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By LoveHurtzz - SUBSCRIBER - September 27, 2019, 17:26:42

are you going to do smth with those queues? its pathetic.

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It's an authentic pre Dofus 2 experience happy

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Reality check to all nostalgic players.

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Well, ive been playing dofus since start of shika and never seen anything close to that. Without 4 hours, which is 3h queue and 1h actually playing, its not even worth to log in. 

Not everybody are ~14 y.o players who has nothing more to do than waiting and playing (not insulting). If there is P2P, it should be improved. That is not a free game to not complain about this.

I thought i could play some this weekend, but not really. Big applause for all those players who have so much time to spend in queues. Of course DC's are common too. So then again, welcome to the queue world. It's not supposed to look like that.

Not gonna be updated - i'm fine with that, but these queues should be improved somehow. Otherway, it's just bringing up dead body to gain some money - not for nostalgic feels and players request.

In last 3 days i've had like 3h a day to play some. Not even once i was able to pass those queues. 

Edit: already 1.5h in queue, still 1600 to go. Really?

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Ankama will go trough it. If the hype ends in the next few days or weeks, the dial-up time will also normalize.

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