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By [Ankama]DOFUS - ADMIN - September 19, 2019, 12:00:00

For a few months now, the Marketplace has been accessible from two different interfaces: the old way (classic mode) and the new way (advanced mode). We're clearly not going to keep both versions, so we've made some improvements to the more recent one so as to help the more reluctant of you take the leap!


As mentioned in the lead-in, the Marketplace is currently accessible from two different interfaces, and we've been thinking about how to improve the new version so it will suit the most people.

To start with, a data analysis showed us an increase in use of the new version (a conversion rate of nearly 60%).

In another forum topic, we asked you which version you preferred. Neither version came out clearly on top, but it seems what you prefer mainly depends on what you need. For example, you prefer the new version when searching using filters and the old version when selling.

Based on this observation, various improvements (further information below) have been made to the new version so everyone will embrace the new interface as best as possible.

The old interface will be deactivated in the next update.

We're aware that those who haven't yet made the leap will need time to adjust, but we hope that, after using it a few times, it will leave everyone convinced.

These are the improvements that have been made:

Buying Mode

  • The buying confirmation pop-up has been updated:
    Now, when you buy several batches of the same item in a row, no confirmation pop-up will appear. It will only appear as a warning if there is a change in the batch's price.
  • Saving filters by game session: If filters are configured in a Marketplace, upon closing and reopening the interface, the filters will still be active. It is possible to manually reset them using the green "Reset Filters" button at the bottom left of the interface.
  • "Target Equipment" sub-categories have been added for ceremonial items.
  • It is now possible to have three items open simultaneously.
  • Item visuals have been enlarged and spaced apart slightly in order to better distinguish them.
  • Clicking an item in the inventory initiates an automatic search for the item's name in the Marketplace. The item must match the type of Marketplace.
  • A "Pods" filter has been added to the secondary characteristics.

Selling Mode

It is now possible to modify multiple items with the same name and number of batches in the same Marketplace.

Bug fixes:

  • If a tab closes further up the list when you click on a new item, it will now open with this item in focus.
  • The time taken to auto-complete level fields has been extended.

Have fun exploring!

Moosty (UX/UI Designer)

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Score : 3

Great! I love fixes/updates like those to help the UX.

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Score : 391

Nice, I like the changes. Always for some quality of life improvements.

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Score : 323

horrible, the new market system is basically unusable for anything but equipment's, it bugs out and searches half the items it's supposed to, then stops and says it's finished. Should never have made it onto the live server in its current state, even as a "beta on live", and whoever declared it's beta period over need to immediately retrain on what play testing is and how to do it.

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Score : 34

Please allow me to hover items with uses (breeding items), currently I can only see how many times it's been used if I select buy. Which is tedious.

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Score : 1324

I prefer the classic format, there is far too many clickable tabs on one screen which makes the images and selection area far too small.
It takes a while to find what you are looking for, due to the scale and crowded interface.

The whole idea of the advance interface is to give me more customization, instead I feel we are left with less options then ever before.

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Score : 346

I prefer classic mode... absolutely find the updated marketplace confusing, and more complicated when trying to sell. Infact, it's infuriating to use.

It is not useful for someone who sells things like consumables. I regularly put the same type of item up for sale and undercut myself because it is not clear that I already have that item for sale unless I scroll an entire list! Which could be 200 items long! Please change this.

I don't understand why you made changes to a system that wasn't broken and worked well. You've ruined a perfectly good system for this less efficient one.

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Score : 1324

To add, I have noticed when buying in game items like bread it lists everything non-consecutively by relation of level.
This creates immoderate confusion, where as a buyer you simply want convenient use of the market place to compare various level's of bread at pace.

Instead the experience becomes a laborious cross-examination resulting in the player running through all items on the list, individualistically I would simply want to return to PvM activities.

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