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A warning about "Shut Your Foam" quest

By Hokate - SUBSCRIBER - October 07, 2019, 00:44:44

Since collecting axes on Echo goes very slowly, I decided to speed it up and dedicate my time to gathering materials and crafting many of them. I spent about 3 hours grinding for missing mats and - with some of materials that I already had in my bank - I managed to collect enough to craft 150 of these axes.

Since running back and forth 150 times wasn't a tempting option, I decided to be smart about it and to check if I can craft more than one of the parts at once. Turns out, I could - so I did it and I ended up crafting 145 axes in one go. To my surprise, when I went to NPC to finish the quest, ALL of these axes disappeared from my inventory at once, but the quest was updated as I gave him only one.

Now, I can understand the nature of the quest and why it works like that, but don't you think it could be communicated a little bit better? I don't know, tell the players that they shouldn't be crafting more than one axe at once, disable the option for crafting more than one or - at very least - give the wasted resources back. The way it works now is just unacceptable and from what I can see now, I'm not the only one who fell for that.

Well, let this topic serve as a warning to any other player who thinks about speeding up this process by doing what I just did.

Edit: I just did a quick math, this entire thing costed me 2.35mk in wasted resources (calculating by the average price on the market). While it might be not that much, I'm not very happy about it.


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Thanks for the warning.  I feel your pain, I tried the same thing with the paint for the forgotten eggs quest.  I'm planning on doing the axe quest some more times as well but this time I figured you'd have to do it one at a time.

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I did the same thing. Lost 92 axes on Sunday. I was just trying to increase numbers and thought this was the simplest way. As it stands now, we only have 641 axes I believe. At this rate, we will never unlock even the second part of the quests.

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I did 10 today and have stuff for annother 30 I will try to do in the. Next few days outside of work.did a thought others might be trying as well but after a few idle hours gathering waste for the bins the number of axes did not change once sad

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