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Complete disgust with the developers

By Nerd-Tease#5532 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 30, 2019, 19:19:10


Nerd-Tease|2018-07-15 18:30:01
I heavily disagree with the OP. Quests for powerful relics (especially the Dofus) is so much more rewarding than "just grind some dungeon 1800 times with high prospecting teams" There's tangible progression, and with a handful of exceptions (looking at you, Leng's plateau) there isn't much luck involved in your ability to progress towards a powerful item.

I'm looking forward to the vulbis receiving a questline.

I'm sure everyone can laugh at how poorly this post aged, but it really was one of the sticking points for me not playing anymore. It was the culmination of everything the Dofus Dev team does to insult players.

When quest lines for Dofus were announced, we were told it was to remove the luck component.

The devs decided that wasn't worth following up on, that if there wasn't some super long grind for no reason other than for there to be a grind, it can't possibly be an item worth obtaining.

The greatest part about this? It still wouldn't have made the OP of that thread happy either. This quest in it's current state serves no purpose but to be a time sink with no clear end.

There are other things like this where the devs have said one thing, then done another later for the most anti-player reasons ever.

The reason why quests with tangible progression are better than multiple RNG quest required drops? They respect the finite time of players. The devs don't respect the players.

Some of the older forum goers will remember an Ankama employee who no longer works for Ankama. This was around the time of the weapon rewrok where that employee outright said they didnt care what the community thought, and everyone stopped posting in the Zenith.

Clearly though, this wasn't isolated to that one employee, but an issue with the entire development team.

Recently, the devs acknowledged a couple spells were problematic in a changelog, then proceeded to ignore every well informed suggestion they had recieved over months on modifying those spells, to completely ignore them.

It's not just one or two things, but enumerating all of them over time would take far too long. It's a lot of things over time that really show how little respect the devs have for the players that make their job exist.

To preempt two useless things people always say to negative feedback:

For those who say "just don't play it then" take a look at that "former subscriber" bit

For those who say "just shut up and leave then", I'd actually like to play this should the devs re-evaluate how they treat the players, there are a lot of things the game actually has going for it.
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Well spoken.

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Ankama needs to grow the fuck up, take a step back, and see what they did wrong in this game.

I understand they did the whole Class Balancing thing, but in my eyes, that was a complete and utter failure. The classes aren't really balanced, they just got ridiculously complex. Take Osa for example. I have been playing Osa since 2008, and now I haven't the slightest clue how to use them because their complexity now rivals Xelors.

I am very confident that Ankama hasn't the slightest in how to build their game anymore.

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After the balance news of listening to the players, i got really happy as an ecaflip lover.

Somehow this iteration makes me even sadder than before. I just cant. And thats supposed to be listening to what players wanted.

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That's some big truth there. I wish things got better... 

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if you look at the main page in french, youl notice the substantially more players commenting for the retro update than the updates for dofus 2.0 for the year 2019, aside from the balancing less players are commenting for the updates. personally id like to return to a familiar gameplay with my characters, and the idea of playing in retro appeals to me, i havent really paid attention to quests as my personal struggle to become stronger(lvl/equipment/maging/scrolls) id rather focus on the story of my characters than the quests(and to add to that they are consistently adding to the lore, before it was just 12 classes looking for the dofus). it meant something to be holding a dofus back in the day, it meant you were either rich or invested enough time and resources to dropping it.


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Ankama needs workers who actually play the game, and don't suck at it. I've the impression everyone working there actually plays for an hour a day, and mains some undergeared Lv. 183 Eniripsa with no concept of the game's mechanics, economy and playing styles. I've mentioned this more than once, just because it's such a good example:

During a 2.49 bug hunt I reported the bug that Turquoise Dofus doesn't buff 1% final damage when the player crits without a target. Talora, a moderator since 2016, I believe, answered me with "Number 4: it is not a bug but by design. The effect should only be applied, when there is a target."

A moderator, responsible for forwarding bugs to the dev team, didn't know how a Turquoise Dofus works. Of course, the bug was fixed, and it wasn't "by design". Ankama, can you deploy active and knowledgeable moderators at once? Almost angering how incompetent the egos people running this game are.

Perhaps if you deploy knowledgeable players, and take their advice on bug fixes and class balancing, instead of playing Russian roulette with these patches, the player base might start regaining the trust in the people running this game.

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Let me take over.

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Looks like we need an International council, EU anyone?

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