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Class Improvements: The Work Continues #2!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 16, 2019, 15:00:00
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I don't recognise the game anymore...feels like the original classes we started with way before 2.0/reworks are dead and buried.

I'm not raging here I understand their desire to balance and tweak the game to modern standards but I'm not sure about the way they keep balancing classes/the game. How many times have the Sacs been reworked/retuned/adjusted now? Osas are so different now they might as well be an entirely different class, Xelors while they can be strong feel like a real chore to play and now Cras (the bread and butter class of the game) are next up for one of these reworks.

So what if a class has a strong niche like summoning/healing/range/durability, it's what makes a class unique and fun to play, the only real way to get 100% balanced classes is to give them all the same abilities and options in terms of dmg/utility/sustain etc. But then whats the point of picking any class over the other.

They keep chasing the dream of balance while implementing new systems like variants that chuck all notion of balance out the window. This isn't Dofus. At least not the one I fell in love with. And that's fine if people enjoy playing then they must be doing something right. But I miss the old days of Dofus while it was simpler I remember being excited to play not dreading the next set of balance changes.

That's my rant over with. If you still enjoy playing the game then carry on there is a lot of fun to be had! I'm just too nostalgic for my own good.

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The eca changes you made in the balancing patch quite literally made eca from good to probably the worst class. I will give you ideas that if implemented would bring everyone who class changed or quit eca come back. Starting with new clover is very bad I either like the 200 % crit version or the solid 10 to crits for 3 turns old version. 

Next, make wheel of fortune apply to weps again but bring back the minus resist from before because it isn't fair that only iops have a pow buff that applies to weps too. You could make ecaflip luck useful by bringing back the old one that heals one turn 2x damage suffered the next but make it only cast on self in order to prevent pvp issues or combos.

 You guys are very stupid for making misadventure not heal ON THE RING in crit and ONLY IN RING on crit. So now I try to crit to heal but it doesn't crit so I do 0 damage and 0 heal and waste 4 ap and die. This is dumbest idea ever FIX THIS INTERACTION PLZ. 

Also the new passive with gaining crit is bad since it lowers 10 % crit on all their spells so the passive as a whole isn't worth losing a turq dofus effect and most their spells worth please revert this. Instead put something like wakfu where 42 number gives ap or something cool like this. Or maybe your 7th spell gains a cool bonus effect idk.

Next since you made peril useless a suggestion would be to make peril become a neutral move like old all or nothing that would just do high damage to all with no heals. A lot of eca players will like this favorite old move back. Another move that you might be able to bring back could be the old flip felinton everyone loved that was only one cell and healed him. Or instead of healing it could do another effect.

Revert nerf on feline spirit to 37-41 then 45 crit this spell was fine before this was unnecessary and random.

For the stat gaining on crit for the ranged spells are very very bad because if you crit and gain stats it is more damage lost than gained. Sometimes I crit when I want to do damage but gain stats instead. An idea I came up with is the base damage of the stat gaining spells can be really low but 2 ap with just damage, but if it crits then depending on the element of the spell the crit will just be higher damage and a 2 or 3 turn 100 stat boost of that said element. So now I won't get angry when I crit since later it will do more damage and that turn I won't do almost no damage when I do crit. These spells being maybe 2 ap can also be unique as variants.  Side note- roar at 80 seems much better than 70. 

For surviving the class is close to becoming suitable but isn't there yet. I already suggested the ecaflips luck change and I like the direction with repercussion if the shield increases by a lot in addition to losing damage next turn. I would suggest lucky star replacing perception as a whole and allowing all effect of the current lucky star to effect caster. That would most definitely solve survivability issues with the class since realistically perception in its current state can't be good as a heal besides pvm against many close enemies.

 Last, make rekop 19-22 in addition to the range buff. it is already bad because ivory is soooooo op and counters the spell entirely. Or you can just make ivory not reduce the damage like a poison effect so the spell can become usable.

If you implement these changes nobody will have a problem with the class and will enjoy the class again. These are all my OPINIONS and take on the class as a whole. I think IF some of these or a good number of these changes were implemented the class will become unique, viable, and fun for the long time eca players. 

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Tested out the new Sac mechanics... When I read the patch notes I was hopeful that it was a good system. Having tested it now, it's by far the worst. Why not link these spells to the blood charges? Each charge ups the base dmg on these spells depending on the ap cost overall ap cost. Using such a dmg spell would retract 1 charge and thus lessening the dmg on the next hit. WAY more balanced and easier too tweak than this aweful system...

