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Everyone who plays this game absolutely needs to play Dofus Retro, at least for a little while

By CoolRay - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 21, 2019, 04:09:54

They don't need to play it over Dofus 2.0. They don't even need to stay for very long. Maybe get to level 10 and then just bail. It's up to them.

But they need to see what the real Dofus game is like. What we have now, the current game, this isn't really Dofus. At this point it's just "Not-Wakfu"

Let's start a comparison:

Right from the get-go, the game treats us with its iconic humor when you try to skip the cut-scene. The cut scene is ominous, and gives you a good story of the game. If you try to skip the cut scene it calls you rude. This is a common theme in Vanilla Dofus. It wasn't memey jokes or farts. It was passive aggressive humor. It also wasn't everywhere like it is today. It's in some bits or pieces. Everything else is actually deviates from dead serious to neutral serious. There were no fart jokes, except Wind Of Panic, of which only 2 monsters had. (Tiwabbit Wosungwee, and Crocodyle)

Now lets look at the classes. Honestly, todays classes are visually unappealing. They're too... generic. They all have the same pose more of less. However, in Vanilla Dofus it's completely different. Some have their hands on their hips, some stand at attention but slightly off. Some have one hand on their hip and the other laying relaxed. You can just feel the aesthetic and personality right off them astronomically better than today. Also, some may not notice, but the spell animations are different too. They're slower, and have more... impact to them for lack of a better word.

My point is that: Both Ankama and the current player base need to see how Dofus was born. Todays game as deviated very far from the source material, and I feel what made Dofus "Dofus" was the original source materials and aesthetic. 

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No they don't. It's clunky and the graphics are terrible. About the only thing it's got going for it are the spells, where less choice was better along with being able to concentrate on a single build rather than being forced into multi elemental builds.

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Dofus 2.0 is an optimized game to modern standards so of course it will have better overall gameplay than Vanilla. That wasnt my point. My point is that I want people to try the Vanilla game out to feel the original aesthetic of the game.
I do not believe Vanilla is the superior game, I do however believe that Vanilla had the superior flavor of aesthetic, which is what I wanted people to experience.

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Dofus 1 graphics isn't terrible, it's awesome in my opinion... but I like minimal stuff... so in the end it's just a matter of taste. Too bad the maps were made in such small resolution... probably don't look so attractive when people play using maxed windows nowadays.

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JustAnotherGamer|2019-09-23 15:16:55
Vanilla is superior. They just went the wrong route after 2.0 (idols, achievements, ESSENTIALLY THE REMOVAL OF DOPPLES BY REMOVING SCROLLS FROM THERE STILL THE BIGGEST MISTAKE IN HISTORY OF DOFUS WTF ANKAMA, pvp being pretty much required even if you want to pvm.)

I actually really like the achievements and idols. Achievements give me a reason to complete the quests that are underwhelming in Vanilla, and idols make the game a bit more interesting in terms of complexity.
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