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Class Improvements: The Work Continues #2!

By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 16, 2019, 15:00:00
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You have ruined the Xelor! This is sad!

Now he only has 3 spells only to reduce ap?! This is the main role for xelor and now he can't even do it

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Hello everyone,

I am (finally) giving some news following your feedback on the latest modifications brought on the Sacrier class on the BETA version.

A few weeks have passed since then. Therefore, we had the opportunity to run some tests, and of course, read your comments.

You have pointed out that berserk spells weren’t as useful as you would like them compared to the HP stealing spells. Their damages are slightly less lethal, but they heal the caster. They are unchanging and have useful effects that berserk spells lack. I agree with you and we are going to solve the issue.

Here are the changes soon-to-be deployed on the BETA version:
  • A decrease of about 10% of HP stealing spell damages. That reduction should make these spells less prevalent.
  • Berserk spells get even more berserk! Nervousness, Excruciating Pain, Decimation and Fury get their damage increased by 20% at all ranks. However, their damage is less lethal at Suffering 0, but they evolve fast with a higher Suffering rate.
  • Gash and Carnage spell damages are also increased by 5% (-ish), in order to enhance them compared to Unleash and Immolation spells which can be cast from afar and as an area of effect.

Those modifications should re-balance the choice between berserk spells and HP stealing spells, but also between berserk spells and their variants. Especially when you consider your opponent’s Erosion capacity.

Those changes will be deployed soon on the BETA server. As for the official servers, you will have to wait for the end-of-the-year update since we don’t want to disturb the ongoing DOFUS CUP (it starts this Sunday and ends on the 8 of November). On the bright side, it gives us more time to chat and polish the balancing!

A detailed changelog will be published as soon as possible.


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And what of Osamodas?

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I think you mean December 8, not November. laugh As for Sacrier, i look forward to try these changes soon. I'm using mostly the steal spells at the moment and it would be nice to find out how they compare to the berserk spells after these modifications.

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It absolutely sucks playing Ecaflip right now and these changes did nothing. Ruined class.

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"Like other classes we've been going through the last few months, its problems are related to the very concept of the class, and simply changing its values will not necessarily make it possible to rebalance it and clean it up, and we're well aware of this."

That statement is at least 7 years late.

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