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15-Year Anniversary Event - Dungeon quests

By krazunia - SUBSCRIBER - October 06, 2019, 22:46:50


I'm on the server Ilyzaelle, and we managed to unlock the third part of the 15-year anniversary quest, but it seems like the goal is way too high.

In the third part of the quest the server has to complete 4500 dungeons to unlock the rest of the quest, and right now (3 or 4 days after we unlocked the second part of the quest) we did 326 dungeons. We will never unlock the rest of the event if it keeps going like this, and we're one of the most active servers.

Will Ankama change the goal?
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Well if Ily will be unable to do it then Echo, as dead as it is, cannot possibly hope to even come close to completing that.
Unless, suddenly, a couple of fully end-geared teams re-sub to the game and clear 10+ dungeons each.

I am not gonna lie, i am horribly broke for a mostly lvl 200 team and I wonder whether I can do any of the randomly selected dungeons in my sorta scuffed gear ^^'.

In my opinion tho, don't worry this goal is 100% gonna get lowered by next week or so.

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I went to check Echo and the 3 screens were green for me, could be because I didn't start that part of the quest? or can someone who plays Echo confirm the number?
Ilyzaelle currently is only at 730, 878, 805 and we have less than half of october now ._.

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Echo isn't at the third stage with the dungeons yet, which is why they're still green.
Or at least it wasn't a couple days ago. I haven't logged in 2 days, so I'm not sure. But last time I checked we were only halfway through the 50k recycled items.

nvm, I should've read all comments. Saint-Kiki is from Echo and it looks like the server reached the 3rd stage.
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I have done the quest and the screens are orange for me. Less than 40 dungeons per screen were done when I checked. 

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I think it's nice that a player can change the dungeon if you don't want to do the one you got, but you know what would really be nice? To get a different dungeon than the one you already have???? I mean, if i'm changing it in the first place... it's a bit annoying getting the same one ._.

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