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Please bring back Osa pre horrendous change. I don't know why such an interesting concept with fusing with summons was replaced with this over complicated arbitrary charge stacking mumbo jumbo of a class we call today. Summons should be the forefront of the class not something you can do after using spells. Osa actually ruined.

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I second that! 
Recently I've been playing my Osa exclusively in this character's journey to reach level 200. Since the class update and the virtual dismantling of summons, an Osa is no longer a true Osa...a summoner.  This class is no longer what it once was, nor is it what I initially chose to play and invested in playing.

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Where can we post feedback to these changes?

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Why not make a new summoner class based on the latest revamp/s of Osa?
They're many cc classes, many ranged classed, many map manipulating classes, many classes with ability to shield, many classes with ability to heal, etc etc etc.

So what's the damage in having two summoner classes (for starters):
- one class, the Osa pre-latest-revamp/s (and while at it, please, for the sake of sweetest jellyfied cherry on the top of your 15 years anniversary cake, do rework the morph looks ... they're simply hideous, ugly, anti-aesthetic, you name it);
- a second class, using charges and all the mombo-jump-jumbo-jet that you desire, make it as hard as a xelor to play (or as some random class that has been re-re-...-re-vamped so many times, that players simply have a hard time adjusting over and over again, designing new sets, buying/ crafting said sets, finding their own unique play style, etc, after each re-re-...-re-vamp).

Then, it has been asked for years and years and years now: stop re-re-re-..-re-vamping a class cuz it is too good or too bad in pvp, that does affect pvm too, you know? Do you guys even play your game there at your HQs? Or all you do is test kolo waiting time (not levels matched though, cuz plenty of people are complaining about that, so ..).
Solutions could be simple, so that re-vamping something cuz it is too strong or too weak in pvp / or pvm does not affect the other:
- have fixed sets/ items to pick from, for pvp (this would also give some chance to new players, who can't really afford to mage few hundred vit per total gear of their brand new char lev 50);
- or, have 2 sets of spells, each with its 2 variants: one set with 2 variants for pvp, another set with 2 variants for pvm;
- or, have fixed sets for pvm, if you guys fancy more allowing pvp to be the elite etc etc and use the fancy gear;
- or ... or do whatever, really, just stop making changes without taking into account that a change made for pvp accommodating would impact (sometime greatly) pvm too, and vice versa.

Why do you think they are people who go to retro/ dofus 1.x ? Does "tired of so many, so often, and sometime not so inspired changes" tell you anything?
If it weren't for the lil fear of starting over, and if it were like some sort of international server(/s), I could make new char/s, even if in first ever version of Dofus, as long as it aint changed every month with re-revamps of classes.

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i agree with bohemia - im jumping to retro come the 24th(they updated dofus touch classes too)

i loved the pacing of dofus 1.29, compared to dofus 2. but maybe there is cash for ankama with those who rush or have little time to play(why not just outrightly remove idols for buyable/ogrine xp modifier potions or xp scrolls and even name one platinum parchment)

can't stand constant change to classes either they make it weak or my old set isnt efficient for new spells/effects

