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A few questions about PIWATES ARE BACK (September 19 - October 2)

By bohemia - SUBSCRIBER - September 21, 2019, 06:51:33
A few questions about PIWATES ARE BACK (September 19 - October 2)
(It looks like I can not post as comment on the tread , so I am posting here.)

A) Could we please get some % odds for prizes for:
  • Springy Set
  • Charlie's Agents Set
  • Black Quaquack Set
  • Royal Guard Set
  • Lol-ita Set
  • Seaside Set
  • Bramble Set
  • Watchdog Set
  • Magma Set
  • Zombite Set
  • Divine set
  • Crypt Set
  • Pirate Transformation Potion
  • Coulive Set
  • Woolly Set

B ) Then, do % odds for prizes scale with the level of the character, or nope?
For the level groups for this event:
  • levels 50 to 99
  • levels 100 to 149
  • levels 150 to 199
  • levels 200

C) Can the mini treasure hunt be done daily once per account, or once per character?

D) Are you guys aware of the little value atm in game of Woolly Set?
At least on Echo ... You can get it for less than 100 kk.
Maybe you could move it to regular prizes, and add some/all of the living items, some as rare, some as jackpot.
Thanks in advance for considering it.
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