dofus touch as seperate game instead move existed dofus to engine which let them for pc-mobile cross-platform. 

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They are, indeed, studying the best way to migrate to Unity, including testing (so they started some development). They said it in a spanish interview.

They won't say "we are moving to Unity" until they are 100% sure that it will work, or even until they have something to show.

Guess they'll end eliocalipse, then focus on the Unity development while just the guys of balance work at Dofus 2.

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I do hope Dofus won't end like Wakfu = f2p / p2w (via booster packs) ... ph34r

And I do hope Dofus 2.x won't be "forgotten" by devs, busy with Cube atm, most probably ... ph34r

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