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u guys have no idea what u are doing.. " we got better view now" u got squat.. u have nothing..
lemme tell u why..
XELOR: T1.. use that bubble crap, t2 they're ready to either kidnap someone or even better.. kill someone and go back to the spot he started with 2 ap spell.. ok.. t3.. spontaneous return or rhol back and boom hes back at u hitting or stealing some1 again.. boom spontaneous return again boom hes back again.. all that with low to no counter.. u gota be lucky to get good guys that can prevent that and even if they got the spells/ways to do it.. they have no clue.. either give every class goddamn gravity spell across the map with low CD(Which makes non sense, but so does the few classes too.. so if we gona be braindead lets be fair to all)..
FOGGER: ready to hit 3k t2.. first.. im not gona change whole set just to get more crit res, u guys are nuts.. 2nd.. wrath does less dmg and takes more time to charge plus its 7 ap.. bow + ambush are 9 ap.. who are u kidding.. so foggers can put one of their shit for 1 ap, PULL THEM SELF ACROSS THE HALF MAP FOR 2 AP..if they procced ochre last turn they got 12 ap. and ofc they proced if cuz they hid hell ofa back, now when they used those 3 ap for summon plus pull... now they can 1 shot u with ambush(4ap) and bow (5ap).. get urself some brain amakna.. put it on 6 ap or reduce the damage.. also little to no counter.. even if u lock them again they can put their summon for 1 ap and pull themselves for 2 ap.. if u mp rape them to 0 .. tehy still gona find a way to do it.. retards got better mobility than goddamn rogue which is ultra hard class in 3 v 3 random..instead of buffing classes like rogue for example, u just "improving" classes thats are already TOO MUCH IMPROVED.. u're not improving anything.. u are making them broken...
SACRIERS: OH HELL NAW.. lets talk about this for a moment.. t2 they got ebony 5 charge, ready to swap some1 to the point where no1 can save it, and also hit u 3k with applying ebony.. ok lmao.. thats not it.. they're impossible to kill... aoe hp steal, shields, dmg reduction as their hp goes lower and on top of that boom silver sparkling dofus. just..I dont have to tell anything what u should do here.. use ur brain..
OSA. where do I start lmao, dudes summoning CONTROLLABLE things, tanky class that cannot be goddamn killed, just when u thought u gona kill it .. boom they gona put summon upgrade it and boom eat it for 2k hp.. gtfo, and I myself am playing sadida taht got 5 turn cd on summon that is not controllable, got 600 hp heals 250, if i want to heal more i gota plant tree, wasting 4 or 5 ap depends what variant im using and then ill be able to heal 500, plus lets not forget how stupid inflatable's AI is..lets not forget the high COOLDOWN on dolls. while osa can summon shits every turn for no cost, either lower the CD turns on sadida's dolls OR MAKE THEM CONTROLLABLE.. why ENUTROF THAT HAS TOO MUCH PERKS RANGE AND SURVIVABILITY CAN CONTROL SUMMONS to hide them better, use them for lock etc.. but sadida that may seem op but its not as easy to play cant control them... U are disgrace and disappointment amakna, and u're getting this from a player that played nearly from the start, each update u screwing things more and more, u have no idea about balancing teams.. screw balancing team if 1 xelor can either steal someone or kill t2.. thats not team ... thats duo then.. 3 v 2.. lets not forget how retarded ur system is. legend with 5.5k rating gets 3.8 k hp no ranking cra in team vs 3x legends.. makes sense, lets win as A TEAM.. SURE..

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The current sac on the beta is unplayable so i thought i would give my 2 cents on how they should change the sac.

Make mutilation a spell similar to a drunken state like pandas, but instead of drunken, it puts us into a frenzied state which lasts until the player recasts mutilation. So instead of taking less dmg and doing more dmg at #suffering, make the unfrenzied state take less dmg only. Using mutilation puts us into a frenzied state that takes away the dmg reduction and instead makes us do more dmg. On top of that make some of the spells like gash or carnage do different things in frenzied/unfrenzied. Gash does 10% less dmg in normal state and does 10% + suffering bonus dmg while in a frenzied state. Or make gash do more dmg in frenzied state but also does some self dmg.

Get rid of blood charges and make the spells that used them do different things/unusable in normal/frenzied state. For example, make coagulation give more shield per suffering stack. 300% lvl + 50%lvl per suffering. However, in frenzied state make coagulation 300% lvl shield and 20 power per suffering. Make berzerk give 5% res per mob near the sac instead of 50 power in normal state and 50 power per mob in frenzied state. Make those abilities go on a 1 turn recast interval if you change states with the buff on. Make skills like bloodbath unusable in frenzied state. Make skills like immolation do 50% less self dmg when in normal state and 50% more dmg to enemies if you are inside the aoe when in frenzied state.

Make the player choose between staying in normal state or switching to frenzy to either survive or do more dmg. Do okay dmg in normal state but being more tanky/have more tank like abilities or sacrifice your survivability to do more dmg/buff yourself.

With this change a sac cant be both tanky and do more dmg when at low hp. The player has to choose to either be tanky or do more dmg. Going into frenzied state at the start of the turn and going to normal state to when your life is at risk because right now on the live game players can do both without doing anything. In the live game sacs are strong because they can hit super hard and also become super tanky with the dmg reduction by just being low hp. In the beta the sac does so much self dmg that using those abilities is never worth it because if you are at a high enough suffering to do enough dmg you will die next turn because you are just that low on hp.

I cant fathom what the devs are thinking with this change and i am getting scared because there is no feedback on from the devs on the changes in beta. No tweaks in numbers or any communication on what they think about the current changes to sac or any of the changes on the beta.

I know you guys are busy with retro being launched, but please move the release date for the beta back until you have enough time to fully test and make sure sac is playable.

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No offense but why do y'all still give your opinion as if they're going to listen.

Just take sac for example. Before revamp they were already top tier class, we asked for a nerf, literally all they had to do was change desolation dmg/heal. They somehow succeeded to making them even stronger/unkillable. 

It's quite nice seeing everyones opinion but learn from your past mistakes. Ankama isn't worth your time.

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In my opnion the masqueraider update should be arround his masks, not his habilities.
What I mean by this is make it so his elemental and support spells would change depending on his masks.

Plastron > Classic Mask ( Same (Shield in a 2 cell circle) / Psicopath (Shield twice the power, circle 1 cell, the zobal takes 50% more dmg from all sources) / Coward (Same power of Tortuga, resets his colddown to 1 turn) removing tortuga and trance from the game

Same concept would be aplied to the pandawa changing all his habilites depending on either his drunk on not, so it wouldn't be a pain to play this characters without their full potential.

Even tought it will never happen, someone needs to dream big.

Posted this in the wrong thread (OOPS)

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That's how it works in Wakfu tongue Masq's spells are have different effects depending on the Mask used. Pandawa's spells have different effects if they're carrying the barrel or if the spells are targetting the barrel.

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WHEN are you finally gonna leave us alone? for gods sake....please just leave us alone...

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I just wanted to get meowch to be range modificable and maybe change the order of elements on 190 spell (not rekop)

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Amongst all the hate re: sacs/osas I just want to say I'm an Iop and the power change makes me very happy.

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Pretty good job so far.

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Sefeli said: "Why don't you guys make specific items for PvP while making classes work different on pve and pvp? Would be so much easier for balance team".

I fully disagree with this idea. It would overcomplicate the game in a way that I don't think would be healthy for it.

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PvP and PvM differentiation stops outcries of rage from PvMers who get messed up because of PvP related nerfs and outcries from PvPers when classes get buffed for PvM which makes them vastly superior in PvP.
If Ankama was capable of doing something as complex at that,I would prefer to see it than a constant stream of nerfs to PvM players for something they want no part of.

Even if it was a reduction in damage/ap/mp/range/resist debuffing/buffing in PvP situations that would be welcome.

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When is the new sacrier rework coming? I mean the one after this mess that makes me not want to play the characted I've put 10 years worth of effort into.

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Ankama what on earth is wrong with you!?

I gave you a decently clear image on what we wanted for Osas, with my comment being tied for most upvoted comment on the post you made. Just about everyone on the post expressed that aside from Osamodas being really strong, the only other thing they didn't like was that they didn't look visually appealing. I even suggested that you give them a similar appearance to their Retro version.

But despite all that feedback, you didn't listen to any of them!

What's the point of asking for feedback if you won't listen to anything we're saying!?

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If your goal was to balance Water Iop for PvP, why did you have to completely ruin it for PvE?

Now you spend all your AP and get less shields per turn than Osamodas' Chestnut Gobball :/ 

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What happened when I saw Osa's last rerererere-rererere-rere...-rere-vamp:
Then I changed class. Like many other Osas.

I still feel terrible, for being forced to change class of what has been my main character for many many many years.


I am not going to debate on either, over all, it is better or worse.
That is not the point.

The point is, Osa now is a totally different class, from what Osa has been, for many many many years.


If you, Ankama gusy, like the concept of charges so much, just make a new class based on it, a charges-and-elemental-summons-class. There has been quite some time since you have had a new class anyway, so, use this new charges-and-elemental-summons, and just make a new class, if you fancy it so dearly.

But please, do bring back Osa to what it was ...

PS: Like TOT said in his posts on his blog, Dofus has gone pretty far away from what it was originally, that cute adorable lovable kindness and simpleness. 
It is enough already that, like TOT says, you need to be able to read whole NASA manuals on how to beat some dungeons/ monsters/ bosses.
Is it really necessary to have the same necessity of a previous Masters' degree in NASA technologies, in order to play a class that used to be kind, simple, fluffy, cute, lovable, adorable? Is this the direction towards which Dofus 2.x is going now? If so, pls, do let us know ... Cuz, if that's the case, I'd rather start playing WAVEN alpha 4, hoping that there players' opinions will be taken into account, than continue to play a game that has become more of how the game designers want it to be, rather than of how players want it to be ...

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